Press Bias?

Matt Dunn responded in an earlier post to the charge that the Cumberland News is biased towards Lou with the complaint that Lou’s minion, Miles Jackson, had accused him of being anti-Lou.  Dunn shrugged this off as evidence of press neutrality — people on both sides are unhappy.

I am annoyed, however, by his article in today’s News, which reports Lou’s response to the vandalized signs.  It seems, according to Lou, that it is Jane Christy’s fault, because she used “foul language”.

What bothers me is that Dunn gives such play to Lou’s specualtion.  Here’s what Dunn reports:

Although the Democrats do not accuse their Republican or independent opponents of orchestrating the defacement of the signs, Democratic Freeholder candidate Nelson Thompson said in a press release that civility in this year’s race “has long been cast aside.”

“Actions such as (independent freeholder candidate) Jane Christy’s use of foul language in the Cumberland County Courthouse have set the tone for this campaign,” he said. “That tone could, in the minds of some supporters, give the green light for this type of attack on our signs.”

The use of foul language by Christy occurred during a confrontation with Magazzu at the courthouse following the drawing of ballot positions early on in the campaign.

I have a couple thoughts on this.  The first is that yes, Jane did cuss out Lou, and she no doubt regrets it.  But the Dem’s charges reek of hypocrisy.  First of all, Lou is well known for his foul mouth.  Second, the Dems initiated and are the biggest practitioners of negative campaigning in the current and past races.

Jane’s outburst is an example of where Lou can drive people. That he pushed someone like Jane, who stays on such an even keel, to anger reflects more on him than her.  Lou is, to put it bluntly, evil.  He is clever at spotting people’s weak spots and pushing their buttons.  He says the meanest and most hurtful things imaginable to people, and then gloats at their reactions.  Recall that in the last years on the Freeholder board, Jane was the one with the cojones to stand up to Lou.  It had to have been unbelievably frustrating to be subject to Lou’s Mushroom School of Management:  keep her in the dark and feed her s***.

But back to the issue of press bias and why I am on this rant:  a couple weeks ago many citizens of this county were offended by the Democrat’s “push poll” in which they praised themselves and maligned their opponents.  Most egregious was the charge that a Republican operative — not running — beat his wife and threatened her with a loaded gun.  These charges are lies, word was buzzing all around the county about this poll, people were really upset — and yet not a word in the press.  The only move toward reporting this incredibly despicable Democratic tactic was the intention of the Atlantic City Press to do an article — people were interviewed, but nothing appeared.

Now some say the reason the press didn’t touch it was to protect the maligned Republican alleged wife beater.  But I don’t buy that.  The overall tone of the survey and the fact that people can be sucked in by what is presented as a survey and ends up being a blatant political pitch — and the ugliest negative campaigning yet to appear in this campaign — deserves, in my humble opinion, reporting.

But then this would maybe put Lou in a bad light — something Matt and the other reporters covering the local political scene are reluctant to do.  The News’ love affair with the Dems is further evidenced by today’s glowing headlines on Celeste Riley.  And their bias is underscored by the fact that the article in which Lou highlights Jane Christy’s “transgression” appears in the top spot on their online edition.  C’mon Matt, ‘fess up. But all will be revealed when the News endorses the Dem slate.

And as for the Daily Journal — the local political reporting there is almost nonexistent.  Maybe if they can’t say much good about their guy Lou, they don’t say anything at all.  But they, too, will no doubt endorse the Dems.


53 Responses to Press Bias?

  1. biggassbass says:

    Its so true. I guess the media or least the owners/editors do not want to “piss off” BIG LOU. I mean is this what a “free press” (not Reminder of course) is all about. The only way to get though is to get friends relitives etc to write the editor of our local rags. The same old people writing loses effectivness since the Lou Muppets can just dismiss us as QUACKS.
    Thanks for writing this. I bet it needs to be written AGAIN before this election is though!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Try reading the paper rather than reporting on heresay. The story about the signs is a only minor item on page six of the paper. What’s not mentioned here is that page one’s story is on the Republicans being critical of contributions to the county Democratic Party.

    Don’t try and make the story out to be that Jane cussing out Lou at the courthouse is not a source of the sign vandalism. It IS evidence of the overall tone of this campaign. So is this Web site. Lou is “evil”? Come on. That’s laying it on kind of thick.

    As for the push poll, if the Republicans were interested in the newspapers printing details of Bob Greco’s personal life, they would have spoken out about the agreeably low campaign tactic as well. The fact of the matter is, there is a police report detailing an ugly situation which occurred between the party leader and his wife. Does Greco want that in the newspaper? Probably not. Has anyone from the newspaper actually heard any details of the push poll, aside from what’s been printed here? Probably not. Has anyone from the newspaper seen the vandalized signs? Probably. Evidence speaks louder than words.

  3. Actually anonymous, YES the media have heard from people that received that poll.

    If a non-candidate’s long past history is fodder for a Magazzu campaign tactic, why don’t we bring up the three times our current sheriff was arrested on domestic complaints?

    I’ll see your one police report to my three!

  4. dug says:

    do the reporters and editors of these papers know who you folks are? it takes a real lack of guts to criticize someone behind their back rather than to their face. do the reporters and editors even know who you are? i can understand being afraid of retribution from lou, but why would you want to hide your identity from the media? is it that you can’t stand by what you write? are you afraid of being outed? or are you just a bunch of gutless cowards who can call another person “evil” but can’t take the heat when it’s pointed at you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Who’s contacted the media about the push poll? Private residents? Opposing candidates? Who have they contacted? Or did you just make that part up?

    As for Bob Greco being a “non-candidate,” for a “non-candidate”, he’s certainly spent a lot of effort getting his name into the media. Maybe he should have thought about the skeletons in his closet before giving himself so much visibility.

  6. Sell me a bridge says:

    Using your logic about Greco there are a lot of people the Republicans could have dragged into this campaign and haven’t. I guess that’s a good thing, it shows they are better people.

    I think Greco has done his job as a party chairman. For the most part his candidates have stayed positive and Greco has served as the attack dog. It’s obviously working since Magazzu has been bringing in money from Camden County to make up for what he can’t get here.

    Does that make Greco campaign fodder? I believe Magazzu has the right to respond to anything Greco says, but certainly not make him a part of the campaign just as the Republicans have barely touched on Magazzu’s campaign manager, even though he did lie about approving the infamous NACo loan.

    Finally, if you want to make a claim about a police report that’s fine but do any of the Democrats want anything that is out there on them in the papers? Probably not and I suspect – though I don’t know for a fact – the Republicans have plenty of stuff to throw out there that they haven’t.

  7. Guess-Who says:

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  8. millvillemagnus says:

    As reported earlier, I was contacted by the Dem telephone “survey” and it was very offensive. If Lou is behind this survey, then “evil” is not an overstatement.

    Word that I was contacted made its way to the Atlantic City press, and I was interviewed by a reporter, so, yes, the press know who I am. I was told the reporter was able to confirm the Democrats were behind the poll, even though they quickly denied it because of the outrage of some of those telephoned. Sounds familiar? Like they deny defacing their own signs? For some unknown reason, the AC Press editor decided not to run the story.

    As to our county press, we know at least Matt Dunn and probably others read this blog. For an investigative reporter with Dunn’s savvy, it would not take much digging to track down someone who received the survey call. But it takes motivation to do so.

    Interesting, though, with the new participants to this discussion, clearly Mango touched a nerve. Could we be hearing from the press?

  9. Lobster Claws says:

    If you want to know why the push poll story didn’t run in the Atlantic City Press just call the editor, you have a right to know, and I’m sure he will give you a reason.

    As for this site’s constant attack on newspapers in general, get over it. Half of the things you “report” are gather from anonymous sources, people dropping off rumors, most of them untrue and you posting them.

    Newspapers are NOT your personal sounding board. (well, the bridgeton news might be but no one is calling that a real newspaper)

  10. millvillemagnus says:

    Hmm, Lobster Claws…could you be more specific when you say “most of them untrue”?

  11. mango says:

    Lobster Claws, you are quite the curmudgeon, aren’t you?

    As to the constant attack on newspapers, here’s what you said on May 14:

    “It’s a shame Matt Dunn is Big Lou’s lapdog.

    The Daily Journal doesn’t give a damn about the county or county government. The Press of Atlantic City is too aloof to provide good coverage.

    It would be nice to see the paper closest to the action show some unbiased reporting for once and not just repeat everything that’s spoon fed to them from L-Mags.”

    And here’s what you said on May 19:

    “We already know that Matt Dunn is a Lou Mag knob slobber, why would his boss be any different?

    It’s amazing “one bored newsman” even has a job with his extreme partisanship. Though I guess writing for the News isn’t much of a job.

    If newspapers were restaurants, the Bridgeton News would be a hotdog cart.”

    And on April 15:

    “Looks like the Bridgeton News is due for another correction.

    That’s nothing new.

    I wonder what Dunn, Jack Hummel and Jason Laday would do if they worked for a real newspaper. Being incorrect more often than being correct isn’t a good trait for newspaper men.”

    Sounds as if you may be as suspicious of the press as I am. But it appears from your last comment that you don’t believe anything you read here, either. That’s your privilege. But I’d like to hear your response to millvillemagnus’ question. What have we put up on this blog that you know to be untrue? Please enlighten us. We receive our information from sources very close to the action, but we are always ready to retract when we are shown to be wrong.

  12. Lobster Claws says:

    Anytime you say “from an anonymous source” I question it’s authenticity. That’s tabloid stuff. There’s a reason why legitimate newspapers don’t published unsourced information, because people often lie when they’re shrouded by promised anonymity.

    As for untrue, I’ll point directly to the defacing of the dem signs. If all you can say is an “anonymous source” provided you with the info then I’m going to call you on it.

    As for the Bridgeton News, you’re right, my critique of them has been consistent and even represented in this thread with this quote:

    “well, the bridgeton news might be but no one is calling that a real newspaper”

  13. fancypants says:

    Lobster Claws is pretty damn funny. I forgot those posts. Thanks for bringing them back.

  14. mango says:

    I have to agree with Lobster Claws on anonymous sources — anonymity does offer the opportunity to fabricate. We’re caught in a web of anonymity on all sides. As for myself, I try to write what I perceive as the truth, but then again my perceptions are obviously not those of others. I really don’t make up lies, but that’s just me, and the skeptics may think I’m lying about not lying.

    As to the example of untruth LC offers — charging the Dems defaced their own signs, when Eyes Everywhere originally posted this, the post started with the caveat, “This is strictly an unconfirmed rumor…” When we hear things relevant to our discussion on this blog, but the veracity is open to question, we tag it as a “rumor”. We hope those reading this blog are savvy enough to know that a rumor may turn out to be either true or false.

  15. Byelou says:

    Looks like Tryagain morphed into Mango.

  16. mango says:

    Byelou, you missed me on that one. Have no idea what you’re getting at. I mean, at least I’m literate.

  17. DUMP the Maggot says:

    I just copied Watcher #1’s post and faxed it to all of the local printers who have a fax number in the phone book. They should be furious.

  18. kira says:

    The whole county is a joke, and Lou is the biggest joker. Bridgeton = cesspool, Vineland and Millville quickly getting mucky. It’s time for the Dems in the county TO GO! They just pander to the welfare world and be the State for the crappiest of crap to come to Cumberland County. Stop Section 8, stop the Welfare programs. Stop encouraging rental units all over the place and get real business and industry back in the county. How long has Owens-Illinois been going and Dem controlled Bridgeton hasn’t been able to get anything to replace it since? Crap cities are controlled by crap democrats. Get rid of the democrats and maybe we can clean up the crap!

  19. tryagain1 says:

    The FUNNIEST thing about this entire post is when the author claims Jane Christy is “always on an even keel”!! What could he/she be smoking? Fact is she is RARELY “on an even keel” and puts on a fine performance. She is hardly the “sweet old grandmother type” and can use some pretty viscious and vulgar language!! Secondly what exactly where the so called facts against the infamous Bob Greco? And yes he has made himself a public figure in his high profile party elected position!! He has been fully engaged in the inner workings and campaign of the Republicans thus he is fair game for use as campaign issues in my opinion. What did he or did not do? Did his slate of candidates and the Republican Executive Committee have knowledge of any charges? Were they still willing to let him then be involved in their campaign? All these questions in my opinion have some reflection on the Republican candidates character and integrity. The TRUTH is all that is needed. Especially if it is a matter of public record. Come clean Republicans and end the whispers!

  20. mango says:

    Kira’s response is what we had hoped to avoid on this blog, for fear of it turning into another Daily Journal forum. We do not believe Cumberland County is a bad place to live, and my own belief is that its problems will not be cured overnight by any party. It is my opinion that, thanks to local leadership, Millville is doing great. Vineland seems to be moving. Bridgeton, well, it has much bigger challenges. I think the biggest problem with Lou is not his failure to perform economic miracles, but rather his lack of ethics, shown in his self-dealing, patronage for his friends, his bringing Norcross influence into the county, lies, underhanded campaign tactic, and so on. Now you could possibly link some of these ethical shortfalls to our economic woes, but it seems to me much more is going on, including the national economy.

  21. amused says:

    Gee t1, maybe Jane Christy should borrow your slogan “Tough leaders for tough times”. Guess you’re saying she’s not a pushover. Hard to deal with that, huh? And from a woman yet!

  22. Sell me a bridge says:

    Tryagain – seriously what is your deal about Greco? Are you in love with him? You talk about him often so it’s got to be either love or lust. Which is it?

  23. tryagain1 says:

    No! Is anyone in love with Greco? Just want some straight answers about what is true and what is not true. Assume if there is something to the matter there must be a public record. And what did the Republican Freeholder candidates know or not know? And when? Plus what is their position on any so called “problems” with regards to this matter? Seems this forum has no problems talking about ethics and values except when it comes to their Republican friends.

  24. tryagain1 says:

    Greco put himself in the PUBLIC limelight with his election as the County Republican Chairman and the person largely responsible for the Republican campaign. Voters have the right to know about the MAN behind the scenes of the Republican candidates. eems this website has no problem using the Norcross name and others as the continually bash Magazzu. How about the truth from Greco? RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO. TOUGH LEADERS FOR TOUGH TIMES!!

  25. Kathy Austino says:

    To Eyes Everywhere, regarding your posting on Oct. 22, please get your facts straight. My husband, the sheriff, was never arrested for domestic violence, let alone the three times you claim. I’m not afraid to give my identity, unlike you. When I was a child I was sexually abused for many years by my uncle. As a result, I went through many years of therapy and trial medications. At times the memories and meds would have an adverse affect on me causing severe depression and hysteria. Yes, the police were to our house but only as a result of him trying to calm me and I did not realize he was trying to keep me from hurting myself. He did not commit any acts of domestic violence. I thank him for standing by me during those trying and difficult times, as a result we have an absolutely great marriage now. Anyone who has been sexually abused will know that this has not been easy for me to write this, however this is not something to be ashamed of. If anyone has any more questions, don’t hide behind an anonymous name, just ask me anytime you see me.

  26. Kathy Austino says:

    For those who have read this and have been sexually abused, I just want to tell you that there is life after abuse with the right therapy and medications. Please don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. Don’t let people like Eyes Everywhere make you feel like no one will understand.

  27. gorgon says:

    Kathy, you are brave for posting what you did. I suggest that next time you not do it in response to eyes everywhere because anonymous bloggers don’t deserve such honesty. Just say what a jerk the guy is and move on. Hope you accept this as my way of trying to help and support you.

  28. millvillemagnus says:

    Indeed, Ms. Austino is due some consideration if the facts are as she has stated. Would that Lou had granted the same consideration to Carl Johnson’s family before he twisted facts and dragged them through the mud in order to get Ms. Austino’s husband elected. And if only Lou had granted some consideration to Mr. Greco’s family instead of lying about an unhappy incident in order to get himself and his running mates elected. What goes around sadly comes around.

  29. tryagain1 says:

    Millvillemagnus, you should be ashamed of yourself for your last post stating, “if the facts are as she has stated”. What a disgrace you are to the human race!! Ms. Austino has given an honest and obviously difficult account of her struggles and for you to insinuate for one second that if its true shows your true character. Both you and Eyes Everywhere and those responsible for this site are despicable human beings!! As for Mr. Greco, perhaps he should be as forthcoming and honest as Ms. Austino. Ms. Austino is a brave strong woman who deserves respect!!

  30. millvillemagnus says:

    Once again, tryagain, you twist words and ignore the point of the post, which was “What goes around sadly comes around”. If Ms. Austino has been forced into some undesired public exposure, it is you who must shoulder the blame. Lou started the very personal ugly attacks on individuals who were not running, but just associated with opposition parties — and you, his mouthpiece, have been more than happy to ignite the flames.

  31. WuLi says:

    I will go on records as saying that Bob austino is a liar.

    Last year, I challenged Lou Magazzu’s claim that he reduced county property taxes.Even Bill Whelan agrees that the claim was smoke and mirros – an attempt to confuse taxpayers into beliving their taxes would go down when in fact the average municipal tax bill increased by $200 or $300.

    In retaliation, Bob Austino held a press conference and maliciously misrepresented the dates on a court document that he held in his hands.

    Austino LIED and claimed thatthe sheriff’s office had been sitting on the document for four months whenin factthe date on the paper proved they had it for about two weeks.

    This was a vengeful act meant to humiliate a private citizen that dared to speak up and challenge Lou Magazzu’s attempt to mislead the public.

    And this is exactly why many on this forum are afriad to use their real names. They WILL be subject to the same sort of retaliation.

    I know for a fact that I am now not entitled to the same due process under law because a hateful man and a proven liar, a man with no scruples, that readily used a public citizen in his political game, a man that had no problem lying to the public is now in charge. Does anyone really believe I would receive fair treatment under Austino?

    Carl B. Johnson, in case anyone can’t follow the links on my user name!

  32. gorgon says:

    I stand corrected.

  33. tryagain1 says:

    Ah, BUT Magnus it was YOU who questioned Ms. Austino’s honesty with YOUR words, “if the facts are as she stated”!!! HOW SHAMEFUL!! BUT what would one expect from a supporter of this LYING, MEAN, NASTY WEBSITE?


  34. quequeg says:

    First, newspapers are only biased toward profits. They care not for any politicalparty-just money.

    they don’t have enough staff to cover election because they are not making the large 30-4-percent AFTER TAX profits theymade a few years ago. Instead, they make only 20-25-percent AFTER TAX profits. So they cut coverage of elections, doing great harm to the society that looks to them for information.

    Second, Greco beat his first wife and there is plenty of evidence to show that he was convicted of this crime. It was not useed against him. It was never published in a newspaper. It was only revealed by you guys, who complained about the small amount of people who heard about it in the poll.

    Third, Carl Johnson made a choice-He quit his job to become an self-proclaimed “Outlaw Artist” and left his high school age child without child suppport. Real class. His art is bad, but that is not the point. He QUIT a job to become wht he says is an artist, leaving his kid without child support. Court ordered child support.

    His art is large globs of oil slapped on a canvas, which is supposed to be absract. His representational art is at the level of a talented 13-year-old.

    I applaud his efforts. Everyone should have a hobby. But to quit a job to become a ‘artist’ when you owe child support is irresonsible.

    Last you say lou drove Jane Christy to calling him a m………r. That is a poor excuse. No one who uses that kind of language in public is diven to it. It comes from their heart. Jane is a mean, souless person who pretends to be nice. She is not very bright and did nothing as a freeholder. Name one thing beside quitting. But I guess lou is responsible for that also.

  35. quequeg says:

    Carl-two days, two months, two minutes-you skipped on supporting your child. So you could become a outlaw artist producing bad art.

    keep your day job and do the art at night. if you practice enough, you just might become good at it.

    Anytime a artist has to interpret his art for the person looking at it or label it like you do, you know it is bogus art. art needs no description.

    but you are a talented ametuer and should keep at it. self expression is a good thing. in Africa, everyone made art every day in everything they did. We would be a lot better if we did the same. But dont tell me you are a artist and use fancy words to describe it. it is still gobs of oil (or whatever )on canvas.

  36. WuLi says:

    quegqueg ( – or should I say Miles – you are the reporter that said Millville’s Arts District would never succeed.

    This website has a policy of not revealing people’s identities, I do not. I will probably get reamed out, but you decided to go in the public arena under a fake name – I am calling you out! Bring it on, buddy!

    You had better get your facts straight before you open your mouth. Like Lou, you feel that I should have been paying child support to an ex-wife in Maine for a 20 year old daughter living with me.

    Like Lou, you will support a senior law enforcement official LYING on public record, and you feel that is justified. All is fair in love and politics, eh?

    There are more than enough police records to go around, and I will be happy to publish everything I have… but in due time!

    I have made more money selling my art this year than Lou Magazzu has paid you for being a shill. Go to Raritan Valley Colege and you will see a piece of art that will last generation, more than your uninspired ramblings on this blog will last!

    Are you doing too many chemicals? Stick to posting under your real name, and stick to topics that you have a clue about.


  37. Calhoun says:

    If the adminstrators don’t like what quequeg posted –perhaps it is off topic — then delete it. Responses should not be allowed that post people’s personal e-mail addresses. Wuli has a right to be upset about what was posted; he does not have a right to use his administrative privileges to exact some revenge on quequeg by publishing the e-mail address. Yeah, Miles may have compromised his anonymity by posting under his name and then posting (or allowing someone else to post) using the same e-mail address under the pseudonym of quequeg, but that doesn’t give any administrator the right to then post the e-mail address from which Miles’s and quequeg’s posts have come.
    While we can always argue about whether a post is off topic or not (and thus subject to deletion), there can be no debate that Wuli’s posting of the e-mail address violated this site’s posted privacy policy.
    Respecting one’s privacy also means laying off the family unless they are somehow in the political arena or received a politcal favor. In other words, we don’t need posts involving Sjogren’s kids or ones where Mrs. Austino has to come in and defend herself.

  38. biggassbass says:

    Mr. Johnson is correct. Our new Sherriff started this crap with Lou;s encouragement. This B.S went on last year and needs to stop. Hell, Lou called a Democrat a Republican and told a reported he was a spy. Man, I guess that fellow did not have skeltons in his closet or he would have faced the same nasty treatment.
    Anyway you all attack Mr. Johnson cause you are small-minded and have no new ideas to improve Cumberland County. Lets talk ideas ok????

  39. mango says:

    I’m not sure what Calhoun means by saying family privacy should not be invaded “unless they are somehow in the political arena or received a political favor”. Is he excluding Austino’s and Sjorgen’s families from the “political arena” but not the families of Johnson and Greco?

  40. Calhoun says:

    No I am not. Magazzu was dead wrong to make Carl’s and Greco’s issues public. I mentioned in an earlier post that Carl has a right to be upset. However, how does Lou’s dragging Carl’s personal life justify dragging the lives of others into the process? What exactly did Mrs. Austino do to deserve having to come on here and defend herself or Sjogren’s family? They’re bystanders. Condemn Lou for stooping so low but avoid stooping to his level. What goes around only comes back around when we’re all stooping to the same low level.

  41. mango says:

    You are right, Calhoun, Mrs. Austino did nothing. She is collateral damage in the battle that ensued when Lou and her husband fired the first shot. This is the sad history of the human race. Humans are not very good at turning the other cheek. A vicious cycle begins. That’s why I see ethics as a primary campaign issue. We need leaders who will not drag us into the politics of personal destruction. We need leaders who set a tone of collaboration and find a room at the table for all those who want to participate, regardless of party affiliation. This is never going to happen with Lou, which is why I feel that somehow his power hold must be broken.

  42. biggassbass says:

    I think Mango says it pretty clearly. Lou’s hold on County Politics is POISON!! Even VanEmden on Saturday’s radio program cought the virus. Lets do our civic duty and get Lou OUT!!

  43. Guess-Who says:

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    Listen to any good music lately?

    Here is another Tune/Song for the Crue to Listen to over at ur HQ.

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    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  44. gorgon says:

    biggassbass Says:
    October 25, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    I think Mango says it pretty clearly. Lou’s hold on County Politics is POISON!! Even VanEmden on Saturday’s radio program cought the virus. Lets do our civic duty and get Lou OUT!!

    VanEmbden called out Millville First. If the shoe fits….

  45. gorgon says:

    “quegqueg ( – or should I say Miles – you are the reporter that said Millville’s Arts District would never succeed.”

    Very interesting. An unexpected Millville connection. Is this evidence of the county fathers working against one city in favor of another?

  46. quequeg says:

    you guys are too much!

    go, carl, go!

    look up the name in the tellephone book. go to the yellow pages.

    look under lawyers

  47. tryagain1 says:

    Once again in large part due to the Blind One aka Eyes Everywhere this HORRIBLE sight is OVER THE TOP!!! Ms. Austino has suffered enough because of this ugly website. You ALL should be ashamed! Bob Austino is fair game, as is Bob Greco, and last year Karl Johnson. They chose to be in the public arena and are therefore subject to public scrutiny. Ms. Austino is a family member who did not sign up for the program so leave her out of it!! Whatever the facts are in the Greco situation are it is up to Mr. Greco alone to explain to the public if he desires. Seems he is unwilling for whatever reason and certainly that is his right. He alone can end the speculation if he desires. Perhaps that would be the course. Certainly it seemed to be the course Mr. Johnson took. People can then decide for themselves whether it is a legitimate concern or even relevant to the campaign. This CRAP UGLY website took Mr. Sjgren to task for home schooling his children but never once posted anything about the Greco situation other than trashing some poll.

  48. mango says:

    Tryagain, you are really an idiot. Why should Ms. Austino be exempt and not Ms. Greco or the Johnson family? Lou’s dragging Greco and Johnson into the political arena (unlike Austino, they were not even running) automatically dragged in their families. And remember, Lou fired the first shot.

  49. mango says:

    Is quequeg suggesting his emails are coming from the Gruccio law firm? Despite the “jgruccio” email, why do I feel James Gruccio would not be the author of the nasty email sent by quequeg?

  50. CryinShame says:

    I can’t believe Guess-Who is citing “Muse” in his post. First line I’ve read that made me dislike his posts less.

    It’s a cryin’ shame this site has gotten off course in its aim. Why are the names Austino, Sjogren, Van Embden, Greco, and the rest getting so much air time?

  51. quequeg says:

    CJ has used his administrative privilage to print the email of a person he thinks is someone else.the fact that he gets away with this horribble breaking of the rules shows just how desparte he is to prove whatever. he has no idea what is going on in this. i’ll bet the person he thinks it is will flip when he learns of this.

    the law firm? the name is the name of a lot of lawyers in new jersey and especially in vineland. some of them are matrimonial, or divorce lawyers.

  52. tryagain1 says:

    What is THE DEAL with Greco? What is the TRUE story? Perhaps it would be wise to release any public records and let the voters of Cumberland decide whether it is a relevant issue or not? What’s up with these Republicans? RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO!! TOUGH LEADERS FOR TOUGH TIMES!!!

  53. Guess-Who says:

    How about when Lou was at the Solar One Unveiling in Vineland at LSA on Sept 17 2009, at the After Party there are 2 guys dressed in NEON GREEN T-shirts with a Solar Co. LOGO on them,sitting on one side of him then Parading around the Room like it was FREE Advertisement.
    (Someone Told me it was Lou’s Solar Co. Name on the T-shirts)
    It was INSULT to the City of Vineland,NJ & something I’m sure that has been REPEATED Over & Over.

    Anyone know if these same Neon Green T-shirts were at the unveiling yesterday in Millville?

    Others & myself witnessed this & the DISGUST that many had that day,WORDS could NOT describe what People were Thinking. There was a lot of Eyes Rolling, TACKY is NOT even the Word it is way below that.

    Do u want to keep straying off of the ISSUES that Cumberland County is Facing on a Daily Basis?

    Want more & More & More & More & More Non-ISSUES to be brought to the Forefront?

    These current Freeholders are in their Last week before a LAME DUCK Session starts for them!

    Let ur Voice be Heard LOUD & CLEAR without a WORD ever being Said on Nov 3. VOTE

    Fresh Faces-New Ideas-Innovative Thinking = Positives in CC,NJ

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

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