Tote the Vote?

This item just appeared under comments, and I thought it is interesting enough to post it separately:

Wow…did anyone see the number of “tote the vote” vans at the Dem headquarters in Vineland?

This is what the opposition is up against, and possibly how Lou is going to win.




16 Responses to Tote the Vote?

  1. tryagain1 says:

    Jimmy Sorrowful, Greco TRUTH? Still waiting! However I won’t put the same comment on every subject as you did yesterday!! What were you “trying” to do? Show off? Poor little Jimmy Sorrow, can’t win another Freeholder race so just can sit on the sidelines and complain about EVERY Democrat in the world! Poor guy, feel sorry for him! Mr. “I find it fascinating” can just complain and whine about others and continue to try and make himself a “legend in his own mind”!! Napoleon complex, I guess?

  2. vineland voter says:

    endorsements PAID for with thousands of dollars of advertisements. notice not ONE positive comment posted on the multiple pro-magazzu letters lous pr firm had pumped into the local papers. i wonder how many people will be caught on video being instructed to vote for lou if they want their juice and cookies?

  3. firstamend09 says:

    The Dems have tried very hard to fool the voters. But they have failed. Especially Albano and Milam. Get the facts.

  4. Beaver Cleaver says:

    fill these vans up with people who SAY they will vote for Maggotzu and then vote him OUT (after they eat the cookies and drink the juice!)

  5. KenNozzle says:

    This is the last big push for Vote by mail that has until 3pm on Monday.

    unfortnately, they are not filling the vans with people. They are filling them with mail in ballots.
    Voter persausion is very significant and illegal.

    I wonder how many “Totes” of ballots will show up at the Clerks on Monday?

  6. Sell me a bridge says:

    Tryagain what’s with going after Jim Sauro? First Greco, now Sauro. I don’t get it. Both of these men have more integrity in their little fingers than Magazzu has in his entire body.

    I can’t wait until this is over so you can go crawl under a rock with Louser Magazzu after he loses.

  7. tryagain1 says:

    Jimmy the Sorrowful was the WORST FREEHOLDER in Cumberland County history!! He has become an embarassment to the good members of his party!! of course with Greco leading the Republican Party what more of an embarassment could there possibly be? When will the VOTERS here the TRUTH regarding the Greco “story”? Only a few days and the silence form the Repeublicans is deafening!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO!!! TOUGH LEADRES FOR TOUGH TIMES!!!

  8. Guess-Who says:

    Where are the Vans from C A M D E N?

  9. tryagain1 says:

    Jealous? It’s called get out the vote! MAGAZZU WINS AND IS TOP VOTE GETTER!!! RE-ELECT THE MAGAZZU TEAM AND KEEP Cumberland County on the MOVE!!

  10. Guess-Who says:

    Jealous;NOPE not at ALL.

    Friends of mine will be some of the PEOPLE ur crue will be Transporting to the Polls.

    They will enjoy their Round Trip VOTERS Express Curtsy of U & ur Crue!

    They are L{.}{.}King forward to the Ride u Provide!

  11. Byelou says:

    I can see it now…the get out the vote vans pull up, load up a group of anti-Lou voters, who eat up all of the cookies, and Lou has a hissy fit in front of all of the uninformed people who might have voted for him. After he shows his nasty, mean side, the voters send him packing with the most lop-sided vote in Cumberland history. The get out the vote van drives Lou home while he cries in his juice, never to be heard from again…
    A person can dream, can’t they?
    Get Out The Vote.
    ABL Anyone but Lou.

  12. Locutus of Borg says:

    How do the Union drivers feel about Lou throwing the Nelson twins under the bus? Does it make them want to redouble their efforts for column A ?

  13. IBEW Union Member says:

    All of the members in my local that I spoke with are going to vote and vote against the magazzu team. They are an embarrassment.

  14. Way to go IBEW member I’am a retired Teamster I thought for a minute I was the only union member feeling that way.Go union members your mind your vote say to Lou start packing.I also herd that Nelson set up an office out at street and roads and trying to run the day to day operations. Also ignoring the rights of IBEW contrat.Him of all people a union member?I guess it shows how he feels about union members and there contract.Now it’s time for Fran Smith to stand up and protect his union members right.

  15. GBBA Member says:

    Working hard to oust Lou and block Thompson from getting elected. My union brothers are going to vote Lou OUT

  16. CountyRoadsWorker says:

    Alex What you said about Thompson is true! It was bad enough when Maggazu was always looking over our shoulders. Thompson is like a tick on our backs. Seems to us that Don Obrick is not needed – Thompson does everything but pick up a shovel. This guy has got to go.

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