The Traitors Talk

The News of Cumberland County has a great article on the Renegades. They asked the candidates, and get straight answers.

They’ve been called renegades.

They’ve been called traitors.

Given the nature of what they seek to accomplish, the name-calling comes as no surprise.

“We saw what was going on in county government,” Christy said in a recent interview with The News. “People were being threatened with their jobs and their homes. Lou has threatened to take people’s businesses away. This is not good. This is government managed by fear.”

The potential upside of unseating Magazzu makes the backlash worth it to the three independents.

“This is an opportunity to change the structure of the board,” added Peterson, who joined Christy in the interview along with Swift. “I’m not doing this for my own benefit. I truly believe something has got to change for the betterment of Cumberland County.”

We understand that Lou Magazzu had the audacity to approach a Millville City Commissioner and demand that Carl Johnson’s girlfriend be fired from her position as a contracted consultant working for law enforcement. Why? Merely because of her association with Carl, who questioned Lou about his “tax decrease” last year in letters to the editor. For that transgression, Lou attacked Carl publicly, and had his candidate for sheriff hold a press conference and lie to the public. in typical manner, Lou refused to address issue, instead resorting to underhanded personal attacks.


12 Responses to The Traitors Talk

  1. tryagain1 says:

    Just more of the same old CRAP from this partisan Republican website! Just a bunch of Magazzu HATERS on here because they don’t like Magazzu’s style! Fact is he has achieved more for Cumberland County then all the renegades and Republicans put together. Perhaps their hatred comes out of frustration. And for Peterson to talk about anyone being on the public dime is ridiculous!! I seem to recall when he lost his Freeholders seat his former party gave him one of those laughable jobs at the CC Utilities Authority probably COMPLETE with Benefits. He certainly has more double standards than Christy!! He RESIGNS from the Freeholder Board and goes back into his Twonship Committeeman position. Then he crys about how happy he was to be back in Deerfield Township as an elected official and now is wants to abandon those voters and go back to being a Freeholder?!! What does Brucey Peterson want to be when he grows up? That is other than having the taxpayers foot the bill for his health insurance perhaps? What a complete and total phony he is!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO.!! WORKING HARD FOR ALL THE PEOPLE OF CUMBERLAND COUNTY!!

  2. tryagain1 says:

    Thanks for turning some more voters to Magazzu becasue they saw thorugh this vile website and its hurtful pruposes!

  3. tryagain1 says:

    As usual Jane Christy’s mouth runneth over and not much TRUTH cometh out of it!! Well at least they didn’t have to censor her foul language. Or did they?

  4. AMUSED says:

    Seems t1 (Lou) is getting a bit frustrated. Same crap coming out of his mouth because he can’t answer the important questions. Political patronage jobs, Nacogate, his ethical challenges,etc. When is Magazzu going to come clean?

  5. Cryagin Bruce Peterson is the Mayor of Upper Deerfield, you get so rattled lately I guess the heat in the kitchen is getting to hot for you.Cryagain why don,t you take those big cards away and get some new one’s because your saying’s are getting worn out.It’s like your cring in your beer.

  6. Guess-Who says:

    Do U want some AMUSEMENT this morning,read the DJ today about NACo & Lou;It’s at the bottom of the Online Page under the Local News Tab!

    When will Lou Magazzu Answer the Questions the Citizens of Cumberland County want ANSWERED?
    Want the LIST of Questions to Answer ON Video Camera?
    Will Lou want to do IT over at the Track?

    To the Webmaster,Please set up a Thread for the Citizens of CC,NJ & Forum Members so they can List the Questions they WANT & EXPECT Lou Magazzu to Answer before the Election.
    Remember Lou U know how U-tube Works T.BobMCcoy can do the Video for U!

    Lou & Miles Here is another Tune/Song to play at HQ
    The Band is Bush & the Tune/Song is Greedy Fly!
    This one should be a Favorite at HQ!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  7. tryagain1 says:

    Still here Alex? Thought you would be busy milking sponsors for the return of the “Dumb and Dumber” Show? Will Little Jimmy Sorrow be one of your first guests? You know Jimmy, “I find it fascinating” Sorrow? The SELF PROCLAIMED best Freeholder in the County’s history?

  8. I’am not a Freeholder did you loose your mind?I hope everyone that reads this will turn on there radio to 92.1fm Saturday morning at 7:30am till.

  9. It’s a bit muddled, Alex, as most of Try again’s posts are these days. Try again, or cry again, as you call him, is making names of James Sauro, not you. (please don’t stoop to their level, although cry again is a malapropism of a fake name, certainly not as serious as the work he’s done on your real name, Jim Sauro’s name or the work other MWers on Lou’s or the name of just about any they disagree with. It’s nothing most of us haven’t heard when we were children out on the elementary school playground) But you do get the plugs in for the show. As you know, I disagree with just about everything you say. But at least you use your own name. Give James Sauro my best regards, although knowing him he probably doesn’t want my best regards At least I didn’t make fun of his name..

  10. tryagain1 says:

    Gee thanks Miles for explaining things to Alex. Not surprised you had to explain things to him but not sure he will understand even after your explanation! That is exactly why it is the “DUMB and DUMBER Show”!! As for the worst Freeholder in Freeholder, Little Jimmy Sorrow, history he already has his Republican Comedy Hour. Guess either people disagree with both of them or no one listens, because for years they have trashed every Democrat only to see that person re-elected!!! Kind of like this CRAP forum!!

  11. James R. Sauro says:

    Lou, Issues, still waiting, still no guts.

  12. Cryagain you just don’t get it.Why don’t Lou come clean and answer the guestions that were raised on this site.I’am not running for Freeholder nor is Jim Sauro or Bob Greco.Just keep bashing us and on election we will see who wins.How’s things going at Kidston Towers? I here you were a hit with all the food and stationary supplies.

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