NACo in a Nutshell

In February of 2009 Lou Magazzu officially announced his second run for 2nd Vice President of NACo – the National Association of Counties. NACo is a non-political position. It is due to this fact that many questions have arisen.

On February 26, 2009, the Freeholders voted to change the county code of ethics, adding language for the sole purpose of allowing Lou to campaign for contributions from companies and persons that do business with the county. That same day he began officially receiving money.

Immediately we had concerns of the appearance of pay-to-play. For instance, “On February 26, 2009, Fralinger Engineering was awarded a no-bid contract with the County to provide surveying services to the County Planning board through December 31, 2009.  It was only about a week later, March, 6, 2009, that Magazzu reported that Fralinger Engineering gave his secret NACo slush fund $5,000.

In June we heard about various County Freeholders, Sheriff and Surrogate (it is not common for constitutional officers to attend NACo conferences) attending the NACo conferences with Lou. In fact, there is a photo from the NACo publication of Lou and his team in front of his Lou 4 NACo campaign banner, a sort of endorsement of his campaign. We asked who paid for these trips? Who paid for Lou’s expenses and campaign.

In 2008, Lou charged the county thousands for flights, lodging and even advertising during his first NACo campaign. We find no evidence that any of that money had been reimbursed. We asked who was paying for these contributions.

On July 27, we reported that Lou had withdrawn from his NACo bid. The word was that when he was nominated, the states of California and Texas objected to the nomination. This is uncommon. Nobody was willing to second the nomination, and Lou dropped out so that it would appear that it was his decision. Lou spent $80,000 to quit.

On July 30, after constant questions from MagazzuWatch, and the Republican and Independent candidates, Lou finally issued a statement to the press.

“No public money was spent,” he said. “I paid for everything on the trip from my PAC. No government money was spent … no taxpayer funds.” (News of Cumberland County, 7/30/09)

We researched and discovered that there was no PAC. Lou had lied. He promised to come clean, claiming it was going to take 30 days for him to get receipts.  It seems that he had received $81,000 in contributions to this fake PAC, which we understand was his personal bank account.

Furthermore, on August 8, 2009 we discovered that Lou did not pay for everything. He announced that he was reimbursing the county $65 registration fees for a NACo conference. We wonder if he would have done that if we had not been analyzing his expenditures?

He also reiterated that his “PAC” paid for everything else.

Even though there is no legal responsibility to report the amounts, I will within the next 30 days report all expenditures and contributions related to the NACo campaign,” Magazzu said. “I’m still waiting for some outstanding bills. But the PAC paid for all hotels and any travel related to all political officials who attended the NACo conference.”

As the facts began to unravel, we were left with more questions than when we started. One question concerns a $10,000 personal loan from the Cumberland County Democratic Organization. The loan was made on June 17, 2009. We have been asking to see the cancelled check to know who signed it, but Lou has refused to make this information public. Why?

Who approved the loan? Lou told the press that he discussed the loan with his “campaign manager, Brendan Kavanaugh.” This is a lie. Brendan Kavanaugh was appointed campaign manager September 1, 2009, almost a month and a half after Lou took the loan. Where is their time machine?

The loan was repaid in September, just prior to Lou releasing the NACo accounting. It was just after Jon Corzine donated $5,000 to Lou’s NACo campaign, even though Lou had already lost a month before.

So these questions remain:

  • Was the loan from the CCDO legal? It was a personal loan, not for a political campaign, and that seems to fall out of the clearly written guidelines of acceptable use of campaign donations.
  • Who approved the loan?
  • Why did Lou lie about having a PAC?
  • Why did Lou lie about his campaign manager approving the loan? Did anybody else from the CCDO have knowledge of this loan?
  • Why did Corzine give Lou $5000 for NACo, a month after lou has lost?
  • Did Lou claim any of the $81,000 in gifts on any tax return? This is a federal violation.
  • When is Lou going to come clean about the 2008 expenses that apparently were paid by the taxpayers?
  • Who is Rabbi Mordechai Neustadt of Brooklyn, and why did he give Lou money?

In fact, five months after we started asking questions about NACo-Gate, we are left with more questions than ever.  Let us hope that we don’t see a county Freeholder Director led off in handcuffs, as has happened to so many other New Jersey politicians recently.


23 Responses to NACo in a Nutshell

  1. WUU59X says:

    Not sure if this issue will resonate with the majority of the voters, but intelligent and well-read ones will have major concerns with Lou’s on-going unethical behavior. It is up to those of us who are informed to get the word out about this matter.

  2. Sell me a bridge says:

    Oh, it resonates, if it didn’t the Atlantic City Press and DJ wouldn’t have run stories. People know Magazzu is a crook.

  3. tryagain1 says:

    Just 2 more days until MAGAZZU wins re-election and is TOP vote getter. The VOTERS know the hard work he has done and that this CRAP site is nothing more tha a purely Republican partisan propoganda!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO!! WORKING HARD FOR ALL THE PEOPLE OF CUMBERLAND!!!

  4. Guess-Who says:

    Why did Lou Magazzu PAY $210.00 to a Travis Horne on 11-19-07?
    What did he(Travis) Do for Lou’s NACo Campaign?
    Who is tbobmccoy?

  5. Guess-Who says:

    It is a simple Question;
    What did he (Travis Horne) do for Lou Magazzu’s NACo Campaign?

    Where are the Individuals that Worked (Vol) on the NACo Campaign?
    Not a one of them knows what (Travis Horne) did for the FAILED NACo Campaign?

    Who has the RECEIPT of the Services or what ever Else He did for Lou’s NACo Campaign He was Paid on 11-19-07 for SOMETHING,What was IT?

  6. tryagain1 says:

    You just don’t get it! NO ONE cares about Travis Horne and $210! Especially the VOTERS of Cumberland County!1 MAGAZZU wins endorsements of ALL the County newspapers and will soonwin the resounding ENDORSEMENT of the VOTERS of our County!1 Re-elect MAGAZZU and CO.!!

  7. Guess-Who says:

    Can someone PLEASE just Answer the Simple Question;
    What did Travis Horne do for Lou’s NACo Campaign in 2007 because on 11-19-07 he was PAID $210.00?

    Lou Magazzu Claimed $210.00 was Paid as an EXPENSE for his NACo Campaign.
    If the Claim on the Statement from Lou Magazzu that he released on 09-04-09 about NACo Contributors & Expense then IT really is NOT that Difficult to ANSWER this QUESTION, NOW is IT!

  8. DUMP the Maggot says:

    t1 – you are going to be in for a shock on tues when the voters send you packing. as for nacogate, you are in for a huge shock when the real investigations begin. cheer up, though, maybe you can get a job with your buddy jim mcgreedy…

  9. DUMP the Maggot says:

    t1 – just noticed your prediction about the maggot as top vote getter….. excuse me while i laugh til it hurts. you are delusional

  10. Locutus of Borg says:

    You Will be Assimilated !

    Sweeny and the Nelson twins are furious. A little bird said they can’t see straight knowing that Lou has managed to throw them under the bus after all of the money and support they made their members give. The worst part is that they had to back up the “story” that Lou told about NACO when they really had no idea WTF was going on. Corzine has enough cash to not really care but the others are not happy. Word on the street is if Lou gets elected without the Nelson twins there will be some serious explaining to do and in my opinion some serious tribute to pay in Cumberland County coin.

  11. AMUSED says:

    As a Democrat I am totally disgusted with their whole slate this year. And if the Nelson twins go down they have Magazzu to thank for sure. But they know what they have here and they keep supporting him. So fellow Democrats, you earned what you get on election day. And don’t expect any remorse from Magazzu…after all it’s all about him!

  12. whichwaydidlougo says:

    Just like nearly all of the people who have been adding to this website (I have just been a silent viewer until now), I have had it up to hear with Lou Magazzu. Watching his antics at Freeholder Meetings is enough to turn one’s stomach.

    Just a note to tryagain, tryagain1 and tryagain2: You may think you have this election in the bag, but if my neighborhood, here in East Vineland is any indicator. I would be looking for another job. To paraphrase the late Harry Kallis, “This Lou is OUTTA HERE”

  13. Just a few numbers for you all out there in lurker-land – this website currently averages about 2,000 unique views per day. It does not count the moderators (there are a few of us) and it doesn’t count you multiple times. It tracks unique hits per IP address, and resets every day at midnight (central time).

    We have about 20, I would assume, regular people that post, the rest consist of a silent majority that continue to visit and read the latest. Most are from the area, though there are some Camden IP addresses, and some Philly addresses. We find that interesting.

    Thank you all for supporting us in this way. Please spread the word to your friends and neighbors before Tuesday, if the ethical questions surrounding this team have you concerned. We don’t endorse any particular candidate, all we asked is that you make an informed decision.

  14. DUMP the Maggot says:

    Eyes, you deserve a lot of credit for creating and maintaining this blog. It is an open forum and without it, there would not be a way for those of us who have seen and understand the evil of Lord Lou to voice our concerns.

    Thanks and Best Wishes

  15. Thank you, but the gratitude is not to just one person, but the three that collaborated to start the site, and the numerous contributors that joined our ranks as time went on.

    Much thanks to the many Democrats and Republicans alike that worked hard together, thanks to the Independent and Undeclared voters too.

    This work truly transcended partisan politics, focusing on the corruption rampant in Cumberland County, and the one man that is behind it all.

  16. Democrat from Millville says:

    and here’s to the day when he is nothing more than a bad memory

  17. Guess-Who says:

    Lou Magazzu,
    I Guess I will never get the Answer to 1 of the Questions that Need to be ANSWERED by u Lou Magazzu before the Election on Nov 3,2009.

    Lou, What did Travis Horne do for your Failed NACo Campaign in 2007?

    He was Paid $210.00 on 11-19-07, For What?

    I believe that he Worked on a Local Freeholder Campaign in Cumberland County back in October 2007.
    There is a utube video on utube made by t.bobmccoy, There is a Link to the Video if u want to L{.}{.}K in the Thread (News picks up NACogate).

    Your VOTE Their VOTE Her VOTE His VOTE My VOTE

    Remind your Family Friends Co-Workers Acquaintances

    Neighbors or Anyone Else you think might have

    Forgotten to VOTE on Tuesday Nov.3,2009

    Fresh Faces-New Ideas-Innovative Thinking = Positives in CC,NJ.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  18. Guess-Who says:

    Here is the Link;
    For the Video on utube done by t.bobmccoy on 10-09-07 at the end of the Video it says Lou N. Magazzu Treasure

  19. bigtop92 says:

    Gee…what happens to this blog after tuesday….It will be boring without Lou around or this informative blog.

  20. Lou will still be around, like a bedsore. The site will keep an eye on his doings, whether he is screwing the county taxpayers, or setting his sights onto other green pastures to pee on.

  21. meagain says:

    WOW!! Sounds like the Supreme Ruler has conceded MAGAZZU is a WINNER!! Magazzu wins because he actually gets things done for Cumberland County!! Re-elect Magazzu and co.!! Working hard for the people of Cumberland!! Magazzu and Co. Have earned our support and our votes!! Just say YES to progress!! Vote Magazzu and Co. Send the Blind One and his hateful website back into their deep dark holes!! Hooray only one more day until Magazzu is TOP vote getter!!!

  22. meagain says:

    Wonder if Eyes will continue to delete my posts before the visitors get a chance to read? He/she has done it in the past!1 Guess the Dictator has difficulty with opposing views or the first amendment and freedom of speech?

  23. Lou (meagain) – you have a difficult time grasping simple constitutional concepts. This site is run by private citizens and WE are the ones with the 1st amendment rights of free speech and free press. You on the other hand are an elected official, Lou, and have no right to dictate what we allow or disallow.

    We have posted your opposing views, as is amply proven b every person that comes to this site and exclaims “Who the hell is that idiot” when they read your posts.

    We have asked for you to provide arguments backing up your assertions, and what do you do? You do what you have always done – you (1) attack other people that have nothing to do with the issue; (2) you start creaming “it is a lie!!!” without providing one piece of evidence or backup, while we have consistently provided documentation including 1099’s (yeah – those fake pieces of paper from the lying federal government) and (3) you change the subject completely.

    You have an entire day to go through every post here,and provide reasons proving these posts are lies. Prove that Lou hasn’t given Cumberland County jobs to Camden businesses that have supported the Democratic machine. e have fully documented the flow of money from these companies to Norcross’s Camden machine, from Norcross’s machine to Cumberland CCDO, and the jobs given to these companies. The monetary amounts are so similar to defy coincidence.

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