Into the dumpster

magazzu in the trash I was following some state DOT trucks today when I noticed something odd, Maggazu signs in the dumpster.

I pulled over when they stopped and talked to the men hard at work keeping our highways clean.

He told me they had just emptied the truck recenbtly because it had no more room due to the political signs that were illegally placed on state highways.

He said they removed two 4’x8′ signs by Route 55. guess who they belonged to?

I saw one Christie sign in this new load, they said they did not play favorites. But he said the majority of the signs were Lou Magazzu’s illegally placed signs.

Fortunately I didn’t see any Magazzu Watch signs. That is good, and I would hope that our fans put the signs only on private property (with the owner’s permission of course).


2 Responses to Into the dumpster

  1. Sell me a bridge says:

    It’s a beautiful picture

  2. fancypants says:

    State DOT trucks picking up Democrat signs? What is the world coming to? Better make a call to Trenton on this one.

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