Independents Challenge Magazzu’s Claims On UEZ

In an email distributed today, The Independents challenged Lou Magazzu’s claim that HE ALONE was responsible for the creation of the UEZ. This claim is similar to his claim that he ALONE is responsible for the New Jersey Motorsports Park.

Although Lou claims he was solely responsible for the Empowerment Zone, he was not. The entire freeholder board worked many hours bringing that to fruition. In fact, when the two US Senators refused to meet with Lou because of his childish antics, Jennifer (Lookabaugh) Swift and other freeholders went to Washington to shore up their support. The same is true with the Motorsports Park. Many, many people, including Jane Christy and Bruce Peterson supported the development of the park from the beginning. The truth usually is discussed on which is a website that covers the news that the papers won’t

Today’s Daily Journal has a fawning article on the Democrats. Of course it’s all about Lou.


13 Responses to Independents Challenge Magazzu’s Claims On UEZ

  1. biggassbass says:

    Nothing new here. Lou does it all….

  2. Was it Rob Andrews who wanted to make the announcement that Cumberland County was awarded the Empowerment Zone but he was out of the country and Lou couldn’t wait. So he took it upon himself to make that announcement. It was a few years back so if I’am wrong will someone please correct me on it.I also believe this was a joint effort with all political party’s involvedR’s and D’s.Federal ,State ,and County.

  3. Sheena Santiago says:

    Lou should not be claiming that he brought CCEZ by himself to Cumberland County. There were many people from clergy, non-profit organizations, community leaders, schools personnel, mayors and other elected officials that united and worked very hard to make it possible.

    Some of these meetings were held at Cumberland County College. The poor citizens and unemployed of Cumberland County should get the credit for the CCEZ in our County.

    If Cumberland County’s unemployed and poor percentage rates weren’t as high, Cumberland County Empowerment Zone wouldn’t be here today.

    We are the poorest County in the State. The amount of unemployed people is higher now than when Magazzu became freeholder twelve years ago.

    Of course, Magazzu doesn’t take responsibility for the bad. He forgets who was there with him to make CCEZ become a reality. It was an effort made by dozens of caring citizens of Cumberland County.

  4. biggassbass says:

    Sheena is correct. Just like the Motorsports Park and the Arts District, it took teamwork and collaboration to make the UEZ happen. Problem is that nobody execpt here in MagazzuWatch refutes his claims and the average voter thinks WOW!! what a great statesman..UGH!!!!!!

  5. tryagain1 says:

    Those FACTS are tough things AND the fact is Magazzu did the LARGEST part of the work on both the Empowerment Zone and in the end was VERY VERY active in the success of the Motorsports project. Jen Swift, Bruce Peterson, and Jane Christy may have been supportive BUT Hardly lifted a finger to REALLY make it happen. These are the FACTS and it makes the do-nothing Independent Renegades CRAZY!! Daily Journal had it EXACTLY RIGHT!!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO. WORKING HARD FOR THE PEOPLE OF CUMBERLAND COUNTY!! The slogan for Christy, Swift, and Peterson should have been “Hardly working for Anyone!” RE-ELECT MAGAZZU!! TOUGH LEADERS FOR TOUGH TIMES!!

  6. tryagain1 says:

    For Mr. Dumbgotta, Rob Andrews is a tremendous supporter of Magazzu. In fact Magazzu was backing Andrews in his primary run for Governor. Get your facts right just ONCE, PLEASE?

  7. Deparego says:

    Magazzu for supreme leader of Cumberland County. Why are we paying all the other freeholders, constitutional officers, administrators, mayors, council members, committee people and/or commissioners. Hey….we could save more than 25K.

  8. Cryagain I never said anything about Rob Andrews running for Govenor.Listen closely I’ll say it again I beleive when we were awarded the Empowerment zone funding Rob Andrews was out of the country and Lou could not wait.So he made the announcement with out him.Again wanting all the credit for himself.

  9. Sell me a bridge says:

    When the AG and the FEDS get around to investigating Magazzu for his NACo funny business will he take all the credit for that or blame it on someone else.

  10. old time dem says:

    Ahhh Lou is at it again. Seems Rob Andrews asked for Cumberland County democrat support. Lou discouraged the executive committee from endorseing him and giving him the Line in the primary.
    Andrews was extremely pissed after all the times he had appeared in Cumberland County for democrat events.
    Lou stabbed him in the back, and Andrews knows it.
    But then again, it is after all, Lou.
    Remind me to tell you all about how he stabbed Congreeman Hughes and family in the back.

  11. old time dem says:

    Sorry, that is Congressman Hughes also known as Ambassador Hughes. A real gentleman.

  12. Byelou says:

    OK, Lou. One last chance. Take the $80,000 and donate it to a fund established to all of the unemployed workers and their families in Cumberland county, to get them through the winter without having their power turned off, and to give them full bellies at Thanksgiving and something under the tree at Christmas, and I’ll tell everyone to vote for you. Come on, Lou. Prove to the voters that you’re a nice guy. Oh, and do it by Noon tomorrow.

  13. Guess-Who says:

    Old time dem:
    Lets here the Stories about The Honorable Mr HUGHES & U know Who(Lou) could you or would you for the Readers.
    Thank you in Advance.

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