Did Democrats Trash Their Own Signs?

This is strictly an unconfirmed rumor, but an anonymous source informs us that Democrats defaced their own 4X8 signs in Vineland, being as they were going to have to remove them anyway. The source says it is a political ploy to get free press.

Republicans are offering a $200 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators of this despicable act.

25 Responses to Did Democrats Trash Their Own Signs?

  1. DUMP the Maggot says:

    Some of Lou’s best buddies have done this in the past!

  2. Who has to gain by trashing the Democrat signs?

    Would the Republicans? Certainly NOT! They would be the first ones Lou would blame. And, they have just as many signs that could be targeted by retribution.

    The Independents? Certainly NOT! They have too much to lose, as they used much of their limited resources paying for their signs. They can not afford to fix signs damaged due to retribution.

    Magazzu Watch? Hell NO! We paid for our signs by donation by many people that wanted to support the cause. We don’t have an endless pocket of out of state contributors like Magazzu to pay for our signs. We don’t have Jon Corzine writing us a $5,000 check for absolutely no reason whatsoever. And, WE abide by the rules, unlike Magazzu.

    The ONLY entity that benefits from this is Magazzu himself. FREE press, and he gets to play the martyr and pretend that others did it. Far fetched? It has happened in the past, and we don’t doubt that Lou would stoop so low as to sabotage his own ILLEGALLY ERECTED signs for the free publicity. He has to take them down anyway, so why not milk it for all it is worth?

    Magazzu is the ONLY logical answer to this question. Just think about it!

  3. DUMP the Maggot says:

    If the “trashed” signs caused lou so much pain and disgust, why would he allow for one of them to remain at his campaign headquarters? Lou and his “advisors” for sure did it. It was a tactic of some of the few supporters he still has in other races.

  4. biggassbass says:

    Geez, Lou will do ANYTHING to win.

  5. tryagain1 says:

    This website has created more than enough personal hatred that who would be surprised if someone associated with it would not be responsible? Was it the Republicans and their leadership under Mr. Greco who are responsible? Was it the pure personal hatred of the Independents who are responsible? ALL I do know is that it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that Magazzu would trash his own signs!!!! Talk about trying to spin something, this takes the cake!! I just hope the law ctaches those responsible and punishes them to the fullest extent. This type of behavior CANNOT be tolerated in a Democracy!!! It is well over the line!! Send a message to these idiots and vote for Magazzu and co.! Show them that this type of behavior will not be tolerated in Cumberland County!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO. TOUGH TOUGH LEADERS FOR TOUGH TIMES!

  6. vineland voter says:

    up early huh t1? your latest publicity stunt will not change the fact that lou is a cancer to this county. lou will do ANYTHING to win, like blantly violating vinelands laws and placing his billboard signs all over our neighborhoods. funny how you & the dj skip over this fact, must be nice to have the dunce vineland mayor in your pocket, how much did that cost, a meal?

  7. DUMP the Maggot says:

    ALLL – 100% of the “hatred” created in this county over the past 12+ years is a direct result of one individual – and his name precedes “Watch” on this site. There has NEVER been a need for a site like this in the past. Other freeholders were respected for their service to the county. Once Magazzu entered the scene, the service HE directed was service to his own inflated ego and power lust. He has alienated every department and employee of the county as well as the countless volunteers who GIVE of their time and talents for the good of the county. LOU MAGAZZU has turned this county into his toy for his own greed. DUMP THE MAGGOT and his team of lapdogs.

  8. millvillemagnus says:

    I see Lou used this as an opportunity to rail against his opponents in today’s BEN column — see his quote at the end.

    The column reports:

    A $2,500 reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of any person or persons responsible for this past weekend’s defacement of more than two dozen campaign signs erected by the Cumberland County Democratic Organization.

    Meanwhile organization members will begin Wednesday the task of repairing the signs defaced by use of a profane word printed on heavy paper and pasted with a thick adhesive over three letters of the last name of Cumberland County Freeholder Director Louis Magazzu.

    Democratic campaign chair Brendan Kavanagh said the party is trying to repair the signs and get on with debating the issues of the campaign with their opponents.

    “This wasn’t a school boy prank,” Kavanagh said. “The scope of this crime and the apparent sophistication of the stickers points to a well-organized effort. We’re going to let the police determine whether the responsible criminal or criminals can be tracked down, and we’ll get on with our effort to bring our positive message to the voters through traditional and legal methods.”

    “My opponents or their supporters have attacked my name for months by rumor or insinuation,” Magazzu said. “Now, they’re attacking my name physically.”

  9. fancypants says:

    “The scope of this crime and the apparent sophistication of the stickers points to a well-organized effort.” Brendan the “K”

    I don’t support the sign damage although it is humorous but “sophistication” and “well-organized” are over the top terms. Brendan needs to take a chill pill and get back to doing whatever he does for the campaign.

  10. amused says:

    Will Lou Magazzu stop at nothing? We all know who trashed the signs and it wasn’t any of Magazzu’s opponents. Magazzu is a pro at getting press and if he can get a little sympathy with it, well that’s a home run for him. Good job,Lou. Can’t wait to see your next trick as your desperation mounts.

  11. I agree “sophistication” and “well-organized” are over the top terms. Sophistication would require that the stickers have a dark blue background with white letters of a similar font style and size. that way the defacement would have been seamless.

    Whoever created these lacked even basic skills. It was purely a hack job by juveniles, or by one with a juvenile mentality.

    Lou Magazzu fits that to a “T”. He never matured beyond a 3rd grade emotional level, as proved by his public outbursts and private temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.

    I do not feel that it is out of his character to have orchestrated this “defacement” just to get press. He is well known for having done far worse in previous campaigns.

  12. slappythedoorman says:

    Indeed, why would anyone who wants Lou OUT want to help him get free press?? Most of us have jobs and are at work or with our families. Just because Lou acts inmature does not mean that well-meaning folks who care about County Govt would stoop so low.
    Brendon, mellow out please

  13. CryinShame says:

    Fancypants – please do not refer to Brendan as “Brendan the K”

    It is disrespectful to “Harry the K” Go Phils!

  14. fancypants says:

    CryinShame Says:
    October 21, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    Fancypants – please do not refer to Brendan as “Brendan the K”

    It is disrespectful to “Harry the K” Go Phils!

    Sorry…….Go Phils…..Tonight I hope.

    Would “BK” be disrespectful to the King?

  15. Guess-Who says:

    Not if u are L{.}{.}King for a WHOPPER!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  16. Watcher#1 says:

    The bad news about the Republicans offering a $200 reward is that Lou is just desperate enough to turn himself in. Or is that the good news?

  17. tryagain1 says:

    Crazy to think Magazzu would trash his own signs but then again crazy is a term that fits this CRAP website anyway!! Hope those that committed this deed are caught and pay the price!! Magazzu works hard for OUR COUNTY and deserves reelection despite the lies and innuendos on this stupid hateful site!! Think in the end this site probably has actually gotten more votes FOR MAGAZZU since most intelligent people are sickened by the tone and vile hatefulness of this site. On behalf of everyone thanks for helping RE-ELECT MAGAZZU!!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO. TOUGH LEADERS FOR TOUGH TIMES!!

  18. amused says:

    You’re right t1. People are sickened by the hatefulness of this sight. You should hear how they talk about YOUR postings. They laugh at how you criticize other’s postings when you are more vile than anyone posting here. This just goes to show what a hypocrite you are!

  19. G.R.I.P. says:

    If this county were full of intelligent people, Mr. Magazzu would have never been elected into office. The fact is, team Magazzu depends on the mentally challenged to pad his votes. I have personally seen a Magazzu van pull up to a polling location and watched people housed in group homes funnel out mumbling Magazzu’s name, at least he provided them with a snack for their votes.

    I have not run into a single intelligent person in this town would is voting for team Magazzu, we’re all sick & tired of watching our hard earned money funneled to Magazzu supporters. I guess we’ll see come November.

  20. Watcher#1 says:

    Here’s an interesting fact I found on ELEC – Seems as though Lou, who SAYS he supports Cumberland County and business in Cumberland County had a lot of printing done elsewhere. With all of the quality printing companies here that are struggling, the Magazzu campaign had some of their campaign lies printed in north Jersey – Royal Printing Services of West New York, NJ
    7/24/09 $3,589.85
    9/19/09 $2,054.44
    9/14/09 $2,551.95
    Total $8,196.20

    Now I just bet that other campaigns used local printers. What is Magazzu trying to hide by using out of county companies? What does he owe Royal Printing? Would this company be the SAME one he used to print the garbage in his failed NACo bid?

    Magazzu has got to go – Don’t listen to what he says – Look at what he does!

  21. tryagain1 says:

    BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!! Is the best you ladies can come up with. MAGAZZU is on his way to another victory BECAUSE HE DESERVES TO WIN!! In spite of and because of all the CRAP that has been posted on this CRAP site, MAGAZZU WINS!! He has indeed worked hard for ALL the people of Cumberland and is NOT to blame for every issue our County faces in spite of you clowns wanting to blame him for everything from H1N1 to global warming! The voters are smarter than you think and know hard work when they see it and will RE-ELECT MAGAZZU!!

  22. tryagain1 says:

    And by the way with all the problems you half empty glass whiners point at OUR County is certainly better off in many ways then it was a decade ago!! Should Magazzu get all the credit for that since you want ot give him all the blame for the problem areas? And with all the problems you point out where wre your Republican Freholders during all that time. There certainly were a number of them on the Board during the years you point at and even had Sorrow has their leader for a while!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO.!! TOUGH LEADERS FOR TOUGH TIMES!!

  23. DUMP the Maggot says:

    I hear that the Independents and Republicans are contributing to buy Lou a lifetime supply of Maalox and sedatives – seems he is having trouble sleeping and with his stomach (large as it is) knowing he is in the last days of his time on the freeholder board.

  24. tryagain1 says:

    Oh poor Maggot, must be sleep walking again and dreaming. MAGAZZU WINS AND IS TOP VOTE GETTER BECAUSE HE WORKS HARD FOR THE PEOPLE OF CUMBERLAND!! Poor independents run dead last and Magazzu is first!! What will Cussing Sailor Jane Christy do?

  25. Watcher, please do not post the same off-topic post multiple times. – I am deleting the other posts. If you have information such as this that you would like to contribute, please use our contact form on the site. Thanks.

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