Lou takes too much credit

I was having a discussion with some friends last night and we decided that Lou’s tactic is to take sole credit for every positive thing that has happened in Cumberland County, and to blame the Independent Democrats for every bad thing. Before the Independent Leaders challenged his role as king of Cumberland County, he blamed the Republicans, which is quite hollow considering that for 4-decades Democrats ruled this county, with only a brief reprieve ten years ago when the Republicans swept the election. One of those Republicans speaks up in the Daily Journal today:

I’ve sat and read claim after claim by Lou Magazzu about all the great things he has done for Cumberland County all by himself.

Much to my dismay, The Daily Journal has printed Mr. Magazzu’s statements as though they are fact. Because I’ve yet to read a factual statement from him during this entire campaign, I decided it’s time to set the record straight.

Lou Magazzu has claimed, on numerous occasions, that he is responsible for bringing the Empowerment Zone to Cumberland County. The fact of the matter is there were many individuals involved in bringing the zone to Cumberland County and it is a slap in the face to everyone along with a U.S. senator who worked so hard to bring the zone here for Magazzu to make the claim that he is solely responsible. He owes many people an apology and needs to acknowledge those who helped.

Lou Magazzu loves to take credit for the New Jersey Motorsports Park coming to Millville. Again, he was not the only person who worked on this project. It was a bipartisan effort spearheaded by then-Assemblyman Doug Fisher and then-state Sen. Nick Asselta. In fact, while I served as freeholder director, I met with Don Fauerbach a number of times about the racetrack. But to hear Lou Magazzu tell the story, he did it all by himself.

In 2002, as freeholder director I attempted to foster a spirit of bipartisanship on the freeholder board by appointing freeholders to the committees they served on previously. I appointed Lou Magazzu as finance chairman. Even back then he loved to claim he did things on his own. He tried to claim the success of that year’s budget, but doesn’t bother to tell anyone that he failed to show up at five of our seven meetings.

Oh, and by the way, the $10 million bonding for the expansion of the college was done in 2002 when I was director.

Now that I’ve listed some of the things that Mr. Magazzu likes to take sole credit for and pointed out that there were many folks who worked hard to bring these positives to our county, let me tell you what he can take credit for.

Lou Magazzu can definitely take credit for the triple net lease of our county’s Social Services building. He and he alone negotiated that deal with one of his campaign contributors behind the backs of other freeholders. Lou Magazzu made certain that his campaign contributor was able to collect $1.2 million a year in rent for 20 years, while the taxpayers also are responsible for the taxes and maintenance of the building. I’m not so sure Mr. Magazzu is proud of this accomplishment given the fact he never talks about it in the newspaper.

Another thing Mr. Magazzu turned out to be good at is he has yet to talk about his voting on Feb. 26, 2009, to give a contract to the highest bidder and then accepting a $5,000 contribution to his NACo slush fund only eight days later from that contractor.

As a matter of fact, Lou Magazzu turned out to be a giant when it comes to accepting money from folks who he voted to give business to. Three lawyers who in 2007 and 2008 were paid more than $760,000 by Cumberland County contributed thousands of dollars to Lou Magazzu’s NACo fund, as well as his re-election campaign. The lawyer who speaks on his behalf with regard to a complaint about the way Magazzu raised money for his NACo fund was paid more than $170,000 by Cumberland County.

Lou Magazzu surrounds himself with folks he gives big county contracts to. He is very good at that.

Before you vote on Nov. 3, ask yourself if Cumberland County can afford another three years of Lou Magazzu.

Jim Sauro
Former Director
Cumberland County
Board of Chosen Freeholders


12 Responses to Lou takes too much credit

  1. tryagain1 says:

    WOW!! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! Just listen to Jim Sorrow on any given Saturday and all you can hear is,” When I was Freeholder Director, I did this and I did that”!! It was as if when Jimmy Sorrow was Freeholder Director there was NO ONE else on the Board. From what I’ve heard even his Republican colleagues on the Freeholder Board didn’t much care for Sorrow! Seems like his ONE shining moment was the County Jail raid where he pitted County employees against each other even to the extent of holding people against their will. With guns and all the theatrics of Hollywood. It is my understanding thatit led to several lawsuits against the County that COSTS THE TAXPAYERS BIG BUCKS!! It’s no SMALL wonder(not meaning little Jimmy) that Jimmy Sorrow was a ONE (and done) TERM Freeholder!! Oh by the way, “I find it fascinating”(your trademark Jimmy) that he has been unsuccessful in every other attempt to regain his lost seat!! Some Republicans didn’t even want him on the ticket ever again!! Thank God for them! Guess the VOTERS of Cumberland County are a lot smarter than Jimmy Sorrow!! At least they have the good sense not to go back to the Dark Ages of Sorrow!!

  2. AMUSED says:

    Is Jim sauro running for anything? T1 attack, attack, attack! Because you can’t answer the questions and tell the truth!

  3. James R. Sauro says:

    Well Lou your wrong again. 1- I did not call for the jail raid the prosecutor did. 2- it was done with the approval of the attorney general’s office which was at the time under democrat control. Three No guns were pointed at anyone. 3- there were no law suits that cost the taxpayers a dime. Again tryagain or Lou you never stay on track and answer any of the questions. Because you can’t. And I still consider you a coward for not revealing yourself. I’m not afraid to sign my name why are you. Also still waiting for your response on the No Bid Lease and how 5 other freeholders never knew about the signing of it. Come on Lou let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about the money you have cost the county. Let’s once talk about issues and not spew venom about people. You and me Lou. Let’s talk issues. Or are you afraid.

  4. Jim – One on one talking issues will never happen in a million years.

  5. tryagain1 says:

    Well Jim YOU are wrong AGAIN!! First, it’s you’re, not your!! Of course with you most things are your or your’s!! Yeah sure, you and Sorantino had no prior knowledge or participation of the ill fated raid, that found liitle or nothing, but pitted County employee against County employee. Be honest Jimmy. Secondly go back and read the post, NO ONE said guns were pointed but guns were used, weren’t they, or would you rather forget that horrible mistake? And No lawsuits? Sure, right Mr. I Find it Fascinating!! What I find fascinationg is that you think you could ever win another Freeholder race in Cumberland County! Why didn’t you run this year? Afraid of yet another loss? You were a bad Freeholder and a worse Director!! That’s why you lost over and over again!

  6. tryagain1 says:

    Alex you wouldn’t know an issue if it bit you! You’re ( not your, Napoleon Sorrow) so obsessed with Jannarone and volunteers that is all you ever talk about! How about talking about the Greco issue?

  7. Cryagain there you go again listen closely now?Jane said during her campain she knew how to get volunteers.This is nothing new, broken promises.Greco is not running for Freeholder so why do you still bring it up.Dose your ballet have on it Greco for Freeholder?I’am wondering is the Scarpa family and Ogren family’ related.You know Ogren Construction that worked on the court house.

  8. James R. Sauro says:

    Still waiting. Still no guts.

  9. tryagain1 says:

    Still waiting. Still no guts to tell the Greco Story. When will the Republicans tell the entire TRUTH to the VOTERS of Cumberland? Do they have it in them? MAGAZZU, the only candidate endorsed by ALL the newspapers of Cumberland County!! poor little Jimmy Sorrow and Alexsandra must be crazy today with MAGAZZU getting endorsed by ALL the newspapers!! Hope that you guys continue to trash Magazuu on Sat. to make him a shoo-in!! The VOTERS can see right through your plain personal hatred of Magazzu!! Must just be petty jealousy with little Napoleon Jimmy Sorrow!

  10. James R. Sauro says:

    Lou, Issues, still waiting, still no guts.

  11. AMUSED says:

    Mr. Sauro, you know you are wasting your time waiting for any answers from Magazzu. He wouldn’t dare discuss real issues. The only issue he cares about has to do with power. That’s what he’s all about. Kinda sad when you think about it. What’s he going to have when he loses this election? And his buddy Thompson? He has never been elected to anything! He was given his his seat on the Freeholder by Magazzu after his two prior losses. Guess the voters aren’t as stupid as Lou would like.

  12. AMUSED says:

    And t1, all you keep saying is “because they are Magazzu haters”. Why do you think Magazzu has so many haters? Must be something to this?

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