Lou’s Next Job: This One’s Under Rumors

Here’s something from Trenton:

“Rumor is [Lou] is asking to be appointed to the bench whether he wins or not.”

And this additional commentary:

“Lou is a liar through and through and, regrettably, the public in Cumberland seems to fall for it over and over again, or simply does not give a damn.”

“It’s going to come down to how well Lou does with his GOTV because we all know the Republicans have nothing when it comes to such strategies.   [GOTV is the  practice of sending out vans,rounding up voters from targeted neighborhoods, and shuttling them to the polls.  Also meeting with convened union members on election day and urging them to go to the polls en masse to vote for specific candidates.]  You could still take enough away from him, but he will use every underhanded trick in the book to stay in power.”

15 Responses to Lou’s Next Job: This One’s Under Rumors

  1. rockie722 says:

    My sources tell me that election day a group of 20 will be statoned at selected polling places with video cameras and tape recorders to expose those trying to pay voters to vote a certain way. Is this legal? Who knows with elections in Cumberland County, seems anything goes nowdays. Should prove interesting!

  2. tryagain1 says:

    Just another rumor to go along with the outright lies about Magazzu on this TRASH website!!! LIES, RUMORS, AND MORE LIES seem to be what this site is ALL about!!! Still waiting for the Greco story to appear on this site so that we can all hear the TRUTH!!! What’s up with that? What is the story? Will the County Republican Chair Greco or his Republican candidates, Tonetta, Sheppard, Fiocchi, or Noto respond? Will this obviously politically partisan Republican website ever run the true story? Or is this site simply here to unfairly just bash Magazzu? So many questions and so few answers from the Republicans!

  3. AMUSED says:

    Maybe the Republicans will respond when Magazzu responds. Can’t have it both ways t1

  4. fancypants says:

    If Lou tries fro a judge job will it be as a Democrat or Republican?

  5. vineland voter says:

    t1, only story you can attack so early in the morning? maybe SHOVING Woodlinger into a judgeship with sweeney & norcross support isn’t precedent but i wouldnt be shcoked if this clown got a judgeship.

    Woodlinger, the guy who called Jane Galetto an economic terrorist, the guy who sued albanos family for the passenger who was in the drunk drivers car that killed his son? shit, if this guy, lous guy, is judge material, anybody is, even lou.

  6. tryagain1 says:

    Where’s Greco? When are the going to get from the Republican County Chair or the Republican Freeholder candidates? Don’t the deserve the ? Let the decide what is relevant!!

  7. Byelou says:

    Lou. Greco isn’t running against you.
    Lou. The voters have decided what is relevent.
    They want you to answer the questions that they have about your lack of character.
    You should reconsider your quest for judge, if that is to be believed. I understand that they have stricter rules to follow than Freeholders, and if you survive your upcoming ethics investigation, I seriously doubt that you will be sitting on the bench. Unless, of course, you get to pick the next judge, too.

  8. tryagain1 says:

    Are the Republicans and their Chairman Greco EVER going to tell the TRUTH??? What’s up Noto, Fiocchi, Sheppard, and Tonetta? Are you going to tell the TRUTH and let the VOTERS decide whether or not the “situation” is relevant? Still waiting? When are you guys going to answer some questions? How about Greedy Gloria’s salary? Will you support a resolution asking the State Legislature to make the salaries of the Constitutional Officers under the control of each County? Or are you in favor of paying ELECTED OFFICIALS SIX FIGURE salaries? When will you Republicans be HONEST with the VOTERS of Cumberland County?

  9. tryagain1 says:

    What is Blind One moderating comments from those who don’t support thr Republicans and their withholding of the TRUTH?

  10. tryagain1 says:

    When will the VOTERS find out the TRUTH about the County Republican Chairman?

  11. tryagain1 says:

    These FACTS are stubborn things!

  12. Byelou says:

    Lou got caught wit his hand in the till, and has yet to tell anyone what happened to the money.
    Fact: Lou is shipping jobs outside of the county and collecting huge “gifts” for doing so, while CC has the highest unemployment in New Jersey.
    Lou lied to the voters about their tax bill, and when confronted about it, he stopped answering questions and went on the attack against anyone who questioned him.
    Yes Lou, these facts ARE stubborn things.

  13. gorgon says:

    Fact: Lou kissed a frog.
    Fact: With his tounge

  14. tryagain1 says:

    works hard for Cumberland Counnty and the know it!! The espouses by this website comes from pure jealousy because

  15. Locutus of Borg says:

    Now that Lou has thrown the Nelson twins under the bus in the local media he may have a problemo getting Sweeney to crown him king of the court.

    You Will be Assimilated.

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