Questions – New Page

Look at the menu bar at the top of the page – you will see that I have added a new page per request. The page is called QUESTIONS! You can use that link to always go back to that section.

The Questions page has one purpose. Ask the questions that you want Lou to answer. Please keep them simple, keep them concise. Try to keep on question per post.

The ONLY posts allowed (listen up tryagain/Lou) are questions, or answers FROM Lou to those questions. All other posts will be deemed off-topic and removed.

Forum members, please do not get involved in exchanges on that page. Questions only (or Lou’s answers.) Yeah right, Lou has spent this entire campaign evading the issues and slinging mud, calling his opponents names and pointing the fingers at others for his shortfalls that he has not had time to address even one issue.

Ask the questions, but realize that you are wasting your breath. Lou does not care about you, or the taxpayers. He won’t answer any questions, but will continue to hurl insults at those that had the guts to run against him, dragging their families, friends and others that are not running for office into the fray.



One Response to Questions – New Page

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Thank You!

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