Welcome To Magazzuland

Welcome To Magazzuland, Where The Truth Hides Behind A Curtain

Supreme ruler of Magazzuland, Lou Magazzu, wants voters to ignore the truth Millville – Cumberland County Republican freeholder candidates Rick Tonetta, Tom Sheppard and Sam Fiocchi asked what “side show” Lou Magazzu was talking about in an interview with the News of Cumberland County.

In today’s edition of the News of Cumberland County Lou Magazzu claimed questions about the funding of his campaign for an office in NACo are a “side show” and he and his running mates said voters should ignore questions.

“I don’t know how approving a $10,000 no interest loan to himself at a time when hardworking men and women are having trouble paying their property taxes and mortgages is a side show,” Rick Tonetta said. “But I guess in Magazzuland if Lou Magazzu says something it’s true in his own mind.”

“Lou Magazzu has repeatedly made the claim that he discussed his $10,000 no interest loan with his campaign manager,” Tom Sheppard commented. “Yet he consistently fails to disclose the fact that the loan was made on July 17th and his campaign manager was not named until September 1st.

Obviously Lou Magazzu wants voters to believe there is a time machine behind the curtain in Magazzuland because common sense indicates that he could not have discussed this loan with a campaign manager that did not exist.”

“Maybe he wasn’t talking about the $10,000 loan when he used the term ‘side show,’” Sam Fiocchi added. “It’s entirely possible Magazzu believes the fact that he solicited contributions from contractors who were paid over $760,000 by Cumberland County is a side show.

Obviously, we disagree and believe that accepting contributions from businesses he voted to give contracts to is wrong.” “Magazzu’s entire NACo-Gate controversy is a slap in the face to the citizens of Cumberland County,” Fiocchi commented.

“On the exact day the Freeholder Board voted to amend the County Code of Ethics Magazzu took a $5,000 contribution to his NACo slush fund from a contractor. He obviously violated the Code of Ethics and now he wants folks to ignore it.”

“Welcome to Magazzuland, where Lou Magazzu is the supreme ruler hiding everything behind a curtain in the hopes no one sees the truth,” Fiocchi quipped.


5 Responses to Welcome To Magazzuland

  1. tryagain1 says:

    Where’s Greco? With Waldo? Don’t the VOTERS deserve the TRUTH from the Republican County Chair and HIS Republican Freeholder candidates? Don’t the VOTERS have the right to decide what is relevant to the campaign? Are the Republicans EVER going to address the issue? Is this CRAP website EVER going to ask the TOUGH questions of the Republicans? Oh that’s right this is a REPUBLICAN dominated partisan and slanted website?

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Can’t HELP urself can u, keep calling people names!
    Ur day is coming & the surprise of a Lifetime is awaiting U on Election Day!

    Lou Suck-IT-Up & start Answering the Questions the Citizens of Cumberland County,NJ want ANSWERED!

    The Communities as a WHOLE are tired of Lou Magazuu & the Politics he brings to the Chosen Board of Freeholders.

    The VOTERS know the FACTS & the WORD is out on the Streets about NACo & the $81,000 that was Raised.

    $13,113.75 for 1 week in a Hotel in Washington,DC in March of this yr.

    $16,217.56 for a week in a Hotel in Nashville,Tn during the month of July of this yr.
    (Could have bought Property in Tn for the Same Amount)
    These are Prime Examples of WASTING Money.
    If he can WASTE money that he Solicited for his FAILED NACo bid from Businesses that have or had CONTRACTS with Cumberland County.
    He QUIT before the VOTES were even Tallied because of WHY?
    He is a QUITTER & has Quit working for the Tax-Payer & only has 1 Interest HIMSELF!

    Remember to Remind your Family,Friends,Co-Workers Acquaintances,Neighbors & anyone Else you can Think of that might have forgotten how important this VOTE is this Year for the Chosen Board of Freeholders.

    Nov 3 is six Days away are you getting the WORD out about the FACTS!

    Fresh Faces-New Ideas-Innovative Thinking = Positives in CC,NJ

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  3. tryagain1 says:

    What names did I call anyone? Just asked the question if the Republicans are going to be truthful? Tell the TRUTH and let the VOTERS decide the relevance of the issue is All I asked? Is that now name calling in your book? Geez and that coming from a website that has done nothing BUT bash Mr. Magazzu!!! Including calling him a variety of names!! Can’t wait until he is on Nov. 3rd!!

  4. Guess-Who says:

    When will Lou Answer some Questions?

  5. James R. Sauro says:

    Lou, issues, still waiting, still no guts.

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