Magazzu Loses, Vineland Taxpayers Win

The City of Vineland won a lawsuit that Magazzu and his buddy Bobby Romano urged the city council not to pursue. Romano and Magazzu wanted the Vineland Taxpayers to foot the bill for health services.

The city won the lawsuit that the county’s Board of Health filed earlier this year on outstanding payments for specialized child-health services provided to the city for the past few years, Councilman Ed Conrow said.

Despite urging from County Freeholder Director Louis Magazzu and Vineland Mayor Robert Romano, the City Council chose to go to court over the issue rather than pay the bill.

Folks, Magazzu wanted to bill Vineland taxpayers $191,000 but could produce NO RECORDS that the money was due. The courts agreed. Reason ruled the day, Magazzu lost and the taxpayers won for a change. This is probably one of the few times the taxpayers won under Lou Magazzu.


17 Responses to Magazzu Loses, Vineland Taxpayers Win

  1. biggassbass says:

    WOW…Is this an omen. There is a balance of powers. I was wondering if it still exists in this backward county when BOSS HOG says and does go

  2. fancypants says:

    So if Vineland didn’t pay who did? The Freeholders? Al Kelly? Mordechai Neustadt?

  3. tryagain1 says:

    MAGAZZU IS NOT THE CUMBERLAND COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH!!! They are a completely seperate entity and operate independently from the Freeholders!! Learn your County Government before running off at the mouth AGAIN!! What a bunch of CRAP!!

  4. Guess-Who says:

    Mr. Magazzu wanted the City of Vineland to settled this with the County(before it became the Lawsuit) for $180,000.00,These FACTS are STUBBORN THINGS!

    The County & Mr Magazzu Claimed this AMOUNT was Owed $191,000.00 for services they (CC) said was RENDERED to 17,000 Vineland Children.
    Most of this believe IT or NOT was in the Form of REFERRALS to the Vineland Health Dept.

    Mr Magazzu & the Mayor of Vineland & 1 Vld City Council Member wanted to Settle this Out of Court as the Mayor & the Council member said this was a FRIVOLOUS-LAWSUIT if it went to COURT.
    Check the Newspapers back on 1-23-09 as they kept repeating this Story for over a WEEK.

    It sure does NOT appear to have been a FRIVOLOUS Lawsuit for the Citizens of Vineland,NJ as they have Proved this to be TRUE with this VICTORY in COURT!

    Was there State Grant Money the City of Vineland never Received or should have been AWARDED through the County by the Board of Chosen Freeholders?

    There are more Questions than Answers that is for sure with the Current Board of Chosen Freeholders.

    Facts are STUBBORN THINGS!

    Nov 3 Make the Time to REMOVE these Individuals from their Elected Offices by VOTING for:

    Fresh Faces-New Ideas-Innovative Thinking = Positives in CC NJ!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  5. vineland voter says:

    lou might have bought bobby romano but, even introduced him to the don norcross but he forgot that bobby doesnt have a puppet council like his freeholder board.

  6. vineland voter says:

    lou might have bought bobby romano but, even introduced him to the don norcross but he forgot that bobby doesnt have a puppet council like his freeholder board.

    only crap on this site is in t1’s posts but those will end come nov. 3rd.

  7. tryagain1 says:

    Lawsuit still not finished according to published reports. May cost the City of Vineland even more after paying off the lawyers and still having to eventually pay the County. Jury still out on this one BUT this CRAP forum does anything to bash Magazzu and now Mayor Romano. Both gentlemen are doing an outstanding job!!! They both work EXTREMELY HARD for the taxpayers!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO. TOUGH LEADERS FOR TOUGH TIMES!!

  8. vineland voter says:

    t1 now your really pushing the b.s. when you praise bumbling bob. magazzu’s corrupt but romano is an idiot, just ask the puppet masters who put him in office. he has done NOTHING for this city, sold out to the norcross machine for future county jobs for his wife and pothead son.

    do you type this crap with a straight face? seriously???

  9. vineland voter says:

    hcc health board

    Dr. Stanley Bagan, Bridgeton, Chairman 2009
    Joseph Moritz, Hopewell 2008
    Ann Budde, Stow Creek 2010
    Donna Pearson, Bridgeton 2010
    P. Marvin Padgett, Fairfield 2009
    Paula Ring, Millville 2008
    Steve Errickson, Board Secretary
    Richard H. Daniels, Solicitor
    Jane Jannarone, Freeholder
    Dr. Joseph Riley, Freeholder

    how many are lous puppets (other the the obvious freeholders)? no vineland representation when we foot the bill for most the county?

  10. tryagain1 says:

    PLEASE, Mayor Romano is doing a great job for the City of Vineland!!! Sounds like petty jealousy from someone with a personal grudge!! Try and get a grip!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO.!!! TOUGH LEADERS FOR TOUGH TIMES!!

  11. tryagain1 says:

    WOW!! Thanks for the list BUT I will tell you from the names I recognize they are FAR from puppets for ANYONE! In fact many are not “friends” of Magazzu!! Guess that takes care of the BULLSHI_ about Magazzu controlling everything! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO.!!! TOUGH LEADERS FOR TOUGH TIMES!!!

  12. amused says:

    Speaking of costs for legal fees, how much is this lawsuit costing the taxpayers of Cumberland County? And which lawfirm is going to benefit?

  13. Observer says:

    Vineland is not represented on the County Health Board because they have their own Health Board.
    The rest of the county has a seperate health tax because Vineland contributes NOTHING to it.
    Vineland wants the benefits required by law to be supplied by the county health board, but won’t pay their share.
    Lou is still Mr. Maggot. He just refused to fix this issue while his then buddy Barse was mayor.

  14. joe says:

    I am glad Vineland won the first round. The only puppet there is on Vineland City Council is Pete Coccaro!

  15. fancypants says:

    How many people have been promised jobs on the board by Lou over the last 5 years. I know of more than two for one of the positions.

  16. tryagain1 says:

    The County of Vineland has its’ own Health Dept. and doesn’t pay ANY County Health tax BUT apparently use it when convenient. Don’t think there is any question Vineland owes money, just the amount is in dispute. Remember Jane Christy crying about Vinealnd not paying for its County used services. Think she was on the Board of Health and she wanted to sue Vineland a few years ago! Guess her wishes came true!

  17. Gregory Lane says:

    Vineland Voter, The Cumberland County Health Department does not include the City of Vineland because Vineland has its own Health Department. The CCHD represents the 10 Townships, 1 Borough and 2 Cities in this county that’s outside Vineland’s borders.

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