How to protect your identity on MagazzuWatch

We rec’d this email from our contact form:

To the Webmaster/Site Editor,
You are allowing the Opportunity for Slander in the Worst kinda Way.
By allowing someone else to USE the Same Screen NAME.
As this will cause other Forum Users to Doubt WHO is really Who.
Someone has posted a comment with a Personal Attack, using the Same Name that I chose to Use on your website.

Will this result in Legal Action having to be Taken on this Matter.

L{.}{.}K for yourselves in the Thread of “The Guessing Game”

Who at this site has allowed another user to sign up using the same name on Magazzuwatch as another user?

Think about the CONSEQUENCE this could have on ones REPUTATION let alone the Opportunity for the IMPOSTOR to post SLANDER towards any Individual.

Only your Icon in the Box identifies us as a different user.

I Thank You for your time on this Matter and I know that you will take the Appropriate ACTION.

The Real “Guess-Who” on Magwatch

While we sympathize with your plight, as long as you refuse to create your own permanent WordPress account name, there is no way to prevent others from using your name.

In order to ensure that our contributors can comment with anonymity, we have made the comment process as loose as possible. This means that even while an email address is required to post, it can be fake. We don’t care.

If you want to lock in your user name, on the menu to the right there is a link that says LOG IN. Click on that link, create a new WordPress user account, and then nobody can use your identity.

For the record, that log-in is with WordPress, not this website.

I hope this helps.


19 Responses to How to protect your identity on MagazzuWatch

  1. tryagain says:

    I am a brainless idiot, in case those of you out there haven’t noticed. I also like to have unlawful relationships with animals.

  2. Why hide your name?

    You really think someone is going to come and get you or that you’re going to suffer in some way for expressing your First Amendment Rights?

    Democrats don’t do that. Even with the trash that’s printed on here.

    so use your real name. It avoids the confusion and helps the civility of the blog.

    Once you hide behind a screen name, you say things that you’d not say if you had to sign your actual name to the comment.

    and that’s why MW is nothing but a load of unsubstantiated, unfounded and undocumented lies. Or slanderous, vile comments ans school yard name-calling that you’d see in a third-grade playground

    Paranoia strikes deep. And it’s deeper than most on MW. My guess is that you’ve never suffered for anything you’ve said in your life, but you like to hide behind fake names because it allows you to make these vile charges without aving someone come up to you on the street and say “prove it.”

    Use your real name. Or go ahead and continue the the sick practice of hiding behind a fake name. It seems like some are even hiding behind someone else’s fake name. Irony in the highest.

    I tip my hat to Alex Dragotta, Jim Sauro and others who use their real names. They beleive in America and the protections this country and its Constitution provide. so unless you’re a slandering fool who spreading actionable lies, why hide?

    Usiing real names whould go a long way to bring civility to this site, Eyes Everywhere. maybe you out to try it, if even for a few days. I bet most of these jokers would go hide behind their mommies skirts.

  3. WuLi says:

    Actually Miles, YES, Lou WILL go after people that dare to speak out against him.

    Last year I called him on his lie about the “largest tax decrease in county history”. He was playing games with words, and he knew that the public would assume he meant their tax bills would decrease, when no such thing would happen. Property taxes actually INCREASED.

    So instead of answering the question, he dragged my family into public, going so far as to have Bob Austino hold a press conference and tell an outright lie about the actual circumstances.

    Lou plays the politics of personal destruction. He verbally abused Linda Forbes at a Freeholder meeting when she asked a question. He is currently, if the reports about this nasty poll are true, telling nasty lies about a very good friend of mine.

    In Lou’s world, NOBODY is allowed to disagree with him, and he will resort to any level of new low to attack those that would merely question him.

    And when you are no longer useful to him, he will throw you under the bus the same way he does anyone that outlives their usefulness. Nancy Sungenis is learning that now, being left on her own after signing that despicable letter that was full of lies.

    Mr. reporter, why don’t you report on that letter? Tell us, please, how Kavanaugh jumped back in time to approve a loan as campaign manager when he didn’t have that position until a month later?

    Oh right, you will overlook ALL of Lou’s LIES, and continue to sell your soul, AND your credibility by defending the indefensible. I hope it was worth it, because you have proven to everyone that you are gutless, and will sell your ethics to the highest bidder.

  4. gorgon says:

    And apparently the bid is pretty low.

  5. Guess-Who says:

    Is ur crue EVER going to Answer the QUESTIONS that have been put forth?

    What about that Study, u still don’t believe that I would Continue to ask u if u have been able to locate this Report; if it was NOT done.

    There is NO need to Identify the User of any website let alone this one as this is the CHOICE that WE as AMERICANS have when Offered this Opportunity to Exercise are Rights.

    Please just Answer some of or all of the Questions that these incumbent Freeholders have been Ask.

    Deflecting the Issues is becoming Cumbersome to hold a Conversation or Debate with u & ur crue.

    These Incumbent (Freeholders)really Don’t have a CLUE How to FIX the Problems in Our Communities,The County VOTERS Know they DON’T & 12 years on the Board has PROVED This!

    Enjoy ur Day & make the Most Out of IT!
    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  6. CryinShame says:

    how can someone write a complaint about protecting their ‘identity’ when they are hiding behind a fake screen name? doh!

  7. Guess-Who says:

    U might want to Tell that to the Framers of the CONSTITUTION or Members of Congress besides the United States Courts as to WHY u think someone does NOT have the RIGHT to have Anonymity in this Type of Public Forum.

    This is becoming RIDICULES for some of these posts & part of the problem is that for some Individuals they can’t get Past the Facts that Americans have this Opportunity to Remain Free to post FACTS, FIGURES, IDEAS, INFORMATION about the ISSUES that Cumberland County is Facing on a Daily Basis & in Our Communities as a WHOLE.

    Copy-Cats is something that only Immature Individuals Partake IN,Right?

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  8. Lobster Claws says:

    Guess who is an idiot. He’s an idiot that trolls the DJ forums and now he’s an idiot who trolls magazzu watch forums.

  9. amused says:

    Miles, how can you , with a straight face criticize anyone on this forum for name calling and vicious attacks? There is no one who can even come close to Tryagain (Lou) when it comes to the childish name calling dialogue that he spurts! Do you realize how ridiculous you sound when you make these comments? Grow up, sober up, get a life!

  10. CryinShame says:

    I’m pretty sure the framers of the constitution did not include a passage on protections for anonymous bloggers, but hey, I could be wrong.

    My point was – if you are anonymous, and someone steals your anonymous name, you are still anonymous, and your REAL self is still protected…because no one knows who YOU are. doh!

  11. You have the right to remain nameless, cast a secret ballot, etc. But others also have the right not to take you seriously when you do.

    Lou sending Bob Austino after you? I think I know what you’re talking about and that was nothing but telling the truth about why someone was telling lies. It was the truth, backed by records, that showed you, or someone who made the charge, had a motive, a grudge, really.

    and that’s fair. Since there’s been lies flying around, it’s nice to know if someone has a reason to tell them.

    Maybe I’m thinking of something else, so fill me in with more info. Or I’ll look into it further, Bob Austino is a decent man who isn’t exactly an attack dog. He took some hits on Magazzu Watch that were pretty low and he didn’t respond in kind.

    If you are mistaking your right to remain anonymous with the right to make slanders claim and then hide behind a fake name, you’ve got your constitutional law mixed up. Most people who debate and exchange valid charges on MW use their names. Most who make the most vile and outrageous charges hide behind a fake name. Not always true, but pretty close.

    Give me more info, a solid example or something that can be validated, I’m ready to look at it. ntil then, it’s all paranoia.

  12. Guess-Who says:

    L{.}{.}K at all the Dr@ma I caws.

    AHHH…THIS is Like Home Now. No More -languishing- in OBSCURity on the DJ 4-ums.



  13. Guess who-are you taking trips back to when The Guess Who was at it’s peak? Your posts are sounding more and more like, well, a trip. Where? I’m not sure. But the “vehicle” must be mighty good.

  14. Guess-Who says:

    I do respect your Opinion on this Issue; as I know that IT is ur Choice.

    Having the same for others is something u should also Consider.

    It will open the opportunity for discussions amongst different Individuals that have taken the Time to provide the Facts, Figures, Stats & the Other Interesting Information about Issues in Cumberland County,NJ. Some of which these Freeholders have FAILED to Address!

    Then there are these Facts:
    13+% Unemployment & Rising Daily

    The HIGHEST Teen Prenancy Rate in the State of NJ.

    The Wasting of Tax-Dollars on Sites,Plans,besides the Lawsuit that Resulted in a $12,000,000.00 that IS 12 MILLION DOLLARS against the County.

    Where can the POLL Questions be Found & Who has the Original Copy of these Questions that are being Ask?

    Will they put the Poll Online for the PUBLIC to See for Themselves what is being ASK or TOLD to the VOTERS?

    Where are the Pollsters Located that are Conducting this Polling?

    Who’s Idea was this Poll?; this is the Question Cumberland County VOTERS will be Asking.

    When the Curtain Closes on NOV 3, 2009; a VOICE will be LOUD & CLEAR without a WORD ever being SAID!
    The Vote gives every AMERICAN this Ability to be HEARD!

    Remember to Think Independently on these & other Issues.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  15. Guess-Who says:

    That is the IMPOSTOR that posted more of that Non-Sense.
    L{.}{.}K at the Avatar in the Upper Right Corner.
    U see that Pink Avatar in my postings?
    That is HOW u & Anyone can Tell the Difference.

    12 years is Long Enough on the Freeholder Board,Plain & Simple!
    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  16. mango says:

    Miles Jackson wrote, “Give me more info, a solid example or something that can be validated, I’m ready to look at it. until then, it’s all paranoia.”

    Um — what about the question on the current Democratic poll stating a Republican leader beat his wife. Is that not a sufficient “solid example”? What do you have to say about that, Miles, paragon of Boy Scout virtues that you are?

  17. Mango I ( heard)something lastnight that a Democratic quick poll was taken and when the person said they were voting Republican they said real quickly that one of the republican’s running for Freeholder pionted a gun at someone.Then hung up.You tell me if that isn’t down right rotton.But of course the head of th DP probbaly would say he never heard of such a thing and that the RS just made it up.When people are desperate they will do and say anything.Put yet when they are invited up on the pulpit in the house of the Lord they say the same thing, no fear about burning in hell.So can someone explain to me why they would even support that type of person.

  18. RDOwens says:

    as long as you refuse to create your own permanent WordPress account name, there is no way to prevent others from using your name./blockquote>

    This is not accurate. OpenID/OpenAvatar is a mechanism to protect online identities. Of course, the caretakers of this web site would need to employ a plugin (plenty of them) that recognizes OpenID/OpenAvatar.

    WordPress owns Gravatar, which is one of the common warehouses. I use the following plugin on my site.

  19. millvillemagnus says:

    Alex Dragotta, I received a poll call. Yes, they ask you if any of these “facts” would change your mind about your vote, and one of them was that a prominent Republican (not one of the ones running)pointed a loaded shotgun at his wife in front of their children and then beat her with an aluminum baseball bat. I could not believe what I was hearing. This has to be a new low.

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