Historical tidbit

When Lou speaks, none of his slate of Freeholders dares to question him. There is no dissent. There appears to be no difference of opinion. Why? Lou squashes dissent.  His peers (the Freeholder Director is NOT superior to the other Freeholders as much as Lou would like you to believe) are not allowed to publicly disagree on any issue out of fear of being publicly trashed. Jane Christy is a testimony to this sort of “leadership” by intimidation. Just ask seven of the eight former Democrat Freeholders that served with Lou why they are NOT supporting his run for reelection. When Lou speaks, his word goes. Period.

Did you know that in the Roman Republic of 500 B.C., the senate could appoint a supreme national commander for a limited time during periods of emergency. While in charge, his word was law. His title in Latin meant “I have spoken.” The title was “dictator.”


4 Responses to Historical tidbit

  1. slappythedoorman says:

    Yup, the other Freeholders owe Lou. At least act that way. Jane Jennorne behaves like a high school girl with a crush on the quarterback

  2. fancypants says:

    give Lou a dollar and you would be lucky to get a quarterback.

  3. Byelou says:

    I have never seen a politician who was more corrupt, more defeated, or more hated by his constituents.

  4. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Using all caps now I see. Looks like you are becoming more and more desperate by the day.
    [editor’s note: Higg’s post no longer makes sense because management removed the offending posts he is responding to. We will remove other RUDE posts that use ALL CAPS in the future.]

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