Nelson Thompson explains why his unions screw local workers out of jobs

At last night’s freeholder meeting, during the public session a man from Millville stood up and asked the freeholders why all the people from Philadelphia are getting our county’s jobs and he, a local union worker has been unemployed for 8 months.

Lou and Nelson explained the unions divvy up the work, not the freeholders. So these freeholders are proclaiming they are pro-union and at the same time they are proclaiming that this does not in any way benefit the unemployed workers of Cumberland County.

If the unions don’t use our local members, maybe they should bargain a little harder? Why not raise the limits on required union work, do whatever it takes until the unions use our local union members.  The bargaining works two ways, but with Nelson on the board, he has bigger interests.   The unions give to Lou and Nelson major contributions, and our workers are left standing in the unemployment line. THIRTEEN PERCENT unemployment in Cumberland County, and Lou and Nelson advocate giving jobs to Philadelphia and Camden!.  What’s that about?


4 Responses to Nelson Thompson explains why his unions screw local workers out of jobs

  1. Know What says:

    Know what?

    It’s funny that try/knot/lou will jump on a fact they can twist and deflect quickly. The bs line that
    (s)miles is told “not to respond here” is proof he is lou’s biotch. He gladly gives him cover with a drawn out dissertation about how he has seen the light and master lou is really a good guy.

    (s)miles doesn’t dare to enter the foray that has been raised about questionable donations and political support fron norcross and the Camden County connection.

    try/knot/lou belittle Sheena and Alex and others to deflect and make puppet master little, and I stress little, lou look good. He is the focus of this website and I agree with exposing the lies for what they are. Believe me when I say this, I am telling EVERYONE I know to look here and decide for themselves.

    Term limits are needed and should be raised as well as outside political contributions. We live here. We decide who goes and stays in OUR government.

    Have you ever seen a politician become poor? I’ve only seen them get rich or go to jail. Ask your friends that question! It’s always “what’s in it for me!”.

  2. Curious says:

    Notice how no one cares about Nelson Thompson?
    He is a thug in a suit. Just good for bringing union dues to the campaign.

  3. tryagain says:

    Know What obviously Knows nothing!! MAGAZZU wins in Nov. because the voters of the County know he gets the job done! He works extremely hard for the residents of the County and come elction day will be rewarded with ANOTHER win!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO.!! THEY DO THE JOB FOR US!!!

  4. Guess-Who says:

    12 Continuous yrs is long enough for any one individual to serve on the Chosen Board of Freeholders.

    13+% Unemployment Rate & Rising Daily

    Highest Teen Pregnancy in the State of NJ & almost the Highest in the Nation.

    With only 3-weeks until the Voters in Cumberland County REMOVE or keep these Incumbents Freeholders; The ones Who have Allowed Our Communities to Remain some of the POOREST while Maintaining Our Status as the POOREST County in the entire State of NJ.

    Your Voice will be & should be Heard LOUD & CLEAR on Nov 3 without a WORD ever being Spoken.
    VOTING has an uncanny way of doing just This.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

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