Questionable Contributions to Democrats From Out of State Donors

The following just in from the Republican Party:

What do they expect in return?

Cumberland County Republican Freeholder candidates Rick Tonetta, Tom Sheppard and Sam Fiocchi are alerting Cumberland County residents that  Cumberland County is becoming the target of more and more special interests from outside of the County.

A recent election law disclosure by “Team Magazzu” reported that theAmerican Federation of Teachers in Washington D.C. gave the local Cumberland County Democrats $25,000.

“Simply amazing,” Republican freeholder candidate Rick Tonetta said. “That is a huge donation from people who don’t live here and have no connection with the County and no knowledge of local issues.  It’s a shame the dues hard working teachers are paying in other areas are being used to support people they have never heard of.  Shouldn’t that money be used for benefits for the teachers?”

“My concern is what favors Lou Magazzu will owe in return for this enormous contribution?”  Republican freeholder candidate Sam Fiocchi remarked.  “People from out of the area just don’t wake up one morning and say, “How can I help someone in another State I never heard of?””  “They had to have been solicited by someone and you can be sure someone is getting something in return and taxpayer dollars are going to pay for that.”  It’s bad enough Magazzu is selling us out to the Norcross Machine and
Camden County, now Cumberland County is being hawked across the country.”  “I just hope Magazzu doesn’t put us on e-Bay,” Fiocchi concluded.

” We Republicans have raised our campaign funds from the hard working people of Cumberland County who want a change in government and a reduction in their taxes and not from outside interests who have no interest in keeping our taxes low and may want something in return.” GOP freeholder candidate Tom Sheppard added.


6 Responses to Questionable Contributions to Democrats From Out of State Donors

  1. tryagain1 says:

    REALLY disapponted in Tom Sheppard’s LIES!!! EVERYONE knows that your contributions come from FAR MORE than JUST the hard working people of Cumberland County!! Is Sheppard so desperate that now he is resorting to flat out lying? HOW PATHETIC!! He just LOST everal votes!!

  2. tryagain1 says:

    Just petty jealousy because the Republicans have little support from ANYWHERE!! Guess next they will say Frank Lobiondop hasn’t viven or funneled monies to their campaign. Point of fact Tommy, Lobo no longer lives in Cumberland County!

  3. However, Frank (it is spelled LOBIONDO, FOOL) does REPRESENT Cumberland County. Lou only represents his political special interests such as North Jersey lawyers and the corrupt Norcross machine.

  4. vineland voter says:

    i REALLY can’t wait until big lou loses and tryagain crawls back under his rock to cry, honestly.

  5. DUMP the Maggot says:

    t1 – I have known Tom Sheppard for years and one thing for sure – Tom Sheppard does NOT lie – unlike magazzu who NEVER tells the truth.

  6. SalarySam says:

    Sheppard’s point is valid. The $25,000 was no more a gift than Lord Lou’s NACo “gifts.” There are strings attached.

    I guess that makes the Lord Lou as Pinocchio because he’s a puppet with strings attached, not because he’s a liar. I didn’t realize there were two interpretations.

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