Unfathomable incompetence

The news of Cumberland County ran an endorsement for Nelson Thompson on Friday, October 30 and  attributed it to Ernest Zirkle. This surprised those of us that know him, since he has firmly been on board with the Independent Leaders from the beginning.

Well, we learned that Ernie never wrote that letter. Ernie wrote this reply, which the News did print on saturday with an apology.

Yesterday there was a letter of endorsement from me that I did not write. �In fact I do not even know Nelson Thompson. �I do know, and have known, �Bruce Peterson for many years; �both as a neighbor and as an independent business owner in Hopewell. �He is a thoughtful, dedicated public servant with no agenda other than to serve the residents of Cumberland County. �I hope the unfortunate mistake does not cause any harm to his campaign. �
Ernie Zirkle

Who wrote the endorsement for Thompson and then lied and said it was from Zirkle? Was it someone from the Magazzu Team trying to stir up trouble and confuse people when it would possibly be too late to print a retraction?

Did the paper make a stupid and unforgivable mistake? There are too many questions surrounding every aspect of the Magazzu campaign, from attempted coercion of voters as we just reported, to this fake letter to the editor…  when is this insanity going to stop?


14 Responses to Unfathomable incompetence

  1. I thought the guide lines when sending in a letter that your name, address, and phone #.Then the paper would call you to make sure you were the person writing the letter.There must be some real despeate candates.

  2. DEEP THROAT says:

    In reality it is that the actual writer of the letter has extremely poor hand writing. The person who wrote the letter is Ernest Zane. The paper failed to check. They mistakenly thought it was Ernie Zirkle.

  3. Democrat from Millville says:

    That USED to be the guidelines, Alex…..that is until along came Lou…. and Lou has the papers in his pocket – and he is the idol of Jack Hummel of the News – Jack worships Lord Lou.

  4. Lobster Claws says:

    The News does love Magazzu, this is true.

  5. Locutus of Borg says:

    Doesn’t Zirkle treat dogs?

  6. gotnutz says:

    Most of the letters in the papers are written by Little Lou’s staff of puppets.Some of them are written by people who have enough problem spelling there own names.Got a kick out of one of Lou’s lackeys who kept calling the radio station Sat. asking about the Independent and Gop canidates about Tom Sheppards hiring illegal imigrants, you could tell it was one of Lou’s butt kissers. And to you Lou I say you coundn’t hold Sheppards underwear up, you never worked a day in your life, At least Tom Sheppard doesn’t live off his wifes trust fund!!!!!!!

  7. Beaver Cleaver says:

    We as Cumberland County constituents have an OBLIGATION to vote the Maggot out. Otherwise, we will be the laughing stock of South Jersey for allowing the little putz to manipulate the “mass of lemmings”.

    “Lemmings” is a frequently used metaphor for “people who identify with the rodent that follows another unquestioningly with potentially dangerous circumstances”. Suits the situation quite nicely, don’t you think?

  8. Tinfoil Hat says:

    Please, Jack worship Lou? That’s the most hilariously wrong assumption I’ve seen out of you guys to date – thanks for the laugh!

    And seriously, the hyperbole – an unforgivable mistake? How many serious errors (not misattribution) has maggazuwatch made in the last couple months; how many of those are unforgivable?

  9. biggassbass says:

    Such a pitiful local press here. We look like local yokels. Folks in Philly laugh at the news coverage espacally the “News of Cumberland County”

  10. meagain says:

    Magazzu wins again because he has worked hard for Cumbeland County and deserves our support!! This hateful politically Republican partisan website will be soon a part of History. It will go down as one of modern man’s WORST use of technology! It has been nothing but a never ending series of LIES. distortions, ugly rumors. and half truths. The voters are smarter than the creators and purveyors of ugliness and WILL re-elect Magazzu and Co.!! They ahve earned our support!! Magazzu will be top vote getter!! Can hardly wait for the results! Re-elect Magazzu and co. Tough Leaders for Tough Times!!!

  11. Lou (megain) what does your comment have to do with the paper incorrectly attributing a letter to someone that does NOT support you?

    If Magazzu wins, it is because of nefarious campaign tactics such as this one. Using someone else’s name to support yourself?

    Deep Throat – no offense, but if the handwriting was so “extremely poor”, how do we know that any part of that letter is accurate?

    That sounds like a excuse from the News to cover up for a blatant attempt to subvert this election.

    The Zirkle’s have written enough letters to the editor that the News should have immediately picked up on the fact that something was not quite right, and verified it.

    Nope, this whole incident stinks. Lou’s campaign smells more and more like CAMDEN!

  12. Tinfoil Hat says:

    C’mon, someone screws up an misattributes a letter, and that’s an attempt to subvert the election, when the News just endorsed Peterson over Thompson?

    People in Philly don’t laugh at the coverage of papers like the News and the DJ. They’ve never heard of them.

  13. mango says:

    Tinfoil, the sense one gains from Jack’s column is that he is a Lou supporter. As to comparing Magazzuwatch with newspapers, it’s really apples and oranges. Newspapers charge readers and advertisers and thus are beholden to them. We’re free and beholden to no one. Anonymity on a blog is a curse and a blessing — it’s frustrating not to know who is saying what, but we’re protected from retribution and we can push the envelope. We have made explicit a litany of concerns about Lou — I just listed 81. What makes us most suspicious of the local press is the almost complete lack of interest in this material. The quality of governance in this county is something that affects the entire population, yet the papers seem not to be interested in the deals that are done to take care of Lou’s supporters and the degree of vindictiveness aimed at his opponents. Probably the press just can’t go there, but we can.

  14. Byelou says:

    I was going to sign off and let the election purge Cumberland County of the Scourge (Lou Magazzu), but he keeps writing something that should piss off all thinking human beings who will be voting tomorrow. Please, when you vote, don’t listen to what they are trying to convince you to do, vote your heart.

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