The Lou Chronicles: Summing it Up

When we started this blog, the intent was to put out the message that Lou is a terrible public servant and that Cumberland County deserves better.  We did not think that Lou might be voted out of office.

We’ve come a long way since then.  Now we are closing in on November 3rd, and many others have joined us on this blog, including some of those challenging Lou in the election.  Together we have documented again and again why Lou needs to go.  We have raised serious questions about ethical issues, and some of these questions remain unanswered.  We know this blog has a large and growing audience.  We do not know how many of the people who will go to the polls next Tuesday have heard our message.  Our county newspapers apparently feel most of the issues we have raised are not newsworthy, and they have received little press coverage.

Too much of our recent discussion has been sidetracked by responses to Lou’s negative campaign tactics.  It’s time to focus back on the major reasons he has been ineffective and why he should be replaced.  In a countdown to the election, I will focus on a different reason each day, starting tomorrow.  These are:

  1. More taxes, more spending, poor fiscal management
  2. Poor management of county resources and personnel; exclusion of those who disagree
  3. Ethical and personal shortfalls – cronyism, patronage, lies, lust for power and control, use of fear and intimidation, self-aggrandizement, taking credit and blaming others (this may be in two sections)
  4. NACOgate; pay to play, with out-of county players; links to Norcross machine.

I’m using material culled from Magazzuwatch postings over the past ten months.  Most of what we’ve claimed can be substantiated; there may be some inaccuracies, which you are free to point out. However, I think most value might be gained from this exercise if we look at the big picture — the sheer magnitude of the reasons why Lou Magazzu is not good for Cumberland County.


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