Lou goes out of county for printing

One of our fans provided this information. It seems the printing company referred to in the post ONLY prints for Democrats. I don’t know, but can you imagine a car dealership that only sold to Republicans, or a pizza shop? There is something dirty going on here. Why would Lou REFUSE to give money to Cumberland County businesses? We are a firm believer in doing business locally. It is obvious that Lou Magazzu does not hold to that.

Here’s an interesting fact I found on ELEC – Seems as though Lou, who SAYS he supports Cumberland County and business in Cumberland County had a lot of printing done elsewhere. With all of the quality printing companies here that are struggling, the Magazzu campaign had some of their campaign lies printed in north Jersey – Royal Printing Services of West New York, NJ

7/24/09 $3,589.85
9/19/09 $2,054.44
9/14/09 $2,551.95
Total $8,196.20

Now I just bet that other campaigns used local printers. What is Magazzu trying to hide by using out of county companies? What does he owe Royal Printing? Would this company be the SAME one he used to print the garbage in his failed NACo bid?

Magazzu has got to go – Don’t listen to what he says – Look at what he does!


One Response to Lou goes out of county for printing

  1. amused says:

    Could it be possible that Magazzu’s credit has been compromised with the local printers?

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