Magazzu Can’t Get Local Support, Relies On Camden County Democrats

The Cumberland County Republicans are asking the same question we have since the inception of this blog. Why is Camden County so interested in flooding our county with their money? Just exactly why is the corrupt Norcross machine pumping money to Lou Mgazzu and company?

Lou “the empty suit” Greenwald is connected to Norcross at the hip. He gave Lou $37,000? Where does he get that sort of money to give, other than sucking at the public trough? But then again, this is Magazzu Politics at its best. He is selling Cumberland County, and we, folks, are going to pay for it!

$99,000 comes to Magazzu from outside of Cumberland County in weeks

With the controversy around the way Lou Magazzu funded a failed bid for office in NACo, it appears local Democrats don’t want to support his re-election campaign. On October 6, 2009 The News of Cumberland County reported the Democrats had raised roughly half of what they had at the same time last year. On the other hand, the Republicans had a slight increase in fundraising activity.

Since that news account 48 hour reports have been coming in and Lou Magazzu has been forced to collect money from out of the area. First was a $25,000 contribution from the American Federation of Teachers in Washington, DC.

The Cumberland County Democrats’ most recent 48 hour report shows two large out-of-county contributions from Joe Roberts and Lou Greenwald. Each sent $37,000.

“These two contributions added to the money from the Washington, DC PAC means Lou Magazzu has raised $99,000 from outside of Cumberland County in a matter of weeks,” Rick Tonetta said. “Of course you have to wonder why a Washington, DC PAC and two Camden County legislators would be so interested in Lou Magazzu’s re-election.”

“$74,000 is a lot of money for two Camden County legislators to suddenly decide to send to Lou Magazzu,” Tom Sheppard commented. “We know Camden County’s Freeholder Director Lou Capelli’s law firm was awarded a contract by our Freeholder Board. These large contributions have to make folks wonder how many other Camden County Democrats are going to be awarded contracts in Cumberland County if Lou Magazzu manages to get re-elected.”

Sam Fiocchi asked, “What do two members of the state Assembly from Camden County care about a freeholder election in Cumberland County? Why would they be willing to dump almost $75,000 into the Cumberland County Democrats’ coffers?”

“Given the recent large contributions coming from outside of the county it is obvious the wagons are being circled around Lou Magazzu,” Fiocchi said. “Obviously, Magazzu has something these people want there is no other logical explanation for this money to start pouring into Cumberland County.”


5 Responses to Magazzu Can’t Get Local Support, Relies On Camden County Democrats

  1. Sell me a bridge says:

    That’s a good question, why would a teachers union give money to Magazzu?

  2. millvillemagnus says:

    Why would Camden County Democrats be giving money to Lou?

  3. DUMP the Maggot says:

    do you THINK that PERHAPS (sorry about the capital letters) that it is possible that by getting money via Camden allows contributors to Camden demos buy contracts and other perks from lou and co? It is merely a way to circumvent the pay-to-play laws…….”well gee your honor, i only gave $$$ to CAMDEN demos – I had NO idea that the Camden demos would give that $$$ to mr maggot in Cumberland Co. i thought i got this job in Cumberland Co because i am a good contractor.”

    Get the picture – maggots and ethics have nothing in common.

  4. DUMP the Maggot says:

    hey bridge – why would teachers give money to politicians????? Ask Celeste Riley – She’s a teacher in greenwich township – and get this ….. as an assembly person, when she reports to Trenton to do assembly stuff, she is entitled to be paid as a teacher, even though she isn’t working that day as a teacher. This same law holds true of any freeholder who happens to be employed by a nj public school system – they get their regular pay as an employee of the school district even if they are out doing freeholder stuff. The NJEA should be ashamed. – But they are not – even when Steve Sweeney BASHED the NJEA – the NJEA came back and supported him – READ THE SOPRANO STATE, people!!!!

    Sorry for the caps – I am screaming

  5. Just a quick note about Camden County political hack, and major subject of The Soprano State Lou “empty suit” Greenwald – Greenwald and Magazzu are cousins.

    Yes – first cousins, and THAT is just one more reason that Lou has a vested interest in bringing the corrupt Norcross Machine into Cumberland County.

    You think our county is bad now, just wait until Lou realizes his dream and we are just another cog in that ruthless corrupt political machine.

    A vote for Lou Magazzu is a vote for Camden County garbage politics here!

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