Magazzu in deep “poop”

Another south Jersey blog appears on our radar screen. Politicksoffexits123 covers south Jersey politics. The writer signing as Charles Kline Landis sure knows quite a bit about Cumberland County politics, including the dirty underbelly. In one post he states:

Magazzu’s been on the ropes since August when he tried to accuse to Republican attorneys of raising money for the Party in exchange for consideration for a judgeship. Obviously Magazzu lied about that because word on the street, from both Democrats and Republicans, is that after that lie appeared in the paper Carol Kernan marched into Cumberland County Democratic Headquarters and confronted Magazzu who backed right down.

Yes, you read that right. Big, bad Lou Magazzu backed down from a woman. Democrats call him Louise behind his back now, or at least that’s what one told us.

Ain’t that sweet. Louise! That must really burn the misogynistic bones in Lou’s body! in another post he asks about the corrupt North Jersey Genova connection:

In the press release Bob Greco asks, “How can Genova, who represents the County and has received over $172,000 in legal fees in the last two years, defend Magazzu in relation to possible criminal investigations and still serve as attorney for the freeholder board itself?”

It’s a very fair question and we can’t wait to see what the Magazzu spin machine has to say about this one.

You have to imagine that there is very much wrong with this administration when you consider the variety of blogs popping up focusing on Lou’s brand of politics of personal destruction.


2 Responses to Magazzu in deep “poop”

  1. tryagain says:

    Poop ain’t nothing compared to the real BULLSHI_ in this CRAP forum BlindOne. Just shows how desperate the Republicans have become!! Sounds like a spinoff from a failing series! Won’t work Blind One! Time is running short and Magazzu will prevail beacuse the people of OUR County can see through the motives of this and any other Republican forum!! Keep up the good work Bobby Greco and friends! Who’s the next County Chairman?

  2. SalarySam says:

    In our modern age it’s actually rather demeaning to women to criticize Lord Lou for being intimidated by a woman rather than by a man although it does say something about attorney Kernan’s gravitas and presence to be able to intimate Lord Lou at his own headquarters in front of dozen’s of his own supporters. Maybe she should be on the bench. If she can do to that to Lord Lou in his own lair, she sounds like she could control a courtroom without much trouble.

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