Bloggers speak out on the candidates forum

Mark Krull was one of many bloggers that attended the candidates forum last Wednesday evening in Millville. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, he has an excerpt of Jane Christy calling it like it is.

R.D. Owens has video, gives a rather lengthy take on it, too.

The following are the video clips from the evening. My apologies to Wade Sjogren and Lou Magazzu for not capturing their opening remarks. I apparently had some operator error issues going on with the video at that point. It’s quite unfortunate considering Mr. Magazzu made an appeal for a positive forum in his opening remarks. Of course, that clashed with his next remarks where he tore into Mrs. Noto and Mr. Sheppard.


42 Responses to Bloggers speak out on the candidates forum

  1. gorgon says:

    RD Owens ….needs to get a life.

  2. Sell me a bridge says:

    I’m glad he put up the video. It was an opportunity for me to listen to Magazzu say we need to do this and do that when he hasn’t done any of it in 12 years.

    What makes anyone think Magazzu will do anything that he has already failed to do for 12 years?

  3. Lobster Claws says:

    Another republican shill masquerading as an “independent.”

    Just wait til he jumps on the libertarian bandwagon.

    It’s interesting that his lengthy diatribes never attack republicans, though I guess that’s just a coincidence, isn’t it?

  4. Sell me a bridge says:

    Did you read his blog entry about the debate? It seemed to me he wasn’t thrilled with the Republican candidates. More like he is leaning toward the independent Democrats.

  5. CryinShame says:

    I’m glad there is video posted too – it’s just a cryin’ shame that MW is giving airtime to someone with less-than-noble intentions.

    The guy is a creeper.

  6. gorgon says:

    RD doesn’t stand for Real Dumb for nothin.

  7. Lobster Claws says:

    sell me a bridge:

    I did read it. Basically, and I’m paraphrasing here, Rod Owens thinks the democrats are baby-eating devils, the independents are stupid, but they’re growing on him, and the republicans are OK with him.

  8. Sell me a bridge says:

    It does appear he doesn’t particularly care for the Democrats but given this line, “The Republican slate did not set the room on fire this evening either. Rick Tonetta impressed me. Tom Sheppard and Sam Fiocchi said the right things, but neither were so strong that one feels solid in what they would do.” I don’t think he really cares for the Republicans either, granted he likes them more than he likes the Democrats, but just the same, I don’t think he’s a “Republican shill.”

  9. CryinShame says:

    You’re right, he’s a self-indulgent libertarian journo-wannabe.

    It’s a cryin shame he doesn’t put his time and energy to good use, coming up with some ideas, rather than espousing the same “anti-everything” rhetoric his cronies at MF enjoy.

  10. gorgon says:

    RDO = Real Dumb Ox
    = Really dopey Ogre
    = Real Dick Head

  11. Calhoun says:

    Damn. Maybe tryagain is right after all. The nastiness being hurled at RDO is really shocking. I don’t know RDO but I do know these things based on his posts: 1) he has been a long time Magazzu critic; 2) he is a grade school teacher; 3) he is happily married and the father of two children; 4) he is God fearing; 5) he is a die-hard Phillies fan. Nonetheless, the MagazzuWatch posters are comfortable commenting that he 1) needs to “get a life”; 2) is a “Republican shill”; 3) is a “creeper”; 4) is a “Real Dumb for nothin'”; 4) is someone who thinks the “Democrats are baby-eating devils”; 5)is a “self-indulgent libertarian journo-wannabe”; 6) is a “Real Dumb Ox=Really dopey Ogre=Real Dick Head.”

    While I have not been a long-time Magazzu critic, am not a grade school teacher, am not married, and have no children, I do appreciate and respect RDO and his posts. Regardless of whether one agrees with his politcal posts, he doesn’t deserve the nasty rhetoric being hurled at him.

  12. biggassbass says:

    I have to agree that RD Owens should have not been personally attacked. I am not sure why Mr. Owens seems to have something against Lauren Van Emden. She has not run a dirty campaign. She has resisted efforts by Lou to throw mud. Yes,RD can get all pompus with being a psedu-constitutional expert but he does seem to use his brain which I can respect. I wonder what what they would say about the other blogger Mark Krull if he wrote his opinions. Anyway this is a Lou Site. Leave the blogging Repubican alone.

  13. tryagain1 says:

    Funny bass you talk about Van Embden resisting efforts by Magazzu regarding her campaign while others on here ctiticize her for following the same strategy used last year regarding salary reductions for elected officials! Seems ironic but the forum seems to want it both ways. Either No Magazzu or too much Magazzu in her campaign. Personally I think she WILL make an outstanding Clerk and the pay cut seems to be very appropriate in theis economy in particular! ELECT VAN EMBDEN AND HER RUNNING MATES, MAGAZZU, THOMSON, AND SJOGREN!!!

  14. millvillemagnus says:

    I am not enamored of RD Owens’ opinions nor his public persona, but I agree he deserves respect for his involvement on the political scene. So few of us even give a damn about county politics — which is why Magazzu will probably win. What I hate to see is MWatch turning into a cesspit like the Daily Journal Forum. Please folks, let’s stick to the issue — Lou’s governance — and stop hurling insults at each other.

  15. Calhoun says:

    I fail to see how RDO has something against LVE. He simply disagrees with some of her positions. Unlike a lot of posters on this site, he has disagreed with her without resorting to name calling or personal attacks. I have never detected any pomposity in his posts (don’t really know what a pseudo-constitutional expert is), unless writing thoughtfully and intelligently these days is now considered pompous. Well that’s enough defending him here. That “real dumb for nothin'” “creeper” of a “Republican shill” can defend himself as soon as he is done “eating babies” and being a “self-indulgent libertarian journo-wannabe.” (And I thought vicous rhetoric was more a Right Wing thing).

    Also, I have some questions about the salary reductions for the sheriff, surrogate, and clerk.

    1. Has the paperwork on how this works ever been published? Do they get paid the full amount and then give back to the county the difference between the state-mandated salary or are they paid the reduced salary. Has anyone seen the surrogate’s and/or sheriff’s W2 to see what their salaries actually are? Also are their pensions based on the full or reduced salary?

    2. How can Magazzu and tryagain[1] continue to claim savings from the reduced savings when the freeholder board last spring voted unanimously to create a confidential assistant’s position with a salary of up to 100K? This position, if filled and paid at the highest salary, would eat up all the savings!

    3. In order to pay the increased salaries the state ordered that various fees from these offices be increased? If Cumberland County isn’t increasing the salaries, then why is it charging the increased fees? And since the County is charging the increased fees but is not paying the increased salaries (for the sheriff and surrogate), where is the extra money going?

  16. gorgon says:

    RDO eats pseudo-constitutional babies for lunch ! An insider told me this. Just because RDO criticizes Lou doesn’t mean that he’s not a Creeper or a shill. Time will tell.

  17. Calhoun I heard yesterday that the Sheriff now has two undersheriff’s and two Captains.I can not confirm this,if it is true where is the saving.When Mike Barruzza was Sheriff he only had one of each.Did you notice the new lettering on the cars? Tax dollars at work.The Sheriff gets 70%of his salary when he left Vineland P.D. for his pension.

  18. tryagain1 says:


  19. Diehard Democrat says:

    t1 – what are you smoking?????

  20. bigtop92 says:



  21. tryagain1 says:

    Will gladly take bets on that one bigtop!!! Peterson, Christy, Swift and Santiago are ALL at the BOTTOM!!!! Santiago will be absolutely LAST!!! AND MAGAZZU WINS AND SO DO HIS RUNNING MATES!! BECAUSE they get things DONE for Cumberland County!! Tough leaders for Tough times!!

  22. DUMP the Maggot says:

    t1 – you CAN’T cover a bet – unless you get another no interest loan from your party. remember you don’t have a job

  23. Sheena Santiago says:

    Tryagain said: “Santiago will be absolutely LAST!!!”

    You think? You must be voting for everyone in the county and that is how you came up with your election results.

    By the way, why lie to the listeners of WMIZ 1270 am, telling them that the republican candidates voted against Sonia Sotomayor appointment thru Magazzu’s future advertisement? The republican candidates didn’t vote for her appointment, the US Senate did. By doing that you are insulting the intelligence of the Hispanic voters.

    All of us in the Hispanic community know that the local candidates didn’t have anything to do with her appointment. Be careful because false advertisement can backfire. Please do not underestimate our intelligence.

    If indeed is true about lies in Magazzu’s Spanish radio advertisement even though the republicans are my opponents, I will personally go to the radio and tell the listeners how they are being misled thru false advertisement from the Magazzu team.

  24. tryagain1 says:

    No Sheena, I am NOT voting for everyone else in the County, BUT I certainly am willing to bet you will be last in the voting between Christy, Swift, and Peterson. They have been busy actively working against you as have the Republicans behind your back! My advice is to DON’T TRUST either of those groups! At least you know with Magazzu where you stand BUT beware of others who would be nice to your face! Just some friendly advice for you to use as you see fit. You will perhaps have more votes than the other lone independent candidate, Sanford I think, BUT that is probably the ONLY person you will beat!

  25. tryagain1 says:

    And by the way, NO you have NEVER answered the question on this website about whether or not you approached Mayor Romano for a job shortly after his election. Nor have you ever answered the question about approaching the democratic Party about wantint to run for County Clerk.

  26. DUMP the Maggot says:

    anybody notice how lou exaggerated the cost of the full time vocational school building cost? talk about a bunch of crap! LOU LIES

  27. gorgon says:

    tryagain1 Says:
    October 18, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    And by the way, NO you have NEVER answered the question on this website about whether or not you approached Mayor Romano for a job shortly after his election. Nor have you ever answered the question about approaching the democratic Party about wantint to run for County Clerk.

    Funny ! Sheena is hammered because she may have asked Romano for a job but Mrs. Romano and family are reportedly waiting for the day after the election to collect on their job promises. Only in NJ is this par for the course.

  28. Sheena Santiago says:

    Try again,
    I did answer your questions, you just don’t want to remember. You didn’t answer my questions.

    Who was the elected official that owed $10,000.00 to Connective Electric/Atlantic Electric when the city of Vineland bought the debt from them?

    It was around the time Lou Magazzu betrayed Donna Pearson in a DJ advertisement posing along with James Rocco and Nick Asselta. Donna had no knowledge of that advertisement. Only Magazzu, Asselta, Rocco and Barse knew it was going to be printed.

    To refresh your memory it was to let the public know that Rocco, Asselta and Magazzu supported the construction of a new power plant in Vineland. Remember?

    I am sure that if they had ask Donna she would have been willing to be part of the advertisement. Full page in color, Daily Journal, do you think she would have said no?

    I know that Donna was kept in the dark because I questioned Barse after I saw the Advertisement without Donna and Barse said, “Lou is in danger of losing the election and needs this extra help.

    Some republicans got confused and thought that Lou was supporting the republicans and others thought that it was a good gesture when indeed it was dirty politics.

    Donna was the freholders director and Magazzu wanted her out. Remember? If I am not mistaken Magazzu won by only 85 votes?

  29. gorgon says:

    Did I mention that RD Owens sucks?

  30. tryagain1 says:

    You as usual Sheena ARE MISTAKEN!! Magazzu won comfortably, check the results! And ONCE AGAIN, NO YOU did NOT answer the 2 questions I have posed over and over in spite of your claims. Point to the answers on this website and if you have answered them I will gladly read them and quit asking those 2 questions about: Did you apporach Mayor Romano shortly after his election for a job? Perhaps for your support as he unseated Barse. And question 2, Didn’t you at one time approach the Democrats about running for County Clerk against Noto? Should be easy to answer. I doubt former Mayor Barse said any such thing about the election. It was strictly a Vineland issue thus Pearson was not asked to support the issue!

  31. Sheena Santiago says:

    You know the answer to the first question and if you don’t remember my answer go to previous posts or to The Daily Journal archives because there was a huge story about the issue. You can go to the DJ on Oak Rd., Vineland and buy that story specifically. If you were a nicer person I would’ve post the story for you on here, since you are a vindictive person I will not do that for you.

    In reference to the other question, I will answer again but more specifically than when I answered you the last time. After Magazzu found out that there was a possibility that I might challenge Gloria in the primary as a republican Magazzu offered to pay for whatever the cost of the campaign because he hates Gloria and wants her out. Conversation took place at the Centerton Country Club.

    I am running for freeholder because I decided it is where I am needed the most, to be the voice of the people because after all Mrs. Noto is not doing a bad job. Changes are needed in the freeholders board and If I get elected I will expose all of the wrong doing that has been done. There is no transparency there now and the citizens are being kept in the dark. Enjoy your Sunday my dear.
    Sheena Santiago,
    Candidate for Cumberland County
    Board of Chosen Freeholders Column C Line 6

  32. bigtop92 says:

    tryagain1 ….where can i make my bet,my winnings will go to and the cancer fund.

  33. tryagain1 says:

    Well FINALLY you admit you solicited a JOB from newly elected Mayor Romano! Perhaps your motivations for running are not as pure as you would like to have people believe? Was it in exchange for all your help in his election against your then enemy Barse? AND you did want to run against Greedy Gloria on MORE than one occassion? And not necessarily in the primary where you knew you had NO CHANCE of winning? The TRUTH shall set you free!

  34. Sheena Santiago says:

    Try again,
    It is obvious that you didn”t read the previous posts or the story in the daily journal. You are you are trying to mislead the readers on here.

    After Magazzu found out that there was a possibility that I might challenge Gloria in the primary as a republican Magazzu offered to pay for whatever the cost of the campaign because he hates Gloria and wants her out. Conversation took place at the Centerton Country Club.

    Who was the elected official that owed $10,000.000 to Connective/Atlantic Electric after the city of Vineland bought the debt?

    Any other citizen would have been disconnected but he had preferential treatment.

    How many millions of dollars did Magazzu make as city of Vineland solicitor and one of his employers as bond council?

  35. tryagain1 says:

    Yeah sure Sheena BUT is that the FIRST time YOU approached the Democrats about running against Gloria? Be careful, many have knowledge of your earlier requests?

  36. Sheena Santiago says:

    Who was the elected official that owed $10,000.000 to Connective/Atlantic Electric after the city of Vineland bought the debt?

    Any other citizen would have been disconnected but he had preferential treatment.

    How many millions of dollars did Magazzu make as city of Vineland solicitor and one of his employers as bond council?

  37. amused says:

    Help me here t1. What is the problem with Sheena wanting to run for County Clerk? You don’t think she has the right to do that? Is it because she may not have been your personal pick…how dare her! How dare you! This stuff is child’s play in comparison to how Magazzu (you) operate! So stop with the righteous BS.

  38. tryagain1 says:

    Point is Sheena acts like a friend to Greedy Gloria BUT then stabs her in the back!! It seems to be her nature!! Sure she has the right to run for whatever including dogcatcher BUT she can at times be very devious and cunning especially in politics. Just ask former Mayor Barse! She plays one side and then the other! She absolutely knows that she CANNOT win a seat as Freeholder so then the obvious question becomes just EXACTLY why is she running? Maybe ask the Republicans? Or the renegade Independents?

  39. DUMP the Maggot says:

    t1 – I would not use the phrase “stab in the back” if I were you – Magazzu is the KING of BACK-STABBERS……..

  40. DUMP the Maggot says:

    ………ask Donna Pearson if the stab wounds in her back have healed yet.

    Bridgeton voters will turn out to turn Magazzu OUT

  41. Sheena Santiago says:

    I play no sides, I say it like it is with my real name. You are a coward hiding behind a fake name. It does not matter what you say on here to try to put me against the independents and the republicans. I get along with them fine and they get along with me. Can you say the same?

    First you said the independents laugh behind my back, guess what? I don’t believe you. Now you are trying to create friction between Gloria and me, guess what? it ain’t going to work. We know what you are made of vindictiveness and hate.

    Magazzuwatch is driving you crazy, that is why you are up so early in the morning. Maybe you can’t even sleep at night because your vindictive and hateful personality doesn’t let you sleep. You can’t wait to get to your keyboard to show your frustration with magazzuwatch.

    A small piece of advise, If you truly like Magazzu you should stay away from here and from being so vinditicve with your attacks because you are hurting him more than helping.

    Every time you attack the attacks against Magazzu become stronger. Remember the DJ forums? The same thing happened to Barse.

    By the way if Magazzu wins so let it be. If the voters of Cumberland County re-elect him again we will accept it with respect because at the end of an election the voters ruled. Do you think anyone is going to lose sleep if he wins like you are losing yours with magazzuwatch? I don’t think so. Life must go on either way. Put a little love in your heart and you will feel better.

  42. fancypants says:

    Who is Owens and why is he a poser?

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