Lou’s land-give-away attempt

You heard about it on these forums several months ago – the attempt by Lou Magazzu to give land to Ed Salmon’s son-in-law (KBA Architects) which was ruled improper. The concept was that Lou would give county land to Ed Salmon’s son-in-law, and they would build a chapel at the veteran’s cemetery in exchange.

Was the land valued at $1,000,000 we have to ask? If not, why have the bids for the chapel been coming in at $1,000,000? That seems suspicious. It would seem to us that if this project were to proceed, the taxpayers should have some say on this public project that doesn’t create any jobs, nor does it benefit the general public.

Now Lou, who never served this country, will be quick to jump on the patriotic bandwagon and claim we are anti-veteran. Not so! My personal opinion (not the opinion of the management of MW) is that if any public money is to be spent on veterans, there are more pressing issues such as quality health-care facilities, increased transportation infrastructure, and assistance for disabled veterans.

A chapel would be nice if Cumberland were not the poorest county in the state. A chapel would be nice if we didn’t have the highest level of poverty, unemployment, and children on welfare.  However, there are many more issues more pressing than this election year ploy.

So once again, Lou, when are you going to answer even ONE question posed by this website?


14 Responses to Lou’s land-give-away attempt

  1. I’ll say it again do we really need a chapel ?I’am a veteran and I say if we need one then lets get voulenteers. Wright Jane?Oh what did I ever do for the county I was for many years on the advisory board to the Bridgeton Salvation Army ,was a member of the Norma Rescue and Voulenteer Fire Co.Voulenteered and went to Biose Idahoe to fight a hugh forrest fire,Voulenteered and collected clothes and Goods for the people of the Johnstown Pa. flood. Plus delivered them.Helped with the first gun buy back program in Bridgeton.So I can say that I did some voulenteering.Oh one last thing about 12 yers ago I put together along with some other people of the community a seminar to help the Mexican population in the City of Bridgeton to learn how to become good ctizens.Learn how to use banks ,home ownership,get a N.J.D.L. to try and stop there bad driving practices.I even went to our city fathers back then which then was democratic control.They didn’t have time but I and other members of the community found time and it was held in the basement of the Bridgeton Library .So I can proudly say I did help out in my community.

  2. Steve Tatz says:

    Hey Alex….I never knew you did all that..I’m impressed. Wasn’t the Johnstown flood back in the 1800’s? Sorry..I couldn’t help it.

  3. Sell me a bridge says:

    Ed Salmon’s son-in-law?

    I have to ask only because I honestly don’t know the answer. Is Ed Salmon the namesake of Salmon Ventures Limited listed in the right sidebar?

  4. Yes, they are one in the same. Salmon is a long time political leader, one time Millville mayor, former freeholder,member of the NJ assembly – he actually has quite an impressive resume. He has been involved in quite a bit of positive change in the county and in the state. However, we get concerned over the appearance of nepotism and back room politics wherein special favors are granted to special interests.

  5. fancypants says:

    It’s election season. The project supports contributors families and it satisfies the following;
    1. Its veteran friendly
    2. Its ancestor friendly
    3. It’s religion friendly
    4. It’s union friendly

    The only problems are that
    1. It’s not desired by Veterans
    2. It’s a patronage job
    3. It’s going to cost a lot more than necessary
    4. It’s actually disrespectful to Veterans since it was used for political and personal gain.


  6. vineland voter says:

    same son in law who made $100,000.00 on the NJMSP project. contractoras i know commented that KBA’s work was horrible, maybe why they are not welcome to work in Glouster County after their veteran’s cemetery project.

  7. tryagain1 says:

    Alex still living in the past? How about a rendition of Springsteen’s “Glory Days”? Oh that’s right you are staging a BIG comeback with the “and ” radio show? Maybe Greco can be your first guest? Maybe we can get the ? Something your Republican buddies seem to be running from?

  8. Byelou says:

    Don’t feel bad about Lou’s attack on you. He does that to everyone to create insecurity, and deflect the attention away from his pitiful performance as a politician. When we were kids, they called guys like him bullies, but I think he’s just plain mean.
    There is an old adage in the legal profession:
    When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the Plaintiff.

  9. tryagain1 says:

    No reason to abuse Alex! His show is abusive enough!

  10. Guess-Who says:

    U see the same Pattern that I am seeing?

    Is Lou Afraid to Answer the Questions Residents/Citizens of Cumberland County want ANSWERED?

    Like the $81,000 Raised or Solicited depending on Who is saying IT.

    The LIST of Questions is Growing Daily as he(Lou) Delays in Answering to the Facts.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  11. wineagain what have you ever done for someone else besides wine and cry.Listen closely what have you ever done for someonelse or cotributed anything to this County or to our wonderfull Country?

  12. tryagain1 says:

    Turned off your stupid radio show count? Alas poor Alex, a man who just HATES Magazzu. BUT without Magazzu what will you possibly talk about on the “DUMB and DUMBER” Show? Can’t wait till it;s back on the airwaves so I can turn it off AGAIN!!

  13. Byelou says:

    If I am doing the math correctly, Lou Magazzu pocketed close to $50,000 from his failed NACo campaign. He didn’t have a PAC fund to put it into, and it didn’t go into his re-election campaign fund, because we all know that would be totally unethical; Lou has admitted that he ran his NACo disaster as an individual. He spent about $30,000 on hotel rooms for him and his cronies (You should have seen those fancy suites…they were something to behold), so someone, particularly the people who are responsible for keeping politicians ethical (In New Jersey?) should check Lou’s wallet. Maybe he is carrying it around for bail money.

  14. James R. Sauro says:

    Lou, issues, still waiting, still no guts.

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