Listen up, Race Fans

This was written by one of our anonymous fans:

What was taking place or going on at the local track, you be the judge?

This is well worth the read as this is about an actual event!

On a sunny afternoon one Sunday with the wind gusting from time to time in early September the year was 2009, the local racetrack was filled with a variety of different unions & its members along with union Reps that had been given free tickets at their local union halls for this particular race.

There were race fans that had paid their hard earned money also there to enjoy a day of racing besides.

Lo & behold here comes these two- 4’x 8’ POLITICAL BILLBOARDS-CAMPAIGN SIGNS and this entourage accompanies them to pit road, all the while thousands of race-fans are seeking their favorite race driver’s autographs and posters besides the fact that other things as well are happening at this time on & around pit road before the big race.

Then a pro type video camera suddenly appeared on the shoulder of an individual wearing a union clad shirt and out of nowhere, mind you this happens while fans are preparing to leave pit road. This video tape is for what I guess will be a future commercial for this political group’s party in the upcoming election.

Will it be put on the fast track and make its way off of pit road, who knows?

Should the commercial spot ever make its way to the finish line; just remember how & where this was filmed and what the track was doing during the pre-race ceremonies and festivities for the union-hall 150.

The track itself even had assigned one of their own photographers to take pictures of all these campaign activities.
Was this a political campaign event for this political party?

The incumbents and their crew of running mates apparently wanted to use this race and the sponsor to their advantage in the upcoming election.

There is nothing like assembling a bunch of un-expecting race fans and union members with free tickets for a car race that was used in a way to benefit only this one political party.

It sure had the appearance of such a planned event.

There are a few things about what was really happening behind the scenes, when you are watching all of this unfold from the point of view some of the people I know had besides me.

For some reason one of the incumbent Freeholders had squeezed their way up into the track’s official starter’s tower along side the official ceremonial starter.

You see, this one incumbent Freeholder that had been named as the honorary official starter for this big race, he ended up having to share the spotlight because of another Freeholder. Here is a clue as to who it was that put the squeeze on, this freeholder has been at it for 12 straight yrs.

Now do you want to guess who squeezed their way into the spot along side the track officials & the honorary starter in the tower for the starting of the union hall 150 race (dropping the green flag)?

Now remember this was being filmed on their behalf by an individual that was displaying a union shirt; they also had their Official campaign vehicle parked right outside the gate of pit road.

So if or when you see this video or commercial/pictures u will know a little bit more about what was really going on that day at the track.

A supporter of racing in Cumberland County, New Jersey

4 Responses to Listen up, Race Fans

  1. tryagain says:

    And is there a point? Who cares if the UNION sponsored race allowed their candidates to tape for whatever reason. It was a union sponsored and paid for race!! Trust me the Union members paid!

  2. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    The Unions gave out free tickets to the members. They also gave out free tickets to family and friends. I know, I had a pair. Thanks louser.

    I guess when you have no real support, there’s always Rent-A-Mob.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    More like USING the FANS in some sorta way; you know the ones whom had paid to Enter this Facility.

    If what tryagain claims is True, then they should have just RENTED the Track to hold their Picnic!

    When the Public is made Aware of the Truth about this Current Group of Chosen Freeholders & the Facts on real Issues concerning VOTERS in Cumberland County.
    Nov 3,will Prove the Citizens in Our Communities have had ENOUGH of the;

    13+%Unemployment Rate & Rising Daily

    The Highest Teen Pregnancy in the State of NJ very close to the Highest in the Nation

    $1.200,000.00 for Leased Building for the Next 20+ yrs(Paying for someone else MORTGAGE)!

    The List will Expand as there is PLENTY of Material to CHOOSE from.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  4. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    I agree, Guess-Who, I believe this to be a shameless, unscrupulous bit of self aggrandizement.

    But what do you expect from unscrupulous, shameless politicians?


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