Magazzu DOUBLED property tax bill in six years

Jim Swift writes to the Daily Journal:

Thank you Daily Journal for the extremely informative series on taxes in the state of New Jersey. Anyone who has read this series now knows what poor fiscal shape our state is in and why our family, friends and neighbors are moving out in droves.

The present system is broke, and unless significant changes are made immediately, the country will see New Jersey as the first state to become bankrupt. It is obvious Gov. Jon S. Corzine is unwilling make the necessary changes. In the recent debate, he did not rule out that more tax increases are coming if he is re-elected.

As bad as our state is, residents of Cumberland County unfortunately have it worse than any other county in New Jersey. I would certainly like a follow-up piece written that exposes the fact that our county government taxes our residents higher than any other county in the state. Under the current Democratic leadership, our county budget has doubled in six years, while county debt has tripled. As residents of Cumberland County, we pay the largest percentage of our total property tax bill to our county government than any other county in the state. During the last six years, my county property tax bill has gone from $1,700 to $3,400! Can any taxpayer in Cumberland County tell me what they are getting for their tax dollars?

While these gigantic increases have occurred, our county unemployment rate is the highest in the state, and our teen pregnancy rate is one of the highest in the country. While we were targeted to receive federal stimulus dollars as a result of being one of the most depressed areas in the country, we have received no federal stimulus money.

Democrats currently control our county freeholder board holding all seven seats. They have controlled our county government all but one year in the last 20. Under the current leadership, our taxes have gone up 100 percent. To say we need a new approach in our county government is the understatement of the decade. I just truly hope that the readers who have read the newspapers’ wonderful series on taxes in New Jersey are not too discouraged to vote, because as your piece has shown, there are ways out of this mess. But voting to keep the same people in charge is a vote for more of the same.

James Swift

2 Responses to Magazzu DOUBLED property tax bill in six years

  1. CryinShame says:

    THANK GOD someone is actually telling the truth!

    Dems are operating under the theory that if they say something over and over and over again, it will miraculously be true. Taxes have NOT gone down. Spending has NOT decreased. Keep drinking the koolaid.

    The only people who could believe the theory that taxes have gone down would be those who aren’t paying them…

  2. gorgon says:

    Where is Bill Whelan on this subject. He is a real banker and should be able to say once and for all if taxes really went down or doubled. Curiously silent since Lou went ballistic on his opponents.

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