The Guessing Game

We made the Ben Column two days in a row:

“That’s the second time in as many days that someone has asked me if I’m the driving force behind the Web site.

“I’m flattered, but you were correct in telling them, No way!

“I had to go to the site to see what was on it after the first person asked me, and all I can say is it’s way beyond my amateur Web design skills.

“It’s complete with merchandising and a lot of good information, but it’s not my work.

“My Web design and political involvement ended upon my retirement and the end of Lanny Ferguson as full-time public safety director in mid-2007.

“I’ve never even been to a Cumberland County Board of CHOSEN Freeholders meeting!

“My only political practices now are limited to casting my vote, which I shall do, and all I’ll say about that is that there are two candidates I know I won’t be voting for.

“I might point out that there’s a yard sign on West Avenue across from the high school.

“That would be a good place to start.

“When I was a sheriff’s officer many years ago, my partner taught me an acronym about investigation.


“It stands for Get Off Your A__, Knock On Doors.

“That’s the best advice I can give, as the Web site is privately registered.

“I checked already.

– Dan Mourning

For the record, we have never met Dan Mourning. And if you begin knocking on doors that display the yard signs, you will be knocking on more than 100 doors! And I doubt they will lead you directly to our door…

16 Responses to The Guessing Game

  1. I’ll take your word for it, Dan. I still remember the good old days up in CI. I learned more than you can imagine about police officers and police work. I also had a good bit of fun and took some good-natured abuse from you and your coworkers. And I gave as good as I took. It was a time I will remember for the rest of my life – the good times fondly and the sad times with respect for the good police work you guys did to help the victims of crime and to bring to justice those who committed those crimes.

    I’m glad to see that your not involved in what I see as a hate-filled blog written with little respect for the truth. I still feel that someone from the BPD is involved in MW. I should have known is wasn’t you.

    Best of luck in whatever you’re doing these days.

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Who u L{.}{.}King for?

    Have u Found that National Study that was Conducted?

    If NOT wait until u actually See these FACTS that Our Tax-Dollars Paid for;this is a very COMPREHENSIVE Study/Report; IT is very TELLING about Our System & what is Recommended to Improve the Situation!

    Maybe then u will start to see some of the OVERALL Effects these Facilities are having on Our Communities as a WHOLE.
    The Pros-Cons & the FACTS; That’s IT!
    These Incumbent Freeholders have Done NOTHING to Address this ISSUE!

    Understand that Fresh Faces bring Fresh Ideas to any Elected Position & that is the KEY Ingreedient to bring the Changes which are NEEDED for Our Communities to ADVANCE.

    12 Continuous years is LONG-ENOUGH for any one Individual to Serve on the Freeholder Board ,These Facts are Stubborn Things!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  3. Guess who-very hard to understand what you’re saying, but read books by Tracey Husling, an author-reporter who investigated New York State’s decision to build prisons in rural upstate towns.

    Most of the effect was economic, not criminal. Towns were ‘economically profiled’ to see whether they would take prisons, If not, trash from New York, sometimes toxic trash, ended up in landfills. Prisons, according to Husling, prevented a town being selected for a landfill, strange as that may seem.

    But there is no study linking prisons to criminal activity that I know of. Husling, however (might be Huesling. it’s been a long time) is the expert on these matters. Check her studies and books out.

    As far as fresh faces, I haven’t seen any from the Republicans just as I haven’t seen any fresh ideas. This thing about prisons and crime is unfounded and was put out by Ricky tonetta without studying the subject.

    Now Tonetta is denying he ever disobeyed the mayor despite comments from the mayor and another city official to the contrary.

    Seems like Mr. Tonetta isn’t the “Fresh face”your looking for to reform the county to your liking. Same old same old. Not that Ricky’s a bad guy. He just sees rules for him and rules for everyone else.

    As a lawyer, Ricky should know that a person’s livestock, when it wanders out on the road, can cause a liability for its owner. It’s typical of most, if not all, states in the East. Western states like Texas might be different, but an owner of horses or cattle is responsible if one of his/her horses or cattle wanders out in the road and causes an auto accident. Case closed, no excuses. It’s the owner’s responsibility to keep livestock off the roads.

    Ricky and I both come from farm backgrounds. I’ve known about livestock liability since I was 10.

    Yet when Ricky’s horse wandered out into the road some sevenor so years ago, everyone was responsible but Mr. Tonetta. Someone left the latch open (doesn’t mattter.) He didn’t know the horse was loose. (doesn’t matter.) He tied up the court system, cost everyone money and finally lost the case.

    And this guy is a lawyer.

    No, this is not a fresh face.

  4. Guess-Who says:

    U have really Surprised Me with this last post of ur’s.
    NOW the Corral is going to be Included in this Election;
    I’ll Keep on the L{.}{.}K-out for the Manure.

    This is something for u to bring this Up about an ANIMAL(Horse) that has its Own Instincts & the Ability to GNAW on a Fence, Open Gates ect,u have Never Heard of a Horse making their way out of a Fenced in area or even in an Open Pasture.
    Have U ever Broke a Wild Horse or Have u Witness IT ever being Done out on the Farm?
    The Animal (Horse)is Smarter than u are giving them Credit.

    Home Owner Insurance is Purchased for these & other types of REASONS/Situations; just in CASE there is an Accident that might Occur on ones Property.

    This is RIDICULOUS for this to be an ISSUE in the Cumberland County Freeholder Race.

    Remember this Jingle/Tune;
    A Horse is a Horse of Course of Course;

    HQ has Approved this kind of Cowboy Campaign,
    Did they get Boots also for the crue?

    Here’s another Tune to listen to; The Stones version of Wild Horses!

    You-all come back NOW & Check & C what is/was being Said towards the ISSUES of;
    13+% UNEMPLOYMENT the HIGHEST TEEN PREGNANCY in the State along with Plenty of Other Reasons this County Remains the POOREST in NJ.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  5. tryagain says:

    Horse issue certainly not as ridiculous as Ricky Tonetta WHINING about the size of his oppositions political signs!! After all BOTH parties have admittedly used these same size signs for years!! Ricky sounds DESPERATE with this idiotic demand for the D’s to remove them. Real grasping for straws as the Republican ship SINKS! Thanks to Bob Greco for his ill fated and obsession to amke the election all about Naco. Told you several times the general public doesn’t care about Naco. They have more important thinsg to worry about!!

  6. tryagain – tell us again what Magazzu plans to do about the rising unemployment? Oh, that’s right. They are going to do the same thing they have done for the past 12 years – NOTHING!

    What does Lou plan to do about property taxes that have INCREASED almost DOUBLE since he took office? Oh that’s right, more political patronage, and increased spending, deferred payments and smoke and mirrors at the taxpayers’ expense.


  7. Lobster Claws says:

    Can Guess Who be banned?

    His stupid posts clutter up the DJ forums with numerous comments asking him to use proper grammar, and it’s doing the same thing here.

    It’s distracting and takes discussions off topic, especially because it’s intentional.

  8. tryagain says:

    And Ricky and the Republicans(sounds like a 60’s rock and roll band) will make sure that in the future NO ONE will have 4×8 signs? The Republicans have said a LOT of nothing other than NACO,NACO, NACO!! Keep up the good work and obviously failing strategy Bobby Greco. RE-ELECT MAGAZZU, SJOGREN, THOMPSON!! And for our taxpayer savings ELECT VAN EMBDEN!! Fast savings of $32,000.00 in taxpayer money!! JUST SAY NO to GREEDY GLORIO!! By the way do the Republicans favor Greedy Gloria getting paid a six figure salary for an elected position. It is a simple YES or NO answer and not “well it was the legislature who did it” Would they be in favor of supporting a roll back in the over inflated Clerk’s salary? YES or NO, Mr. Tonetta, Sheppard, and Fiocchi? The voters deserve at least one REAL position from you guys!! Doubt we will hear their answer to this simple question? Obviously last year’s response was “it can’t be done” won’t fly this year since it HAS been done!! ANSWERS gentlemen? Or do you fear the wrath of Greedy Gloria?

  9. Guess-Who says:

    If You do NOT like what I Post Here on Magazzuwatch; then Don’t READ IT!

    You stick to your way of posting & I’ll Continue 2 Do IT the Way that I Choose.
    Asking this Website to Exclude My Input;
    this is for what Purpose or Reason?

    The Delivery of any Words in this Media of Today is the Choice of the Person WHO is Providing the Time & Effort.

    U might have better Luck Tossing a few Pennies into a Fountain & Hope ur Wish will come True.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  10. gorgon says:

    Guess-Who Says…………….Pleeeezzze no more.

  11. Guess-Who says:

    I R reTARD-ed. eye no can HELP it…

    L{}{}K, i is new at COMputERS

  12. tryagain says:

    Guess Who can’t be banned!! He’s a regular trasher of Magazzu and the originators of this forum would never ban him/her. It would defeat the purpose of this CRAP site!

  13. Guess-Who says:

    Hello How U Doing; Thanks for All your Support!

    Why don’t u start a Campaign or do u THINK u r part of 1?
    Here’s a Jingle 4 u if u DO;
    Ban,Ban,Ban here a Ban there a Ban everywhere a Ban Ban All they have is tryagain; E-I-E-I-O & on this Forum u haven’t a CLUE as they tell u what to DO.

    NOW, Start Addressing the Issues that Cumberland County is really FACING & the TRUTH about what this Current Group of CC Freeholders have Failed to Do & what the Candidates will be Required to Accomplish for OUR County/Community.

    13+% Unemployment & Rising Daily

    The HIGHEST Teen Pregnancy in the STATE of NJ

    Millions of $$$ Wasted on ill advised Decisions & one that Lead to a Court Settlement of $12,000,000.00

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  14. mango says:

    Tryagain, it is as difficult to read Guess Who’s posts (I gave up) as it is to read your rantings (which I also gave up). Now you know what it is like.

  15. Guess-Who says:

    Why is that?
    Because you have to read closely, besides the fact it gets the word out and across to the voters in Cumberland County.

    This is nothing new to hear a bunch of complaints about the big letter in front of the other letters.
    The problem really is in the Non-Sense of Listening to a bunch of Complainers.

    The ones that post comments about my Prolific Typing on this website, that is Cumbersome to Read.

    Remember this one little thing; It does NOT matter to me at All about your Point of View on my Writing Ability.

    You’ll stick to typing the Same & I’ll Do IT the way I see Fit for this Media!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  16. tryagain says:

    Keep writing Guess Who!

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