Save Jersey Blog questions Camden Money being dumped in Magazzu’s lap

Even the Save Jersey blog questions just why  Camden County Norcross lackeys would dump thousands of dollars into Lou Magazzu’s lap weeks before the election. It is panic time for the Democrats? Does Norcross see the light? He has been caught red-handed trying to buy Cumberland County and turn us into another Camden, courtesy of Lou.

Of course we know from history that Lou rewards these donations with Cumberland County contracts. Isn’t it time we keep Cumberland County tax dollars INSIDE Cumberland County? Lou gives no-bid contracts to Camden firms, his buddy Nelson Thompson promises union jobs, but those jobs go to Camden and Philadelphia residents, while our workers stand in the unemployment lines.

The Cumberland County Democrats’ most recent 48 hour report shows two large out-of-county contributions from Joe Roberts and Lou Greenwald. Each sent $37,000.

“These two contributions added to the money from the Washington, DC PAC means Lou Magazzu has raised $99,000 from outside of Cumberland County in a matter of weeks,” Rick Tonetta said. “Of course you have to wonder why a Washington, DC PAC and two Camden County legislators would be so interested in Lou Magazzu’s re-election.”

“$74,000 is a lot of money for two Camden County legislators to suddenly decide to send to Lou Magazzu,” Tom Sheppard commented. “We know Camden County’s Freeholder Director Lou Capelli’s law firm was awarded a contract by our Freeholder Board. These large contributions have to make folks wonder how many other Camden County Democrats are going to be awarded contracts in Cumberland County if Lou Magazzu manages to get re-elected.”


One Response to Save Jersey Blog questions Camden Money being dumped in Magazzu’s lap

  1. Byelou says:

    Has anyone determined what happened to $80,000 that was funnelled to Lou’s NACo campaign? A gift to Lou?
    Sitting in another fund? Being used to deceive the voters? What?
    My guess is that Lou didn’t send any of it back to the donors.

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