Beware of Push Polls

We understand that the Cumberland County Democrat Organization is sponsoring a Push Poll. A Push Poll is an insidious political propaganda technique that masks itself as a non-partisan poll, sucking respondents in.

The polls will always start with innocuous questions, such as of these candidates, which would you vote for for governor, what is the most important issue in your opinion, blah, blah, blah.

After you are sucked into believing the poll is unbiased, the pollster then turns and begins to slander opposition candidates in order to poison your opinion. Some of the statements are outright lies, and distortions of the truth.

If what we hear about the current poll being conducted is true, the pollsters are not explaining who paid for the poll, as required by law. If you were polled recently, we would like to hear from you.


38 Responses to Beware of Push Polls

  1. Regretful Democrat says:

    I received a survey call this morning, if you want to call it a survey. It was in reality a disgusting political attack.

    They start off with general questions — Who do you support for governor? What do you think of individual freeholder candidates and then the parties? What is most important issue in the county?, etc. Then they get to the purpose of the study: to praise the incumbents and slander the opposition.

    They ask a series of questions as to how much each of the following items, which you are to assume are facts, would influence your vote, and proceed to state glowing things about Lou — prescription drugs, empowerment zone, reduced salaries, etc.

    Then they launch into statements about the opposition. One was so appalling the survey taker admitted she wanted to skip over it because it turned her stomach, but I insisted she read it. It was to the effect that a non-candidate prominent in the Republican opposition threatened his wife with a shotgun in front of their kids and beat her with an aluminum baseball bat, and that the Republican candidates should have known when they involved him. There was also the thing they are parroting about Bruce Peterson – that he “betrayed” the party because he didn’t get a job. Statements about the opposition were cast in the ugliest terms.

    The intent, of course, is to have the survey responder believe all of this crap, and, sadly, some people may. In my opinion, this underhanded attempt to influence public opinion relies on a very cynical view of the citizenry. Clearly, the Democrats think the voters of Cumberland County are stupid and will believe whatever the Democrats tell them. Lou regards voters as sheep to be manipulated by his lies.

    As a Democrat, I know how much I despise the Republicans for their ugly attacks on Democrats at the national level – Swiftboating and the Birthers, for example. Sadly, the local Democrats have stooped to that level and maybe even lower. It really is making me rethink my Democratic sympathies. Being an Independent is looking better than ever. And now I know why they call him Lou Maggot. This man had to have crawled out from under a rock.

  2. Sell me a bridge says:

    This kind of politics only happens when someone is desperate which can mean only one thing. Every word the Republicans spoke about Magazzu’s shady NACo bank account is true!

    The funny part is Magazzu even had some of the same county contractors contribute money to his re election campaign which means our tax dollars are paying for this scummy poll. Remember that when you go to vote.

  3. tryagain says:

    Suddenly the Republicans are getting a good dose of their own medicine and it seems they don’t like it too much!! Reap what you sow ladies!! Had to laugh that NOW the BLIND ONE aka Eyes Everywhere is calling for some civility after horrible attacks on Magazzu and friends for months!!! If you can’t stand the heat then perhaps you shouldn’t have started a fire!!

  4. Very Independent says:

    I agree with the bridge guy above. The only reason this is happening is because everything they have said is true. Team Magazzu has lost my vote!

  5. I am hearing from others that got the same poll call today – they are disgusted. if you were contacted by this poll, we want to know. It seems there are outright lies being told, and the poll is refusing to identify who paid for it, in violation of law. No surprise there.

    If you were polled, please use our contact form, or email

  6. Diehard Democrat says:

    I saw a Magazzuwatch sign today just before I got a survey call like the one “Sell me a bridge” reported. I was insulted by it and although I have always voted 100% democrat, this year, I am breaking with tradition. I will NOT vote democrat this year.

    This kind of politics sickens me.

  7. Diehard, please email if you would like to discuss the poll. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

  8. old time dem says:

    I have gotten several calls about this poll. If Magazzu thinks this will help him, he will be sadly mistaken. The long time dems that called me were disgusted. They are calling their friends and letting them know how vile Magazzu is. Not a decent bone in his body. There is a special place in Hell for this type of evil.

  9. gorgon says:

    Who orders and pays for push polls? Will it show up on election reports?

  10. Sheena santiago says:

    In case you didn’t see my answer anywhere else here it is again.

    I will be at mayor’s Romano fundraiser on Saturday, October 31. Did you buy your ticket yet? I have never exchanged my help for jobs. As far as I know I don’t have a problem with mayor Romano or his family, I get along with them fine. We know how to separate the political from the personal.

    How many of Magazzu campaign donors, workers and volunteers have jobs and or contracts in county government?

    Would you like me to start the list?

    Would you like to start the list?

    Guess what? Magazzu can tell you himself that I have never exchanged my help for jobs.

    Ask Magazzu, who introduced him to the Hispanic community? I did! I helped him the first time he decided to run for freeholder an other times. I never asked him for a pay back and that is a fact.

    Do I regret ever helping him? Yes, because he is more interested about his power, helping his donors, campaign volunteers and campaign workers than helping the citizens of cumberland county.

    More questions to come…..

  11. tryagain says:

    Sheeeena, tell the truth or at least answer the question. Did you approach Mayor Romano for a position after helping him in his election? And what was the outcome? Did you EVER approach Magazzu and ask to run for County Clerk AGAINST Greedy Gloria?

  12. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    The push poll. As stated above, the desperate act of a desperate man. How’s it feel, louseragain, to sit there, and watch it all slip away? It’s like slow motion, isn’t it? And the election is just the tip of the iceberg. Soon we might just be discussing prison time and disbarment.

    So just keep typing insults while it all circles the drain. We appreciate all the work you are doing to show just what a nasty little man you really are.

    I will continue to pray for you, hoping that one day, you will repent and change your ways.

  13. We rec’d this observation in an email. I am assuming the sender wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you for your input:

    “We haven’t received the push poll call, but Regretful Democrat should really publish his very thoughtful observations as a letter to the editor. Political strategies like that are damaging for everyone involved.”

  14. My guess is that none of you have heard the poll. Pollsters against people to give their opinion, graded in several categories, of every candidate and several issues . Then positive and negative questions are asked about EVERY candidate, Republican and Democrat. Yes, we ask very negative questions about our own candidates.

    The questions are fair. And I don’t think we could come up with a negative question about Sam Fiocchi. In fact, had a hard time with a positive question except he’s a nice uy who once ran an succesful business.

    Even negatives were vetted for truth. The land that Tom Sheppard got money to protect from development even though it’s not even vaguely threatened by development indicated that it was some of the most, if not the most, productive farmland in the state. The thought being that, even if not under pressure now, do you want to protect land that produces 1-percent of ALL vegetables produced in the state? One-percent may not seem like a lot, but it is. A whole lot. I made sure that the productivity of that land was mentioned and that it is not lost in campaign rhetoric. You guys would have it way different if the land was owned by a Democrat.

    I’ve known the Sheppards for a long, long time. Great farmers. I don’t know if Tom’s has the ability to govern as well as he has ability to grow vegetable. The Sheppard Brothers operate the largest vegetable farm in the state and, from what I remember, all three are nice guys.

    When Irwin ran against Ray Zane years ago, I wrote lots of good things about him in the Bridgeton Evening News. But the Republican party left him out to dry because Collins and his buddy (Republican 3rd District Assemblymen) pretty much wanted Ray back in office. They abandoned their own for a Democrat, like eating their own young. I was Irwin’s biggest publicity source, as I remember.

    Irwin lost and hasn’t been back since, except on the Hopewell Committee.

    As far as Tom goes, look at his record. Lawrence Twp. isn’t necessarily the best governed municipality in the county. Look at it’s tax record. And Tom’s going to lower county taxes? and are the Republicans ready to hang Tom out to dry like they did with Irwin? Interesting question. I’ll let you know if I find any facts to support that question.

    Nothing personal Tom, but look at the record. The real record. And look at the ticket’s head candidate. Do you trust him? I know Tom uses his real name, so I know he stands behind his statements.

    Lots of good people, but are they ready to lead? What are their records. What, if like Sam Fiocchi, they have no record. Sam ran a great business. But we don’t really know how great.

    but this isn’t a push poll by any definition of the term. Just looking for what people like and don’t like about each candidate. thanks to those who answer the questions, however they answered them.

  15. okay Miles, since the questions were not so bad, in your opinion, and the poll was relatively harmless (and I have heard quite the contrary from a friend that WAS polled, and she, a lifelong Democrat was DISGUSTED) why don’t you send us the entire list of questions that the pollsters are asking?

    That seems like a fair request. We will even put the poll on MWatch if it is as innocuous as you claim.

  16. CryinShame says:

    did Miles have input on the questions? did the candidates? was this approved by the democratic party? or is this a renegade tactic? ooohhhh, the plot thickens…

  17. I would hope that none of the women involved in the campaign, either candidate, freeholder or on the committee saw, had knowledge of, or approved some of the despicable lies that are being perpetrated via this poll.

    I personally have not been polled, but have spoken to two different people that have, and their stories jive regarding one really disturbing question.

  18. millvillemagnus says:

    The plot does indeed thicken. I was also polled and I can verify everything Regretful Democrat says. And Miles Jackson clearly knows the content of the polls, as there was indeed a question about Sheppard and some land deal.

    While I was willing to consider Miles’ perspectives, maybe because he articulates them so well, I have lost any respect I might have had for him because he is a liar. He knows the content of the poll (which he has been asked to share — let’s not hold our collective breath) yet he says positive and negative things were said about ALL parties? Bullcrap!

    It was just as Regretful Dem said – all of the “facts” about the Dems put Lou and his crowd in the most positive light — and those about the opposition portrayed them as evil, money grabbing, and, in one case, a wife beater. As for that individual, he is, as has been said, a victim of Lou’s politics of personal destruction. It worked for Lou last year when he dragged Carl Johnson’s family into the political debate in order to get Austino elected. How do you think the ex-wife and children of the person named in the poll feel about having their business splashed all over the county in a telephone survey?

    Miles, I don’t use the term “liar” lightly, but that is what you are.

  19. millvillemagnus says:

    On the other hand, Miles could be out of touch with reality due to some substance or personal issues. In that case, maybe one should cut him some slack.

  20. Guess-Who says:

    Where is the List of Questions that have been ASK Relating to this POLL?

    Post these Questions pertained in the Poll ONLINE in Advance of Anyone & Everyone that Encounters these Pollsters; The Answers the VOTERS of Cumberland County will/could Give, If they are Ask these Questions in Person IT would be Informative to say the Least.

    Kind of Like when a Debate takes place and the Candidates Receive the Questions in ADVANCE of the Old Staged Debate.
    This is the way IT has been Done for Years.

    When the PUBLIC is allowed to Participate & the Opportunity to Ask some Hard Questions at any Debate or Town Hall Meeting; the RESULTS will be Different than Candidates Reading their Answers from a Script written in Advance of a said DEBATE!

    Who has the LIST of QUESTIONS that are being ASK in this POLL?

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  21. CryinShame says:

    I want to know who sanctioned the poll and who drafted the questions. Who knows how to obtain that information?

  22. gorgon says:

    I want to contribute to the PACO fund (Private Association for the Castration of Others). Could someone please give me the PAC name and number?

  23. I can’t release poll questions and you know it. And I wouldn’t to an organization like yours if even I could. Maybe after the election, but not now.

    But the questions ask negative things about Democrats as well as Republicans. I know you guys don’t understand the concept of scientific polling and think any poll with a negative question is a push poll, but there’s so much more that you probably can’t grasp.

    A push poll is a series of questions, each getting more negative. This is not a push poll.

    But there was a question on whether the polled person thought Lou Magazzu borrowing money from the Dem. Party for the NACo conference was a bad thing. it gave full detail, almost as if written by MW.

    If you don’t ask the hard questions or repeat the stuff that you guys spread, you won’t get a true picture on what people perceive as the truth.

    This is called looking for what people perceive as true compared to what is true. You guys can’t tell the difference, so it’s hard for you to understand.

    I thought you guys were going to clean up your game, but that’s obviously not what’s going to happen. Maggot. Magoo. Repeating stuff like “I haven’t been polled, but I know two people who have.” And they can repeat the questions. So you don’t need them from me. I’ll bet you get a true reading from “I know someone who….” It’s called hearsay and it’s the most unreliable source of information. People tell you what you want to hear or what they thought they heard.

    MW is full of hearsay and it’s probably the best you can do. Other stuff if just plain made up lies.

    Like I haven’t heard anything about a reply from the AG’s office. “NACogate” has all but gone away from the blog. Now it’s personal attack that Democrats use to ruin people and alleged psh polls.

    As I’ve said, show me the documentation. You’re not getting the poll from me or anyone else from the Democratic party because they Democratic Party paid for it. have someone record it when called. don’t give me “I know someone…”

    I know a lot of people and do they always get things right? Not often, even with the best of intentions. And MW doesn’t have the best of intentions. It’s out to ruin people without presenting an ouce of evidence. You haven’t produced anything of substance yet and continue to pull stuff out of the air. “I heard that…” “I know someone…” “I know for a fact…”

    If you know for a fact, tell me how you know for a fact. Hard evidence. Get it yourself. don’t expect me to get it for you. That’s all Ive asked for is hard evidence. And I’ve gotten none thus far. Just “I know someone…” That and vile stuff about castration. Real Class. Real civility. eyes Everywhere-speak to your own. don’t focus on tryagain only. Interesting that you choose the only pro-Democrat to hold up as an example of uncivil behavior. Interesting that you held up a Deocrat supporter as an example of what should be done. Couldn’t find one in your own numbers is my guess. Thanks anyway. Nice to be recognized for something intead of being called names.

    Look at your own trolls. That’s where the problem lies. “Private Association of Castration of Others” That contributes to the debate. Big time. Look in the mirror. do you like what you see?

    And since you guys are SO objective, I’m supposed to beleive what you say?

    Nuff said about polls. If you want the questions, go pay for one yourself.

  24. millvillemagnus says:

    No, it’s not nuff said about the polls. When I was called, I heard the question asked about a Republican leader beating his wife, which, as I understand it, is a total falsehood. That the Dems would stoop so low as to put such a question in a poll is absolutely disgusting and should revile any decent person. Miles, you use a lot of words to say very little and have not explained why such a question was in the poll. Or was that just the start? — maybe destroying this individual is fodder for Lou’s next press conference — a reprise of the Carl Johnson smear of the last election. Lou apparently thinks these smear tactics work.

  25. Sell me a bridge says:

    Miles said: “Like I haven’t heard anything about a reply from the AG’s office. “NACogate” has all but gone away from the blog.”

    This is just a guess Miles but one would think it is entirely possible that the Republicans haven’t said much else about NACogate because, and again this is just a guess, it is entirely possible the AG’s office called them and told them to be quiet while they looked into things.

    For all any of us who read and post on this blog know there could be an investigation going on right this very second.

    I’ve never been investigated by the AG so I am guessing here too but I would imagine the AG does not take out a full page advertisement to announce an investigation.

    The only thing I am 100% sure of is that you do not get a lawyer as high profile as Mr. Genova unless you have serious issues to be concerned about.

  26. Calhoun says:

    Two things:

    1. A push poll is simply a form of political campaigning where one tries to influence the electorate through the guise of taking a poll. Based on the information reported so far, such as questions about an R not on the ballot being a wife beater, the poll in question is a push poll.

    2. Millvillemagnus suggests that Miles may be experiencing some substance or personal issues that may have him out of touch with reality. I rather suspect that an enema will solve things in a jiff, his defense of this push poll proving to me that he is seriously full of it.

  27. millvillemagnus says:

    In all fairness, I was searching for alternate explanations to Miles’ denial of reality. The poll is continuing, and more people are confirming its contents. Here’s what I think: Miles has been duped. He sits down with his Dem friends, brainstorms positive and negative questions on both sides as he reports, and truly believes they are all going to be used. He doesn’t know they are only going to use the positive questions for the Dems and the negative ones for opponents. But of course that’s not how Lou operates. Looks as if he is hanging another person out to dry.

  28. DUMP the Maggot says:

    Oh joy of joys! I have now received 2 calls from this “polling company” and in both cases, the idiot who called could not pronounce Magazzu! In both cases, the moron referred to him as Maggotzoo. Lou sure bought a good one this time.

    Cheers Lou – Hip hip hooray – 3 cheers for MAGGOT ZOO

  29. Calhoun says:

    MMagnus, I am having a hard time reconciling the fact that you think Miles is articulate (therefore intelligent) yet is able to be duped by Magazzu. I too think Miles is smart — smart enough not to be duped by Magazzu. He’s here carrying Lou & Co.’s water with full knowledge of what’s going on. It’s a mistake to give Magazzu’s associates a pass be they Miles, Sungenis, Quinn etc. on the grounds that Magazzu is able to fool them. These people know what Magazzu is up to; they also know what’s in it for them.

  30. tryagain says:

    Talked to some friends who were polled and they confirmed this is NOT a push poll as Miles stated. They asked negative questions about Magazzu as well as his opponents. THIS is NOT push polling!! In fact one question they were asked was about Magazzu and Naco. My friends had no idea what Naco even was, some surprise there! Were also asked a question about a domestic violence situation. Who or what is this about? Seems like it certainly goes to a person’s character if their is any truth to it? issue

  31. DUMP the Maggot says:

    Tryagain, Since WHEN was Greco an opponent for office?????? Since when do slanderous questions dealing with unfounded accusations become a part of a legitimate poll? The poll was garbage and so is the Maggot

  32. millvillemagnus says:

    The NACO question on the poll did not go into all of the unethical financial issues. It was couched in positive terms, something to the effect that Lou’s NACO participation has brought wonderful benefits to the county. I understand the Dems are even denying knowledge of this poll after negative public reaction, but Miles spilled the beans on this website. Calhoun, you are probably right, especially given the later post on this blog that shows Miles is getting paid an even $400 “salary”, which doesn’t sound like expenses to me. This shows that he too is a liar, or should I say a liar working for a liar. Wonderful leadership for our county, huh?

  33. Deparego says:

    The next time the Dems use this group who is hired for polling on county level politics, they should make sure the pollsters can pronounce the names of their candidates. My husband and I had it on speaker phone and had good chuckles over the pronunciation of Magazzu pronounced “Magoo-zoo.” I did not hear one negative question for Mr. Magazzu or his team. The only negative comments we heard were directed to Bruce Peterson, Jane Christy, Tom Sheppard, Ricky Tonetta and Bob Greco who is not even a candidate.

  34. Millmag-substance or personal issue? Please present you evidence for this statement. And give your real name.

    Some of yo seem to be Kerstin or other mind readers.

    “You know it’s alie” Not unless i see evidence. which is why I wans to see Millville magnus’ evidence of “substance or personal issues.” Using his real name.

    I really want this evidence and will go to some effort to get the answer, MiMag. so just make it easy and present your case with DOCUMENTED FACTS. Otherwise, it’s libel and/ or slander. so I will make an effort to find out your evidence. One way or another.

  35. millvillemagnus says:

    Oh please, I was only speculating about the reason for your irrationality. I have no evidence and I don’t even know who you are, other than what I learned from this blog. But it looks as if I touched a nerve? And as a Dem operative, you’re one to talk about libel/slander.

  36. millvillemagnus says:

    By the way, Miles, since you have so much energy to expend on defending yourself and your employers, why don’t you explain the question I raised earlier in this thread: Why did the Dem poll stoop so low as to include a question about a Republican leader beating his wife, which, as I understand it, is a total falsehood?

  37. millvillemagnus says:

    The slander of this particular Republican, by the way, is one reason some of us prefer to remain anonymous. It’s not that I’m afraid what the Dems could dig up on me, it’s their lies I’m afraid of. They apparently have no moral boundaries in terms of the lies they will spread about the people they don’t like.

  38. amused says:

    Sounds like Magazzu trained at the school of Craig Calloway, or vise versa? Better be careful Lou.

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