A Call to Action

This is from one of our regulars, and we whole-heartedly agree! We have taken his post, and embellished it a bit.

This to the VOTERS of Cumberland County, NJ;
Cameras should be on Stand-by or Rolling & Photographing anything that seems NOT to be in ORDER on Election Day.

Everything Possible on Camera so the PUBLIC can WITNESS with their own EYES. IT will Document all of the Actions of Individuals during this Election! Please keep any paper that you see handed out.

Put your Video Camera on the Charger, Today!
Have your Camera with you at All Times on Tuesday Nov 3, 2009.

I have passed the WORD around to quite a few People about the Ride that is Provided to Vote, The VOTERS-EXPRESS; this way they might get Milk & Cookies on the way to or from the Polling Station. If you are lucky, you might get a pack of cigarettes. Record what is said on these buses. Keep all hand-outs. Don’t be obvious, we need evidence.

Think I’m joking about encouraging Individuals & Asking others to Take the Ride that will be Provided to some of the VOTERS; you might want to Think Again!

The one question that I have is, Do the Inside of these Vans still have that New Vehicle Smell or does IT smell like C A M D E N?


21 Responses to A Call to Action

  1. James Bond says:

    look out for me big lou,I will be takeing a ride on one of your vans

  2. Tinfoil Hat says:

    Just realize that NJ election law prohibits expressive action – including reporting, photography, videography and exit polling – within 100 feet of a polling place.

  3. rockie722 says:

    Seems some don’t care about laws,some do. Exit polling is allowed by reporters ,as of this election. Approved by your Governor, same as in Pa.
    Most reporters use cameramen that use zoom lens.

  4. Tinfoil Hat says:

    Wrong – there’s a specific injunction allowing ABC to conduct exit polling at 40 locations. Everyone else – and everywhere else for ABC – can’t be within 100 feet.

    And really, what zoom lens can see through doors and walls?

  5. biggassbass says:

    Where do the Lou Buses pick up people ?? We need to know where to station ourselves!!

  6. tryagain2 says:

    Well once AGAIN this CRAP website is the source of BAD and sometimes totally false information. Evcen Tinfoilhat is now correcting misleading information. Only 1 more day and this terrible, lying, viscious website can disappear and all those like Dictator Eyes Evereywhere can crawl back into their ugly holes! Magazzu will be top vote getter because he has done so much for Cumberland County. Seems some people on this site would rather this County stay in the dark ages forever! Re-elect Magazzu and co. because they get things done for Cumberland!!! becasuse he

  7. meagain says:

    Re-elect Magazzu and Co. They work hard for Cumberland County and get things done for us!!

  8. RDOwens says:

    Tinfoil Hat, do you have a citation that states photography is prohibited? I know Harry Peek, Cumberland County Board of Elections Chairman, refers to 19:13-15, which does not prohibit photography.

    I would welcome a citation for this. Thanks.

  9. meagain says:

    Looks like the Supreme Dictator Eyes Everywhere has deleted my former posts as tryagain! What a bunch of CRAP! Seems like the truth is something this viscious hating website can’t stand. Guess the creators of this bull site don’t believe in free speech? Fact is Magazzu and Co. have worked hard for Cumberland and deserve re-election. Some here just have personal vendettas and could care less about the County! Their sole purpose is to unseat Magazzu. Won’t happen because the voters of Cumberland know that Magazzu has achieved so much for our County! He has earned our support in spite of what the haters on here say! This is just another silly politically partisan website full of half truths and outright lies. Ask the Republicans about the poll and Bob Greco? See if this or they can give you the truth. Re-elect Magazzu and co. for our future!!

  10. Lou – what does your ridiculous post have to do with our call for the public to ensure there is no fraud?

    You say it is a lie that I am afraid of fraud. You don’t even know who I am – so how can you belittle a genuine concern that those in power will do anything to stay in power?

    We know for a fact that one of your campaign workers tried to coerce a person to vote for your team. The prosecutor’s office has the report, if any reporter wants to dig. it will be at least a week before we get any info from an OPRA request. But we WILL be pursuing this regardless of the outcome on November 3.

    And – I have better things to do then to sit around “deleting” your posts. I have flagged your posts so they sit in a queue until I approve them. Why – you have proven that you can NOT be TRUSTED!

    Lou, you have this weird perverse idea that you have some right to control everything, including a website that is not yours. That is called a personality disorder, and help is available. Why don’t you use the services under your taxpayer funded health care – you know, the one that taxpayers pay for part time public employees.

    If you want to save us money – stop that waste now!

  11. Tinfoil Hat says:

    The Attorney General’s office cited NJSA 19:34-6, -7 and -15, which was upheld by the state Supreme Court in an in re decision. The ABC case is in US District Court, civil action 09-5275.

    None of those citations specifically prohibit photography, but Supreme Court decision A-47-08 bans all expressive activities – newsgathering and photography included.

    If you want to keep the cameras handy, bust out a tape measure and see how many people from any party violate that 100-foot zone.

  12. I noticed that those white vans has campain signs on them for corzine.Rememger when pulling up to the polls either the signs must go or the passengers have to walk 100 feet to the front door.

  13. RDOwens says:

    Tinfoil Hat, thanks for the information.

    The way I read the case, “expressive activities” do not exclude photography for my purposes, which admittedly is different than what has been stated in this thread by others. I have run into pollsters who refuse to let me photograph my children in front of the voting booth for purely personal use. This case does not govern that.

  14. meagain says:

    Sounds like desperation time for those who have created and fed this vicious website with the recent postings! Attempting to video tape people is just another form of intimidation about which you rail except when it meets your purposes! MAGAZZU WINS!! He wins because he is the hardest working elected official in Cumberland County!! He wins because he gets things done!! He has earned our support!! And this nasty visciousness that is fed by this site needs to END NOW!! Re-elect Magazzu and Co., they have earned our vote!!

  15. Byelou says:

    You heard Lou. He demands that you discontinue free speech and stop telling the truth about him.

    Now get out there and vote.

  16. meagain says:

    Vote Magazzu and Co.!! They have EARNED our support and our vote!!! Re-elect Magazzu and Co.!! Column A all the way!!!

  17. Byelou says:

    Lou, aren’t you scheduled to drive a bus full of Magazzu Watchers to the polls? Get cracking!

  18. The only person that is desperate is Lou Magazzu, who eats and dreams this website, obsessed beyond belief over this “crap website”, worried that just possibly we have made an impact on this election. IF one Republican or one Independent gets elected, then our job has been successful. If we topple that 7-0 one-sided totally partisan freeholder board and add some balance, then our job has been successful.

    Who is desperate? Certainly not I. If Lou lives, then I have a hobby for the next four years, and will be a thorn in his flesh. His every move will be tracked, including his visits into Philadelphia fro entertainment and relaxation. He will have to look over his shoulder, wondering if someone is filming actions that others might find questionable. Paris Hilton will never had as many paparazzi.

  19. Law states that you cannot photograph others entering, leaving or inside a polling location. The reason is clear, it could be construed as intimidation. So please keep that in mind.

    The only filming or photography should be to prove election law violations. That would include campaign signs within 100 feet of a polling place, even on a vehicle such as Lou Magazzu’s campaign bus. in the past he has driven people in to vote in his campaign bus, and parked in front of a polling place – the Millville Neighborhood Services Center – and the people came out and explicitly stated that they were told to vote for a specific candidate.

    If you can record a campaign worker telling voters they have to vote for a candidate, we do want to hear that! however, nothing should be able to be construed as intimidation towards any voter. Only Lou Magazzu’s democrats approve of those tactics.

  20. Guess-Who says:

    Here is a Question that could use an ANSWER:
    Are any of the VOTERS-EXPRESS vans from C A M D E N Dropping Off VOTERS in the Vans that have Campaign Signs on them to VOTE?

    I had a Van pass by with Magazzu Campaign Signs on the Van.
    It turned on Union & was heading south?,It was a White Van with Campaign Signs.Mabee it was putting up signs mabee it was rounding up supporters mabee it was hearding up some Voters.
    Who Knows for Sure.

    Let me be Clear to anyone that has made ASSUMPTIONS about the Post that magazzuwatch used for this thread.

    It was never said to just Film/Video RANDOM Citizens that are Going into or Out of a Voting Facility.
    The Point that was being Made was Either PROVE this kind of Behavior is going ON that some had posted(illegal Actions) or Shut the _ _ _ _ UP about IT.
    Funny how PEOPLE make ASSUMPTIONS or try to make Something out of Nothing.
    If VIOLATIONS are Occurring in Cumberland County then they Need to be DOCUMENTED no matter WHO or WHOM is Committing the ACT.
    That is why I said to have your Camera with U at all Times on Tuesday,
    Do u have a cell phone with a Camera IF so then u have one with u at all times anyway wherever u GO, U starting to Get-IT or Catch ON!

    ASSUMPTION = 1)something taken for GRATED 2)or Supposing 3)the act of taking it or upon oneself 4) act of taking possession of something 5)arrogance
    -Syn. presupposition hypothesis, conjecture,guess,postulate,theory, presumption, effrontery,

    Now how many of u had an ASSUMPTION about this Thread.

    7-Hours to the Polls Close get the WORD out to VOTE!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  21. Independent Leader says:

    To all of our friends who support independent leadership (Eyes Everywhere – I hope you are OK with this post):

    Once the election is over and done, we could use your help in removing our campaign signs. If you see one near or on your property, please remove it and put it in the trash. They are not re-usable, because even though we expect to win, the 3 of us will not be running as a team again – Jane and Jennifer are running for the 2 full 3 year terms and Bruce is running for an unexpired term. So the next election will not be one in which we all run together.

    Your help is greatly appreciated! We do not have the luxury of having people who are owned by Lou Magazzu working for us and we can use your help in cleaning up Cumberland County. Please leave the democrat signs and the MagazzuWatch signs in place.

    Independent Leader

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