Why Lou doesn’t play golf

I was asked to post this by Jennifer Swift:

I have noticed that “tryagain..Lou” has made several mentions on the MW and in a mailer about my playing golf.

The words below are from the website www.thefirsttee.org.  They express exactly how I feel about the game and my reasons for playing it.

It is a game in which there are no officials to call a breach of the rules. It is a game where only the individual participants know if the score he or she handed in is the score that was actually shot. It is a game with a rich history and timeless traditions that invites respect for the old and wonderment of the new. Most of all, golf is fun. The game is never solved, perfection is never achieved; there is always the opportunity for improvement and success. It is also a game where the raw beginner can play a competitive match with the most seasoned expert. It is a game where youngsters can delight in playing with each other and it is a game suited to the young and old playing together – if they have a place to learn and play the game at all.

The first tee is an organization that provides opportunities for youth to learn to play the game and embrace its values.  Cumberland County would be an ideal place to establish a first tee program.

The nine values developed through golf are :  Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect, Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courtesy, and Judgment.

Perhaps if tryagain (Lou) ever played golf, the county would be a different place.

Jennifer (Lookabaugh) Swift
Independent Leaders candidate for Freeholder


20 Responses to Why Lou doesn’t play golf

  1. tryagain1 says:

    Guess Jenn swift must be quite a POOR golfer since she has had little success in developing if the nine values!!

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Do u know what is PLANNED for the only Regulation Public Golf Course in Cumberland County?

    Where will the Citizens of Our Communities go to GOLF; for the Exercise it brings, Enjoy Nature besides the RECREATION?


    Doesn’t the President of the United States want AMERICANS to Exercise.
    You think the President will be Happy to Here Lou Magazzu does NOT want to Save this Facility.

    Tell Lou there is NO-WAY anything is Going on that LAND.
    Open Space or NOT it will REMAIN a GOLF COURSE; These Facts are Stubborn Things.

    Lou Magazzu come on now sign up on here at magazzuwatch and Agree to ANSWER the Questions the Public wants ANSWERED!

    Before u go Trashing this Org. understand what they have Done for Children that have No other way to be Introduced to the Game of Golf.

    This County has to DO everything Possible to SAVE the Only 18 hole Golf Course in Cumberland County.

    Who wants to DEVELOP this Property?

    What is the Status of the Open Space Proposal?

    Is a Solar Project in the Works for this LAND after it Changes Hands?

    Who Else is Interested in this PRIME Piece of Real Estate?

    The County better get BUSY with Finding State,Federal Funds to Save this RECREATION for the Citizens.

    VOTE Nov 3 to Remove this current crue of Freeholders & send the Packing & Quacking into a Lame Duck Session!

    Fresh Faces-New Ideas-Innovative Thinking = Positives in CC,NJ
    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  3. We can give Ms. Swift a mulligan, but Guess Who’s “Regulation Public Golf Course” comment leaves me in the rough.

    There is no “public” golf course in CC, just a private place on the banks of the Cohansey River that has fallen on rough times. (pardon the pun)

    Golf is a relatively expensive game to play with high green fees keeping all put the upper middle class from regular tee times at any one of the fine private courses in eastern Salem County (actually bordering UDF Twp.) and western Atlantic County. Pricey for normal folks, but there for those who can afford it.

    There once was an attempt to build a public golf course in CC, sometime during the 1990s, if I’m not mistaken. Ms. SWift would know more about that.

    And then there was Bob Ench’s attempt at building Flower-Time Golf Course, a private, relatively expensive golf resort in western Millville that, for one reason or another, fell apart. CC was well served in that Steve Wymbs, somehow involved with Flower Time, stayed in the county, making many valuable contributions in the years he’s been here. I do hope all this talk about Steven leaving is just that. I hope he’s offered a reasonable contract he deserves and that he takes it, leaving the JV League with some other perfidy to to undertake.

    It’s just as well that Flower Time never took off. Golf Courses are an environmental nightmare, with tons of chemicals dumped on the ground to make the greens pool-table flat and the fairways an unnatural monoculture of non-native grasses. With our sandy soil here in CC. those chemicals no doubt would have found their way into the acquifer (sp?), which themselves would have been overtaxed to keep the greens and fairways green.

    But I stray from the game at hand.

    As exercise, golf always made me laugh. Walking from tee-to-tee usually is replaced by a ride in an electric cart taking away any benefit of a cardio workout from the game. Any any health benefit usually is negated by the drinking that’s part of the after-game, before game and even mid-game ritual. What other sport has a bar, or, at least, a cooler of Manhattans, for use in the middle of the course like many golf courses do at the beginning of the back nine?

    Few ever achieve perfection, or even near perfection, because golf has become the game of the upwardly mobile. Golf is played to rub elbows with the other nouveau rich or faux rich (Jen-you might enjoy Paul Fussell’s “Class In America.” I’d lend you my copy, but someone didn’t return it.)

    Those who do achieve greatness do so because they are the sons and daughters of the caddies at the truly world-class courses. They do so because of constant practice and superior eye-hand coordination as much as true physical ability. I was never any good because of abysmal eye-hand coordination, a lifelong affliction, and an acquired lack of the ability to swing a club due to bone fusions in my left arm.

    But look at those great golf courses, none anywhere near CC, and the resorts that spring up around them Gated communities with townhouses starting at high six-figures or low seven figures. And that’s at the low-end golf resorts. It also hasn’t been much more than five or six decades since Jews and Blacks weren’t allowed within eyesight of most golf clubs.

    Golf isn’t an expression of perfection, the achievement of perfection or the elusivness of perfection, Ms. Swift. It’s become an institution of the gulf between the haves and have-nots.The courses in southern new jersey are but a poor example, a place where the wanna-be get in on the beginnings of the game before moving on to greener courses.

    The truly well-heeled get to play at best of Myrtle Beach, Pebble Beach and other meccas of the wealthy. There, the champions play through the out-of-shape weekend golfers who every once in a while blow out the backs of their cardiac muscles on a hot day when the combination of Triple A personalities, over-stressed hearts and alcohol lead them to the great fairway in the sky.

    One of the great ironies of golf is that the greatest player of the game today started as the son of a have-not, working on his game while his daddy catered to, or caddied for, the upper middle class and rich folks.

    Whether Mr. Magazzu would benefit from the game is something I can’t answer. He has no hobbies other than politics and public service. He’s out-of-shape and could use to lose a few pound, which won’t happen in a thousand rounds of golf. He prefers to keep business in the office and not make it a social event.

    I know you hate him for reasons that transcend his basic aggressive nature in playing the game of politics, if you want to call politics and public service a game. Perhaps it’s the focus he puts into his job, one that you took out onto the greens and fairways, ending in the rough with none of CC’s problems near a solution. Perhaps it’s that he doesn’t consider politics and public service a game that’s made his brand of politics successful.

    It’s a joke that you credit Bruce and Jane with the EZ or the MSP, both projects that they had nothing to do with. It was Donald Fauerbach, who found allies only in Louis Magazzu, who brought about the MSP. And it was federal Legislators and President Clinton, a man who knows a bit about taking his milligans, who brought Louis the chance for the EZ. My guess is that had Lou not be in Washington instead of out on the golf course, the EZ would never have made it to CC.

    But we’ll give you a pass, a mulligan if you will, much like Bill took his, many times I’ve heard, during his ride up from the wrong side of Hope, Arkansas.

    Your time is passed. Your running mates blew their chances by dropping out of the process. If you can’t play through Lou, then you have no business in politics. Six or seven years out of politics is a lifetime. You can’t just pick up the clubs and dust the rust off of your swing out on the course. You have to stay connected and achieve something tangible to stay in politics and public service. apparently , you sat in the clubhouse

    But imagine me telling you about politics. Except to say that you stayed away too long. And you picked two too imperfect players to be part of your threesome. Too bad Donna didn’t want to play.

    I’ve stayed away from posting on MW, but your digression on golf was just too much to pass by. I actually wish you the best, but know that you’ve set yourself up with as close to the best as possible without any salutations from me.

    And you were right. I should have stayed in Bridgeton or gone to AC. You can say “I told you so.”

  4. And Jen, try not to take Try Again or any of the fake-name posters seriously. Out of one 21-post thread, six were by try again and five were by bigassbass (classy name, hey) They even printed an email address I once used when I was selling old, rare, and out-of-print books online to tie me to a fake-name poster. (I know who it is. someone trying to cause trouble for me and knows only my old email and who lives close enough to tap into my old wireless router, since turned off.) Still, a serious breach of ethics by Carl Johnson, who didn’t like the poster’s over-the-top criticism of his artwork. Good thing Carl isn’t current in my actual email address. (I haven’t sold books online since August 2008.) Yet no attempts to do anything about it, no attempts to stifle slanders aimed at me.

    I see you get to post on MW at will. How do you do it? No one’s asked me, or offered me info on how to do so. I don’t know if I’d want to, but it sure would be nice to be asked. I guess those who run MW are just as unethical and sensitive of criticism or alternate POV as Carl.

    You should know better than to hang around with such a crowd. Unless you’re part of this crowd, which is my guess.

  5. For a reporter, you are not very perceptive. If you glance upwards at the menu bar of the website you will see a cool link that says “Contact”. You use that link to contact the management f the website with information that you would like to see featured. If you have anything worth posting, that is anything that is not a blatant lie, we will consider posting it.

    However, consider the Purpose of this site. It is not Carl Johnson Watch or Bob Greco watch, it is Lou Magazzu Watch. So if you have any truth that you would like to post, perhaps about Lou’s $10,000 loan and exactly who approved the check and who signed it – and don’t lie to us and claim that Campaign Managaer Brendan Kavanaugh gave the go-ahead. We are not that gullible. I have asked Brendan, and he denies that he has a time-machine!

  6. tryagain1 says:

    Speaking of Mr. Greco, the County Republican Chairman, where has he been. Still awiting on answers from either himself or his Republican candidates? Guess they are NOT going to ALLow the VOTERS to decide the relevancy or not of his history? Come on Republicna candidates, Noto, Sheppard, Fiocchi, and Tonetta let the VOTERS hear some TRUTH from you guys!

  7. Guess-Who says:

    Here is another Tune/Song for u & ur crue;
    The Song is LOSER-the Band is 3 Doors Down!
    Turn it UP extra Loud so all ur Supporters can HERE.

    Miles u are CLUELESS what the Game of Golf in Itself is about.
    Make sure u r at HQ when they are Playing that Tune!

    Lou Magazzu is in his final 5 Days as Freeholder before a LAME DUCK Session will Begin for Him!

    Lou Magazzu can Credit HIMSELF with the $1.2 MILLION Dollar LEASE for a Cumberland County Building which was Signed for 20 YEARS that’s a FACT!

    Lou Magazzu can Claim HE DENIED the PUBLIC its RIGHT to ADEQUATE Staff & Services for the PROSECUTOR of Cumberland County,NJ.
    The Prosecutor had to file SUIT to RECEIVE the Proper FUNDING we the Citizens are Entitled to, to ENSURE that JUSTICE will be Served for any VICTIM of a CRIME.
    The Fact of the matter IS Lou Magazzu never CONSIDERED the PEOPLE(AMERICANS,U & Me) who Expect their Elected Officials along with the JUDICIAL part of Govt. to PROTECT us at All C0$T, that is a FACT!

    Remember there are 5 Days until the Polls are Open,Get the WORD out TODAY & Remind your Family, Friends, Co-Workers,Neighbors, Acquaintances,Anyone Else that needs to be Reminded this VOTE is Critical for Cumberland County,NJ.

    Your VOTE Their VOTE His VOTE Her VOTE My VOTE
    Nov 3 spead the WORD to VOTE!

    Fresh Faces-New Ideas-Innovative Thinking = Positives in CC,NJ

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  8. Guess who-what does the prosecutor’s office have to do with the “public” golf course you were talking about?

    Where is this “public” golf course? The greens fees at the private ones are killing me. And do you know what a good Manhattan costs at these private clubs? Not to mention the cost of that new Ping iron. An expensive sport, especially for one who can’t swing a club. (I pay peasants to do it for me. If you want to know the true state of the nation’s problems, go see Michael Moore’s Capitalism- A Love Story. Focus on the board of CitiGroup instead of the loca politicians. Magazzu, Swift and the rest are just bit players. The system isn’t going to change until you change the Congress in Washington, including Frank LoBiondo. Every single last one of them with the exception of Bernie Sanders and a few others. A very few others. Your obsession on such an extremely small fish with NO powers to create laws is perplexing when the real screws are in the federal government. or do you know that freeholders only distribute money extorted from the taxpayers from the federal and state government. Do you miss the fact that our two main gubernatorial candidates come from Goldman Sachs and the Federal Prosecutors’ Office, respectively? Where is LoBiondo Watch, anyway? Or are you a bunch of brainwashed morons who think the “free markets” will delivery us to a political, social and economic utopia? You advertise yourselves as free thinkers. Well then, think freely.Go outside the bounds of whats fed to you by the government/press and focus on the true nature of the oligarchy we all live under. )

  9. Lou does a person that is NOT running for office have to do with the voters deciding anything? If you want to dwell on chairpeople – let’s discuss Todd Edwards – busted for drugs, and who gets compensated $27,000 or so for a no-show job, courtesy of Lou Magazzu. That is an issue the voters need to consider. If you want to consider chairs, how about Brendan Kavanaugh who lied when he claimed he, as campaign manager, approved Lou’s $10,000 NACo loan – funny thing is that Brendan was not campaign manager at the time this alleged approval happened. By the way – an issue that the voters might want to consider – who signed that check? We understand it was not the treasurer. What other funny business is going on with CCDO campaign money?

  10. AMUSED says:

    Take notice! Miles has said it all in his post…”If you can’t play through Lou, then you have no business in politics”. This is exactly what this site has been saying all along. This is the way it has been in CC since Magazzu rode into the political arena. It has got to stop! Nov. 3… INDEPENDENTS FOR ETHICAL CHANGE, COLUMN “E”.

  11. WuLi says:

    Miles, if those “other posts” were from an imposter, then why do they have the same IP address – an IP address is assigned to a particular computer – and why are you using the same “old” email to post these “real posts”?

    How do I know this? I have some admin capability on this site as a regular contributor. Should I have posted your personal information? Probably not, but you are the one that decided to post completely off-topic, and attack me personally. As I said, I will be happy to bring it on! You play nice, and I will play nice. You play dirty, like Lou Magazzu did, then I come on full force with undivided purpose to extract revenge.

    I can’t wait for Austino to run for reelection. I have a ton of information that the republican party definitely would not make public, but I have no such qualms. Bob lied about me in public, and I can’t wait to make his life miserable, and if his family is dragged into the fray, so be it. He didn’t hesitate to drag my children into his politcal race.

    Anyway – You would have more credibility if you didn’t stoop to easily discovered and blatant lies.

  12. Guess-Who says:

    How about the Public Golf Course IS in Bridgeton,NJ down the Street from the Flooded Cumberland County Courthouse that Lacks Parking for the Citizens that have County Business at this Facility.

    Miles, Why do U Over-L{.}{.}K the Topic in this Thread(The First Tee)?
    Do U know anything about the First TEE Org.?

    Do U Know that they get INNER-CITY Children INVOLVED in the Game of GOLF?

    Do u Know the Values the Game of Golf TEACHES, to ALL that PLAY the GAME?

    Do u Know About Eldrick Woods?

    Do u Know Who Robert T. Jones is?
    What do u Know other than what U have Posted about GOLF, Seems u know alot about the Beverages Severed at some of these Facilities.

    Miles: I Don’t NEED anyone to Tell Me or Show Me or Teach Me or even Make Me Decide How to THINK, That is where the FREE THINKING & being INDEPENDENT pays OFF!
    U should Try IT sometime on the Golf Course; even IF that is Playing Putt-Putt Golf.
    Here is a Good saying for the Average Golfer
    Just keep Whacking ur Balls!
    Nothing Like being Attached to NO ONE!

    Back to some FACTS on Lou Magazzu;
    Who is Travis Horne & Why did he RECEIVE $210.00 from Lou Magazzu’s NACo Fund on 11-19-07?

    This one is going to get Interesting IF u Know what I mean!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  13. Byelou says:

    Do you think we are so simple-minded as to allow you to divert us from the issues? Mr. Greco is not running against you.
    Answer our questions and address the issues.
    You offend us and insult our intelligence by refusing to answer our questions.

  14. Carl-it’s called a wireless router and someone who knows another person can easily pick up on signals-that’s how cities have free Internet.

    Multiple people using the same router (now unwired) is nothing new.

    I must say the person did get my feelings on your art correct. He was even a little more generous than I would have been. No offense, but the line “anyone who needs to describe his art isn’t creating art. Art speaks for itself” was the key to IDing the person. I’ve said that in the company of a few, only one who lives close. And I mean it.

    But posting my old email address, now collecting spam for me, was a low, even for a MWer. It breaks every rule in Internet ethics. Say what you want, even under a fake, name, but revealing info that was given in confidence is an act that confirms everything I’ve heard about you. The rules apply to all those non-artiste people who live such dreary lives. Harleys, extra-dry martinis (shaken or stirred?) and good Cubanos, the birthright of such a talent as you. And a pass on the rules.

    Hate to kid you, but as you’ve probably learned by now, making a living in the creative arts for a vast majority of those who try is a meager existence. I see you’ve added “not that I can afford any of these” to your list of favorite things, either for the judge or by way of reality. But why the list of pretentious items you favor? Does it make you more of an artist?

    The only artist I know who makes a decent living off her work likes Velveta cheese, root beer and dark chocolate. I guess that’s not exotic enough, but at least she makes a living and still has a part-time job to get out of the studio. Gives a lot, in money and time, to charitable causes, also. Starts a piece only when commissioned except a few experimental spec pieces.

    This after 15 years of living on less than $10,000-a-year and another 15 of working 16- and 18-hour days, or longer, to keep up with demands on her talent and time-something real artists are required to provide to agents, mixing her own paints, getting ready for shows, etc-in order to make it to the big time. Burnout rate is high. What it’s not is standing up against a wall looking out into the ether for inspiration. Attitude will only get you so far unless you’re extremely good.

    I wouldn’t attack your art when it was off subject. No reason. Too many other places to turn over the stones and see what crawls out. But now that you’ve brought it up….Magazzu’s fair game, so are you. You’ve all gone too far based only on hate, hate so deep and gut-splitting that it fills the eyeballs with a bile-green hue and focuses energy on a seething, intense mood so foul and spiteful that it would make Captain Ahab look like Oprah.

    Look at a company like CitiGroup and tell me why your focusing on Louis Magazzu? Or not. Who wants to hear more from your ilk. A few more days, Lord, a few more days.

    But your art? Too easy a target. It’s your ethics and attitude I find deplorable. It’s what got you in trouble with the judge in the first place. Asking for a decrease to become an artiste?

    Fake name, fake art, fake ethics.

    Hope you see the difference between me and the Maori harpoonist. Or not. I could go on for hours, but why?

  15. Guess-Who says:

    u listen to any good Music Today?
    The Play List of Songs is growing Daily for ur crue over at HQ, They must be Enjoying that last Tune I Suggested!

    Miles did u Hear & will u Tell Lou there is a NEW place at Magazzuwatch.com; Where Lou can Go to Answer Questions the Public has for Him…

    What did Travis Horne do for Lou Magazzu’s NACo Campaign?
    He was PAID $210.00 on 11-19-07

    Remember to Encourage Lou to come & Answer the Questions & Engage in the DEBATE about the ISSUES Cumberland County,NJ is Facing on a Daily Basis.

  16. tryagain1 says:

    Johnson actually calls that stuff art work and people actually buy it? PT Barnum was right when he said “there’s a sucker born every minute!”

  17. tryagain1 says:

    Day 1003 and still waiting for the Republicans to explain the Greco situation? The SILENCE is deafening? The TRUTH, that’s all that is required here! Come on Republicans, be honest with the VOTERS!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO.~!!!

  18. Guess-Who says:

    You & ur crue’s Silence speaks LOUDER than any WORDS!

    I have Notice how SILENT alot of ur crue have Become?

    Wait until Nov 3 & the VOTES

    Do u want to tryagain to ANSWER the simple Question:
    What did he(Travis Horne) Do for Lou Magazzu’s NACo Campaign?

    Produce or Show the RECEIPT for the WORK he did!
    That’s All Lou Magazzu has to DO.

    Did ur Crue Check Out the Video on utube that tbobmccoy did back in 2007 for Freeholders in Cumberland County & that same name(tbobmccoy) Travis Horne has listed on his website blog, He claims he was a Campaign Manager in a Local NJ Election in 2007;
    Who’s Campaign was he(Travis)Managing in 2007?

    Lou Magazzu can u Answer the QUESTIONS that Citizens of Cumberland County,NJ want ANSWERED,TODAY!

    Nov 3 is four days away Get the WORD out to VOTE!!
    Your VOTE Their VOTE Her VOTE His VOTE My VOTE & Others VOTING to Improve Our Communities as a WHOLE.

    Remind your Family Friends Co-Workers Neighbors Acquaintances or Anyone Else u can Think might have Forgotten how Important this VOTE is for Chosen Freeholder of Cumberland County,NJ
    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  19. James R. Sauro says:

    Lou, issues, still waiting, still no guts.

  20. Guess-Who says:

    Where is the Crue to tell Me about t.bobmccoy?

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