Bad News for Lou Magazzu

In what can only be described as bad news for Lou Magazzu, Jon Corzine recently signed bi-partisan legislation requiring county organizations to operate under new business rules, increasing transparency.

The measures (A-1904/S930) received strong bipartisan backing in both houses when they were approved in late June. Corzine signed the measure Oct. 1, calling it “another step forward in our efforts to bring more transparency and ethics to government.”

It also was backed by the Citizens’ Campaign, a prominent nonprofit ethics in government advocacy group, which had a role in developing the legislation.

For far too long county organizations have operated under a cloak of virtual invisibility. Ask any voter who is the chair of their declared party, and 99% would have no idea; let alone knowing who the treasurer or vice chair are.

In Cumberland County this allegedly allowed Lou Magazzu to wrest the checkbook out of the control of properly appointed treasurer O’Donnell, and possibly write and endorse a check to his personal bank account.

“This new law goes a long way in ending the era of ‘top-down’ political party rule,” Vandervalk said. “It gives meaning to government by and for the people as it provides for increased citizen participation in the decision-making process of county political parties.”


6 Responses to Bad News for Lou Magazzu

  1. fancypants says:

    rd Owens is the kid who was pushed around in grade school and by god he will have his revenge on society!

  2. fancypants says:

    oops, posted in the wrong place !

  3. DUMP the Maggot says:

    Don’t worry – LOU will be out of here next year

  4. tryagain1 says:

    FLY AWAY MAGGOT!! Can’t wait until you wake up the day after the election and Magazzu is top vote getter!!

  5. Guess-Who says:

    Thanks for the early morning LAUGH!

    How about the BILLBOARD Political SIGNS are they coming down TODAY, What about some of the homes that have 4-10 of ur groups political signs in one Residential Dwelling?

    The Citizens of Vineland know Who is Dis-Respecting their Sign Ordinance,The crue in Column A are the ones who will PAY on Election DAY!

    Let your Voice be LOUD & CLEAR without a Word ever being Spoken.
    Vote on Nov 3,2009 they will HEAR what is being SAID.

    Fresh Faces-New Ideas-Innovative Thinking=Positives in CC.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  6. DUMP the Maggot says:

    TOP vote getter? t1 you get the top prize for having a wild imagine. Magazzu LOSES in Nov.

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