Lou Once Again Grabs Unmerited Credit

The Bridgeton News and the Daily Journal had very different reports of the dedication of the new solar panel manufacturing plant in Millville.  The News reported that Mayor Shannon gave major credit for the deal to Don Ayres, the town’s Economic Development Director.  Also recognized were the state funders who helped lure in the business.  I didn’t see any mention of Lou Magazzu.

The Daily Journal,on the other hand, opens its article with a quote from Lou.  Lou had zilch, nada, nothing to do with bringing this business to Millville.  Yet when it comes time to grap credit, guess who’s first in line?  And it’s interesting that the Daily Journal stand ready to aid and abet his headline-grabbing antics a week before the election.  It’s also interesting that in the DJ article the Millville officials are an afterthought.



5 Responses to Lou Once Again Grabs Unmerited Credit

  1. DEEP THROAT says:

    Magazzu sent out invitations to attend the event on couty stationary. The problem is that it was NOT Lou’s event. He had no authority to invite anyone.
    This was a Millvile and State event. The freeholders had nothing to do with this.
    He takes the credit for everything.
    Everyone else does the work and he grabs the camera.
    It is always the same with him.

  2. Lobster Claws says:

    To be fair, Lou’s address was the most passionate and “quotable” of all those delivered, with the possible exception of Nicholas Asselta who also delivered some rousing sentiments.

    LoBiondo was basically incomprehensible and Jeanne Fox was all blah, blah.

    It would have been nice for Shannon to say a little bit more, though I guess that’s not his style. I understand why Ayres wanted to downplay his involvement. He seems like a man who just wants to do his job, without the grandstanding. I respect that.

    Who I really wanted to talk was Joe Derella. That man gets a beating at every commission meeting having to answer the same stupid questions over and over. Every time there’s a whiny-article about taxes or abatements, he always has the play the role of bad guy.

    I would like to see him stand up and take some much deserved credit for the *good* things he brings to Millville.

  3. mango says:

    No one will deny Lou’s glibness or the charm he can turn on. If those are the criteria for holding office, then he’s the best.

    I agree 100% on Derella. Another quiet hero.

  4. DEEP THROAT says:

    Joe Derella is THE driving force on the city commission. He is the go to guy. Never flashy, but is the most informed and skilled public servant.Whenever I have needed to solve a problem with Millville,I knew Joe could handle it.

  5. gorgon says:

    Derella, Shannon and Ayres deserve ALL of the credit. They WORK on the deals and bring them to the table, not the other politicians. Although, Van Drews speech was decent.

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