The truth behind Lou’s vicious attacks

Recently Lou Magazzu has deluged the newspapers with attack letters by so-called private citizens, extolling his virtues and attacking Bruce Peterson in particular. We thought it was about time that the truth come out about these supposedly unsolicited letter-writers.

Sam Boutros – ever hear of him? He has been mentioned on MW previously. He donated time and resources to Lou’s failed NACo run.  In return, Lou appointed him to the board of the CCUA. Mr. Wasserman, also a big supporter of Lou fails to mention that his son is married to a freeholder, and also serves on the board of the CCUA.  Both Boutros and Keith Wasserman attend 12 meetings a year, and in return get taxpayer funded health-care for their families, as well as monetary compensation and other benefits. It is estimated that their packages are worth $27,000 annually for a couple hours a month work – IF they decide to show up.

In fact, the CCUA is Lou’s favorite way to reward party loyalists. Other party faithful include Chair Nancy Sungenis, (also in charge of elections – does anyone fear there might be fraud this year?) the writer of a letter packed full of lies and supporting Lou Magazzu in violation of the code of ethics that guides election supervisors and personnel.

Also on that list is Donald Olbrich, also recently appointed to streets and roads? What experience does he have? none, other than being a loyal supporter of Magazzu. We have discussed Todd Edwards ad nauseum – he is a favorite because he just never shows up for the meetings, but Lou allows him to always collect his paycheck, and he gets full benefits.

One particularly vicious letter was by a Ms. Gloria de La Rosa. What Gloria doesn’t tell you is that she too has been bought. A Vineland resident, she sits on the tax board. She was appointed to the position that belongs to the west side of the county under recommendation of Magazzu. Lou has denied half the county  fair representation in order to buy loyalty. Gloria gets paid $16,000 plus health benefits, at taxpayer expense, for attending a couple meetings a month. It’s a nice gig if you can get it. How do you get it? You sell your soul, and your ethics to Lou Magazzu!


7 Responses to The truth behind Lou’s vicious attacks

  1. Deep Throat says:

    Todd Edwards does not have to show up for the CCUA meetings. He is being paid to gather people up to vote for Lou and take them to the court house to vote.
    He can be ssen there regularly. You sewer users are paying for the Magazzu campaign workers and no one asked you if you wanted to pay them.He even has you pay for Todd’s health insurance just for packing the ballot box.

  2. tryagain1 says:

    And this letter from Brucey Peerson who was put on the CCUA payroll and probably given FULL family benefits when f he lost one year in his run for Freeholder. This is a Man(?) who has been on the public payroll for over 20 years and has enjoyed ALL the benefits AND ALL at taxpayers expense!! How hypocritical of Peterson!! He should be ashamed of his actions BUT obviously that word is NOT in his vocabulary. He is the worst of the back stabbing renegades!!

  3. Byelou says:

    I question the use of the word, “Renegade” when Lou is describing members of his own party who quit in disgust at his heavy-handed tactics, back-stabbing, and threats. Sounds like a full-blown revolution to me.

  4. BIGTOP92 says:

    If Bruce Peterson is as bad as T1 says he is ,remember he was trained by the best ,Magazzu.

  5. tryagain1 says:

    Peterson has the system for over 20 years and then crys foul if someone elses gets the he has received for his entire family. What a !!! He is disengenious at best! Used Nelson Thompson and then threw him under the bus. In my opinion, he is just angry he didn’t receive a plush County job to pad his pension!! What a waste he is!!

  6. James R. Sauro says:

    Lou, Issues, still waiting, still no guts.

  7. AMUSED says:

    Hey t1, Peterson’s entire family? And that consists of who? How many members of your family are being covered by taxpayer paid health insurance? And how about your cronies like Todd Edwards? I hear he is a regular at the courthouse bringing voters in with marked ballots on who to vote for. He doesn’t have to attend his 12 meetings a year for his paycheck and benefits so long as he spends his time trying to pack the ballot box for you! How underhanded! So get off your high horse. There is no-one more of a waste than Magazzu, and the voters will have their say on Nov. 3!

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