Pledge to Cumberland County

Yesterday the Republican candidates held a press conference in Millville. The candidates made a promise to the taxpayers of Cumberland County of the actions they would take if elected.

Pledge to Cumberland County
Rick Tonetta, Tom Sheppard and Sam Fiocchi

As residents of the County of Cumberland seeking the peoples faith and trust for election to the Board of Chosen Freeholders we propose not only to change the policies and culture of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, but more importantly, restore trust and promote community inclusion and interaction between the people and their elected representatives.

We, the 2009 Republican Freeholder Candidates of Cumberland County, are providing a written Pledge for all the residents of the County of Cumberland to review. It is our public commitment to the people of this great county.

Therefore, within our first 60 days of taking office as Freeholders in the County of Cumberland, we will introduce resolutions for full and open debate and discussion with our fellow Freeholders. Debates and votes will be in full public view for the residents of the County of Cumberland to hear the purpose, basis and rationale behind who votes yes and who votes no.

1. Transparency in Government. We will draft and introduce a resolution calling upon the Board of Chosen Freeholders to adopt a County Version of the “Transparency in Government Act” which will direct County Government to create a searchable website where any resident can perform a search and see exactly where every penny of money is spent, not just a line item in a budget.

2. Accessible Government. We will draft and introduce a resolution calling upon the Board of Chosen Freeholders to make the County’s government accessible to all by immediately making streaming video of all Board of Chosen Freeholder meetings available on the Cumberland County website. Additionally, our resolution will call upon the Board of Chosen Freeholders to post each meeting agenda, including all proposed resolutions and spending, on the County website three days prior to each meeting. Once set, no meeting time or date will be changed unless an emergency has been declared.

3. Spending and Taxes. We will draft and introduce a resolution calling upon the Board of Chosen Freeholders to agree to hold spending and tax increases below the rate of inflation.

4. Government Borrowing. We will draft and introduce a resolution calling upon the Board of Chosen Freeholders to ensure that all bond issues over $7 million are approved by voter referendum.

5. Professional Fees. We will draft and introduce a resolution calling upon the Board of Chosen Freeholders to roll back the fees paid to those who win bids for professional services. Fees paid by government to contractors should never be higher than those contractors earn performing similar tasks in the private sector. All professionals hired by the County will be residents of the County unless the skill needed cannot be met by a resident of the County.

6. Ban Pay-to-Play. We will draft and introduce a resolution calling upon the Board of Chosen Freeholders to ban Pay-to-Play politics because even the appearance of impropriety can cause citizens to lose faith in their elected officials. Never again will a company doing business with the County of Cumberland contribute financially to an elected official.

7. Identify Government Waste. We will draft and introduce a resolution calling upon the Board of Chosen Freeholders to hire an independent, nonpartisan, forensic auditor to conduct a bottom up review of County finances to identify waste and inefficiencies in every County run department and agency.

8. Local Environment. We will draft and introduce a resolution calling upon the Board of Chosen Freeholders to begin using biofuels and/or hydrogen converter kits on all county owned Vehicles and that all vehicles purchased in the future be “Green.” An energy audit will be performed on all County buildings to discover where energy can be saved and where renewable energy can be used to save taxpayer dollars.

9. Social Programs. We will draft and introduce a resolution calling upon the Board of Chosen Freeholders to appoint a Committee, made up of community stakeholders, including members of the NAACP, Casa PRAC, clergy and others deemed appropriate by the Board of Chosen Freeholders, to review all social programs and determine the effectiveness of those programs and report those findings to the Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Board of Chosen Freeholders will then make adjustments to various social programs as necessary.

Respecting the judgment of our fellow citizens, we hereby sign our names to this Pledge to Cumberland County’s Families.

Rick Tonetta

Tom Sheppard

Sam Fiocchi


34 Responses to Pledge to Cumberland County

  1. quequeg says:

    wow, how orignal. a pledge from a politican. one can’t find a freeholder meeting. another takes money to protect swamp land from development and the third is a cry baby who has tantrums when he can’t get his way.

    sam pledges to find freeholder meetings, tom romises to return the money to farmers with land really needig to be helped to protect it from development and rick toneta promises to grow up.

  2. tryagain says:

    No ricky tonetta has not promised to grow up BUT he has promised to worry about oversize political signs!! What a platform Ricky!! Just more of the same old Republican rhetoric, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Now I know that GOP stands for GOOFY OLD PLEDGES!! The Republican Party, the party stuck in time and devoid of any new ideas!! Re-elect Magazzu and Co.!!

  3. Guess-Who says:

    When will the illegal BILLBOARD Signs be REMOVED from Residential Dwellings?

    The VOTERS can clearly SEE for themselves Who is DIS-RESPECTING the CITIZENS/RESIDENTS of the City of Vineland,NJ.

    There is an ORDINANCE/LAW in place & the group in Column A that Continues to Break the Rules with their 4’x 8′ BILLBOARD Signs on Residential Dwelling Properties.
    The Other Candidates are Following the Sign Rules!

    The ones with the illegal erected signs should be held ACCOUNTABLE with your VOTE against them on Nov 3, 2009.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  4. tryagain says:

    HOPEFULLY they will NOT be removed!!! You know that funny thing in the Constitution called the First Amendment? Apparently former solicitor Ricky Tonetta doesn’t or has forgotten about it!! This seems to be the BIG Republican issue!! Is it any wonder than can NEVER win an election in Cumberland County? Hope little Ricky T. keeps harping on this idiotic issue and ordinance since the Republicans have already admitted they have violateed in numerous times in the past!! STUPID STUFF!!! Go Bobby Greco, you and your team are sinking FAST!!! All started with those little ugly black signs and has been downhill since!! Hard to imagine the candidates haven’t had enough of you and your losing tactics!!

  5. tryagain says:

    BY the way when are the candidates going to answer the simple YES or NO question about Greedy Gloria’s salary? Do they support her six figure salary? Would they be willing to petition the legislature and lobby the legislator to rescind the crazy law that gives an elected official a $107,000.00 per year in poor Cumberland County? Also for Sheeeeena , “did you or did you not approach Mayor Romano for a job for yourself shortly after his swearing in?” Everyone knows you worked on his campaign against former Mayor Barse? Wasn’t little ricky tonetta also one of your dissatisfactions when you served on vineland city council?

  6. amused says:

    Little Ricky…boy that’s the pot calling the kettle black! Isn’t that what Magazzu is really suffering from-LITTLE MAN SYNDROME?

  7. tryagain – STICK to the SUBJECT. Once again we see a subject the Lou does NOT want you to view. That is why tryagain/Lou is trying to change the subject.

    read the pledge. EVERYTHING on this pledge is something that LOU is AGAINST! read the comments, and you will see that Lou is openly against Good, Transparent Government that SERVES the people, and not his special interests.

    Lou/tryagain – tell us just HOW MUCH TAXPAYER MONEY is funding those people that donated to your slush fund. Give us an amount! It is in the hundreds of thousands!

    Yes HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS FINANCING LOU’S FRIENDS. The figure might be in the MILLIONS! And all Lou can worry about is $25,000 from the county clerk.

    Lou, you are still fooling some of the people all of the time. You had your chance and fooled all of the people last time around. You are not going to fool all of the people all of the time. No fooling!

  8. tryagain says:

    That would be a $32,000.00 difference for Greedy Gloria!!! Go Van Embden!! But back to the GOOFY OLD PLEDGES aka GOP! Just more of the same old, same old from the Godawful Old Party!! Wake up GOP, the year is 2009!!!

  9. Sell me a bridge says:

    Tryagain – since you are obviously a Magazzu supporter would you be so kind as to tell me one thing that Magazzu is going to differently that he has for the last 12 years.

    Honestly, a candidate promising to take a pay cut doen’t move me because it will not make my property tax bill go down even by a penny.

    Many of the items listed in the Republicans’ pledge have the possibility of reducing my tax bill. Rolling back the fees of contractors, good idea, making government more transparent, good idea, referndum on bonds over $7 million, good idea and my personal favorite, banning pay-to-play will put Team Magazzu out of business. I love that idea!

    The problem with this entire campaign is the ONLY thing Team Magazzu has offered is a pay cut if their candidate wins. Give me just one example of how Team Magazzu will lower my taxes. That’s all I ask is ONE example. One smart idea from your hero. There is nothing on his website, nothing in his stupid campaign commercial, nothing anywhere.

    I do not want to hear about the past. At least the Republicans gave me their ideas in writing. I want to hear about the future. What will Magazzu do?

  10. Ricky Tonetta-when we spoke yesterday, you talked about your disgust for Magazzu Watch and how you had nothing to do with it. You said you had no input into MW and added that you would rather not have them get involved in your campaign. But here is MW touting your plan and I don’t see and your repudiation of it.

    To show just how low these folks are, look at my icon of this post and that of the first poster-the same icon. Now they say that I and that rather illerate person are one in the same. They either switched icons or are breaking their own privacy code. Slimy either way it shakes out.

    So I ask you-did you mean what you said MW was disgusting and untruthful or is it just another campaign promise? I say repudiate MW as you did when we spoke Monday. Then you’ll have the respect you asked of me.

  11. tryagain says:

    By the way Miles, you should know that certain posts in defense of Magazzu and proving some garbage on this CRAP site are being deleted by the Supreme Ruler, Eyes Everywhere aka Blind One!! He uses the flimsy excuse that certain of my posts are off topic and deletes them. HOWEVER, others who may obviously stray off topic are allowed to remain. It is this forum’s way of purely continuing their obsessive, hateful, and unfair attacks on Magazzu!! Don’t worry, November is coming and Magazzu will have some justice with his overwhelming victory over these HATERS!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO.!!!

  12. Guess-Who says:

    13+% Unemployment & Rising Daily

    Highest Teen Pregnancy in the State of NJ & almost the Highest in the Entire Nation!

    Lawsuits that have RESULTED in Decisions being Rendered against the County,C0$Ting CC Tax-Payers MILLIONS of $$$!

    Here are a few Questions for any Incumbent or any other current Freeholder to Answer:
    Is the County going to Drop the Lawsuit against the City of Vineland in the Court Case regarding the Health Services CC claims was rendered to 17,000 Vineland Children without any RECEIPTS?

    Vineland has around 60,000 Citizens, that would amount to almost 1/3 of the Total Population was Rendered these Services.

    I have Heard this COURT Case was DELAYED again is this TRUE?
    Why could this be?; as the Decision was supposed to be Oct 6,2009. Is It because the ELECTION is Nov 3,2009 & a LOSS in this Case will only Prove the FACTS to this Group of Current CC Freeholders what the Citizens of Vineland have said from the beginning, either Produce the Documents & Receipts or Expect to LOSE in Court.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  13. Rick Tonetta says:


    I guess I had you all wrong. I thought you had some integrity buried deep beneath your anger. I was wrong. First of all, my comments to you were that I do not have anything to do with MagazzuWatch, and don’t know who does. Secondly, I told you that I do not respond to anonymous blogs since it is like herding cats. Thirdly, I told you I disliked personal attacks on anyone. Issues are one thing, but family and personal business have nothing to do with running the County. I never said anything about what is true and what is not on the site so don’t put words in my mouth. Finally, I never asked for your respect. I asked you to grow up and stop calling people childish names like a 10 year old. I thought you better than that. Based upon your letter twisting our conversation to suit your employer’s needs, you deserve no respect. You should have a little respect for yourself. Good luck Miles, I give everyone a second bite of the apple and you had yours with me.

    Rick Tonetta

  14. Sell me a bridge says:

    Ouch! Tonetta just called Miles Jackson a liar!

    Personally I would never do such a thing but I do have to ask a question. Could someone please tell me what you call a person who promises not to post on here any more and then posts anyway?

    Would that make him someone who makes empty promises? Would it make him someone who makes untrue comments?

    It can’t make him a liar because I would never call him one.

  15. tryagain says:

    OUCH!! Little Ricky just saw another 4×8 sign!1 What will he do? How about my First Amendemnt rights Ricky? No they aren’t worth anything on this forum BUT how about in your world? By the way I am still awaiting the answer from you , Sheppard, and Fiocchi regarding Greedy Gloria’s salary. Are you supportive of her obscene six figure elected official salary? Would you support legislation or pass a rsolution asking the legislature to roll abck those obscene pay raises? It’s not a hard question and a simple YES or NO answer will be sufficient? Don’t try and dance around this one! The Democrats have made theri position very clear! They are opposed to elected officials being paid over $100,000.00! Would you take action and ask the legislature to roll back these salaries? Funny you didn’t address that situation in your very laughable, full of baloney pledge!!

  16. Rick-“It makes me sick” were your exact words about Magazzu Watch and it’s attacks. Did I mistake “It makes me sick?

    Now we know. Richard Tonetta, Republican candidate for Cumberland County Freeholder, stands behind these anonymous attacks.

    I’ve read your emails to pat Finley and Alfie V., Rick. Those emails show a man out of control and in the same mindset as top MW operators. Accusing a lifelong Republican and GOP committeeman of bribery, throwing a tantrum because city officials didn’t agree with your reading of the law and threats to “go to the press” if they didn’t enforce city codes to your reading.

    Well, it’s all in the hands of the press now, Rick. All 86 pages. We’ll just wait. Give them a few days.

    As Teddy Roosevelt said, your slippery use of the language makes for what one great Republican President called “weasel words.”

    All the negative words you spoke about Magazzu Watch were just that, weasel words.

    Your respect of Pat Finley and other city officials? Calling a city ordinance you decided to ignore a “little-know ordinance nobody knows about” shows exactly what the word respect means to you. The mayor reminded you of it, but you decided to ignore him too and then claimed you were called “school yard names.” for disobeying the city’s top elected official. And people are supposed to trust you with power?

    Respect for the law is something a lawyer, as an officer of the court, is supposed to have. You’ve shown you have no idea what the word respect means.

    I’m passing this on to Bruce in case you were trying to get in contact for an endorsement from his client. I wouldn’t put anything past you after reading all those emails. He’ll get a good laugh out of your talking about the respect you had for us in high school.

    The emails will be made public, Rick, even if I have to pay to have every one of them printed in the newspaper. They show the real Richard Tonetta.

  17. Sell me a bridge says:


    Miles is talking about someone obeying laws when the man he works for couldn’t even adhere to the County’s Code of Ethics.

    If a man can’t follow the Code of Ethics he is bound by as an elected official should he be re-elected?

    Come on Miles, it’s easy to follow a Code of Ethics but if your name is Lou Magazzu you just get your buddies to vote to amend the thing.

    By the way, I’m glad you’re back on the blog because it just goes to show how even Magazzu’s supporters can’t keep their word. Plus you really do make me laugh.

    Please answer the question what do you call a person who promises not to post on here any more and then posts anyway?

    Stop ignoring questions and start answering them. I have happily answered questions of Tryagain only to watch the two of you avoid answering even the easiest of questions. Are you afraid to use the word liar when referring to yourself?

  18. Guess-Who says:

    Can anyone please answer these questions:
    Did Magazzu this yr ever bring Mr. Norcross to VISIT with Mayor Romano in his Office in Vineland City Hall?
    Why would Lou just show up with Mr. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in Vineland?

    Answer the Question if U can Answer IT.
    Just make sure Whomever Answers the ?,They give an HONEST ANSWER!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  19. Sell me a bridge says:

    If it were false Miles and Tryagain would say so, I have noticed they only talk about things that make Magazzu look good in their eyes.

    And I asked my Magic 8 Ball for the answer to your question and it said “it is decidedly so”. I wanted to be sure before typing so I asked again and my Magic 8 Ball said the second time “it is certain.”

  20. tryagain says:

    Who cares if Mr. Norcross came to City Hall? He is a NJ Assemblyman. does he not have the right o go to Vineland City Hall? Maybe you ladies should check with Ricky Tonetta to see if it’s OK to go to City Hall? Can’t wait to see those emails from Tonetta! Go Miles!

  21. Guess-Who says:

    Are for real with your claim about (Mr. Norcross),”He is a NJ Assemblyman”.
    I’m LMFAO at this Non-Sense!

    You need to be Truthful to the Listening Audience & Readers of this Forum.

    L{.}{.}K for yourself on GOOGLE,The Facts are Stubborn Things.

    Have ALL the illegal Billboard Signs been removed from Residential Dwellings in the City of Vineland,NJ?

    The VOTERS are AWARE of the Facts on this ISSUE as to Whom is NOT following the City Ordinance (The Group in Column A are the ones that refuse to Respect the Citizens of Vineland & their LAW on Political Signs).

    12 continuous years is long enough for any one individual to serve on the Chosen Board of Freeholders.

    Fresh Faces-New Ideas-Innovative Thinking = Positives Changes in CC.

    You just have to make the Time on Nov 3,2009 & VOTE!
    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  22. DUMP the Maggot says:



  23. Sell me a bridge says:

    tryagain Says: Who cares if Mr. Norcross came to City Hall? He is a NJ Assemblyman. does he not have the right o go to Vineland City Hall?

    I want to know, when did George Norcross become and Assemblyman?

  24. try again-Please try again. there’s two members of the Norcross who are in politics, but not as elected officials. Never was, probably never will be.

    You sound so much like these others who you post against and you’ve got the same grasp of the facts. That is to say little to none.

    You’ve been told to stay out of the mud, but refuse. You’ve been asked to provide proof and you haven’t. You’re really no different than the regular MW bile boys. Just a different POV.

    Dear sell me a bridge. Do I amuse you? Do I make you laugh? Do I look like a clown. Do you think I’m a clown? Probably so,but you probably miss the Joe Pesci allusion. Not illusion, but allusion. Look it up if need be.

    But at least I’ve provided documentation with my statements with more to come. And if your glad I’m back, I’ve just got to stay away. Who wants to be your clown. The atmosphere in which you operate is too much like goodfellas, anyway.

    Documentation means nothing to you. Notice the lack of response from Rich Tonetta on the emails. He knows what they contain and they are hardly what someone running for office would want in the public domain. A citizen trying to force cityofficials into reading the laws as he does although the current administration saw fit not to reappoint him. Not fire, but reappoint.Perhpas for good reason if you look at his record during three administrations where he was solicitor-appointed after making rather large contributions. Pay-to-play? I’ve no actual proof. Just ELECT documents showing Mr. Tonetta’s contributions and his hiring as solicitor by each candidate to which those contributions were made. Draw your own conclusions.

    But they will make it to the public domain and they’ll show that Rick Tonetta differs from most MW regulars only be the fact that he uses his name.

    the rest of you show your cowardly approach to public discourse by hiding behind fake names. to “protect’ yourselves against the wrath of Louis.

    Well, i was subject to the wrath of Louis unlike any of you by writing factual, documented, award-winning stories about stuff Louis, Jimmmy Sauro, Doug Sorantino, Gloria Noto, Jennifer Lookabaugh, Steve Wymbs and a host of other public officials would rather have not seen in a daily newspaper.

    The nearest I came to harm was when Doug, apparently in his cups, chased me from the North Italy hall on the November evening he was thrown out of office.

    It wasn’t the first threat he made to beat somebody upn freeholder meetings. But it was the first time he got up from his table with his buddies, each many times larger than I, and chaned me, as it were, into the parking lot. I had a good head start, he wasn’t quick on his feet at the best of times and I made a getaway. Why not face him? Facing someone in his state can be extremely dangerous. Someone even slightly under the influence of alcohol can be a very dangerous person. Not to say what the other two big boys would have done.

    This was witnessed by an off-duty Vineland Police officer who did nothing. He was at the Republican election-night party as a would-be celebrant, so I guess he didn’t care. But that officer, and other witnesses, understand the power of the oath to tell the truth. Should need be, the events I describe can be verified.

    Which is more than what most MW blogs can say. Firt the AG, now the Federal Prosecutor’s office. No reply yet. And no you guys keep it quiet now” from any government investigation as one poster claimed. If the AG had said that, as your poster claimed, why a letter to the feds? And why no seizing of records, computers, other ‘evidence” from the Democratic campaign?

    Again, if wishes were horses, you folks would be cowboys. But I notice that you’re walking, so we know that the “investigation” is a pipe dream.

    And, if I make you laugh so, I really should keep off MW. I admit it keeps me writing, although there’s not even any good debaters left. And it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Way too easy. Give me someone who can write, preferable someone who will use his/her name, and I’ll be back. Or if Rick responding to the emails. Until then, see you in the funny papers.

  25. PS: the US Attorney’s office in Camden or Newark isn’t the US Attorney General’s office. It’s generally called the federal Prosecutor’s Office, but US Attorney’s Office will do. He/she is the US AG’s rep. in New jersey. Just a point of fact for you all to remember. The feds must have gotten a good laugh at your letter.

  26. RDOwens says:

    Mr. Jackson,

    You state:

    You’ve been asked to provide proof and you haven’t.


    Documentation means nothing to you.

    Yet, I asked for documentation from you. You have said on numerous occasions you are only paid expenses by the campaign.

    Pay-to-play? I’ve no actual proof. Just ELECT documents showing Mr. Tonetta’s contributions and his hiring as solicitor by each candidate to which those contributions were made. Draw your own conclusions.

    You seem fond of ELECT documents. ELECT documents state you are paid a salary of exactly $400. If proof is okay to request of someone else, how about you set the example and share the vouchers you submitted for $400 in expenses . . . twice?

    the rest of you show your cowardly approach to public discourse by hiding behind fake names. to “protect’ yourselves against the wrath of Louis.

    This statement is not supported by the facts. While I too take issue with that many post with an alias, certainly not “the rest” do as evidence by the name attached to this post. The name calling does not fit in this case.

    there’s not even any good debaters left.

    Perhaps you are correct. Nevertheless, there is someone who is asking you to back up your assertions. I have provided you my name. I believe there is a link directly to my site. How about you, Mr. Jackson . . . are you willing to stand behind your claims?

  27. Guess-Who says:

    Wow, that is something MW forum members for this individual to refer to the Forum Community as a Whole as “bile boys”.
    If only the Ducts would open & then all the _ _ _ _ will hit the fan!

    Anonymity in a way = What the PREAMBLE to the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America Provides & Ensures to every American.
    Here is the Content if u have Forgotten how Powerful these Words Truly are:

    We the PEOPLE of the United States in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    The current Board of Chosen Freeholders has proved they have NO PLAN to make Improvements on the Issues that Communities throughout Cumberland County are facing DAILY.

    Fresh Faces-Fresh Ideas-Innovative Thinking = Positives in CC.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  28. tryagain says:

    Am aware there are 2 members of the Norcross family, actually there are more, however in this CRAP site continual reference to “Did Mr. Norcross ever visit Vineland?” they make no distinction between George or Assemblyman Donald. Either way to my knowledge neither have done anything wrong or certainly not illegal. So what’s the big deal if either one visited Vineland? By the way Sheeena, YOU NEVER answered the nagging 2 questions I asked at ANY time on this site! Still waiting!

  29. tryagain says:

    I am well aware that there are 2 members, (actually more) of the Norcross family BUT at this CRAP site they make no distinction as to which Norcross they keep referring to as to visiting Vineland. But what is the big deal about either one of them visiting Vineland? One is a very successful businessman and the other a NJ Assemblyman. To my knowledge neither have ever done anything wrong other than being successful so what is the BIG fear of Norcross? Seems this site would like to portray them as devils in disguise!

  30. tryagain1 says:

    I am aware there are more than one Norcross. One is a very successful businessman andthe other a NJ Assemblyman. What is the big deal if one, both, or all came to Vineland. They have done nothing wrong or illegal!

  31. tryagain1 says:

    Had to change names again because apparently the Supreme Ruler aka Blind One aka Eyes Everywhere has blocked my posts. Guess MW readers really don’t like differences of opinions expressed here. Sure the Supreme Ruler will say something like you were off topic, you insulted someone, etc. etc… It’s ONLY OK if someone does these things and at the same time bashes Magazzu. As I have said all along this is nothing more than a politically partisan website! Hurry up Election Day when Magazzu wins again!!! Hope the entire MW gang isn’t has narrow minded as the Supreme Ruler and allows differing opinions BUT who knows? Why time is the book burning beginning Eyes Everywhere?

  32. DUMP the Maggot says:

    Successful BUSINESSMAN?????? Yeah Right! He’s the power broker who pulls your strings Maggot. You should be ashamed to be associated with him. But I am not surprised.

  33. Sell me a bridge says:

    Miles I don’t know what you are talking about when it comes to offering proof. You’ve not backed up your statements with anything. In this entire string all I said was Magazzu violated the County’s Code of Ethics and one need only look to the last Freeholder meeting of February for proof, the board amended the code of ethics at that meeting. It’s in the minutes.

  34. DUMP the Maggot says:

    The so-called “code of ethics” the freeholders are using is so weak and watered down, it damn near says “do whatever you want – it’s ethical if you do.” That’s why Lou gets away with all of his nonsense. Nowhere else are ethics so lame.

    The Independents are calling for a total overhaul of the code of ethics – ITS ABOUT TIME

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