Even if We Lose, We Win

This venture, Magazzuwatch, started in the final days of 2008.  Eyes Everywhere is the blogmeister.  I’ve tagged along from the start, sharing the conviction that Cumberland County deserves much better than Lou.  We’ve been a bipartisan venture.  Eyes Everywhere is a Republican, and I’m a Democrat.

Our goal at the start had nothing to do with voting Lou out of office.  Frankly, I don’t think we thought it possible.  We just wanted to share our concerns about all we felt was wrong with Lou’s county government.  The new year brought with it an all-Democrat Board of Freeholders, and this magnified our concerns.  Even I, as a Democrat, think that one-party government is not a good thing for the county, especially when the one party is under Lou’s thumb.

Clearly we hit a nerve among the county’s electorate.  Our readership averages over 2,000 individuals a day.  But the most amazing thing is how we all became energized by sharing our doubts about Lou.  As this sentiment grew, we saw an Independent Leaders ticket emerge.  The Republicans used us as a forum for their issues and research, as did independent candidate Sheena Santiago.  The comments and insights of our contributors have shaped this blog into one that we feel adds value to the county’s political discourse.

So where will we be should Lou win the election?  I don’t think those of us who oppose him will have lost.  We have cracked his veneer.  We have checked his ambitions – Magazzuwatch played a role in the NACo election fiasco, and I doubt very much that he can aspire to office beyond county freeholder.  He must know that he no longer is “king”, free to do whatever he wishes without challenge.

It would be nice to think he has also been taken down a notch.  That remains to be seen.  Those of Lou’s personality type tend not to care very much about what others think.  Lou back in office might be as arrogant as ever.  But, if we are fortunate tomorrow, there will be at least one challenging voice on the freeholder board – maybe even two.

We may not get all we wish for tomorrow, but we have moved the needle.  Lou is so entrenched, it may take time to see him out of office.  But we’ll hang in.  Magazzuwatch will continue to watch, and we hope you will watch too.


21 Responses to Even if We Lose, We Win

  1. abondroit says:

    And, watch we will. You’ve done a masterful job. The Chronicles were a good idea and gives us a ready list of Loser Lou’s activities whenever we need to pick up where we left off. Win or lose, we know he won’t go away because no one else wants him, except his mommy. That’s one reason he has gotten so much monetary support from North Jersey — they sure don’t want him up there. Don’t feel sorry for him. He counts on people rolling over and giving in to him. Maybe President Obama will line him up for an Ambassador’s appointment in another hemisphere. Bye Loser Lou and good riddance.

  2. Eyeseverywhere is mostly a Republican. I used my account to post information from many sources, not necessarily all me.

    Mango wrote that Sheena used us as a source of information. I have to set the records straight; Sheena in fact provided me with quite a bit if information. Many times she requested that I did not divulge the source.

    She in fact did much of the research that went into my posts, especially in regards to ELEC records and connecting the dots.

    I also have to thank the Independent Leaders for their various input into my posts. other contributors include Bob Greco, and various area legal experts. I don’t have permission to post their identities.

    This website was totally a group effort. Sure, I may have been the more prolific writer, but without our extensive network of volunteers, it would never have been possible.

    And for the record, when the US Congress was dominated by R’s with an R’ president, I felt something was terribly wrong.

    One party control, no matter what the party, always leads to a large segment of society being disenfranchised. It is wrong, whether it is R or D.

    Please get out and vote, and make an informed decision.

  3. Byelou says:

    Even if Lou wins tomorrow, I doubt that he will be in office long. This website has done a fabulous job of exposing his shortcomings, and Lou has done a fabulous job of showing his shortcomings, too.
    Good luck tomorrow, and remember,
    It ain’t over til it’s over.

  4. Yo have accomplished what yo set out to do?

    You have
    -coarsened the political discourse by allowing people using fake names to post whatever they wanted, no matter how offensive. There seems to be a string of male posters (I assume) who alluded repeatedly to shoving various items up the anal canals of various people they didn’t like/didn’t agree with. You have made fun of names of people who are brave enough to post their names or with the name of Louis Magazzu, a truly childish act that says something about you alleged integrity as a group.

    You allowed lies, fabrications and innuendo to be touted as fact-example-the Federal Reserve released numbers yesterday that showed Cumberland County, New Jersey as one of three areas with positive job growth in the third quarter of 2009. Your posters repeatedly pointed to a downward spiral in jobs.

    You spoke with authority on subjects of which you had no historical and/or personal knowledge. I’ve been watching the CC political scene on an almost daily basis for 18 years. They “facts” you assume to be true, the personality traits you assign to certain people and the data to which you assume is true doesn’t jibe with what not just me, but others who have been first-hand observers of the county’s government and the county Freeholder Board. In other words, you’ve fooled everybody, including yourself, into thinking you know what true and what isn’t.

    You blew up the NACo story to something it never was and never will be. There is no AG’s investigation and no federal investigation. The county Commissioner from Athens County Ohio financed his bid for NACo 2nd VP with contributions from has far as California (email him and ask. He’s a nice guy. That position in NACo is now filled by a commissioner of a county with a population of 62,000, 98 of which are white, 80-percent above 18 . The median income is $27,000, less than CC. 77 percent of the land is forested and there is no industry to speak of. And, to you, this is a good thing.

    You have villanized a man who you know little or nothing about. I guess that a high percentage of your posters have never spoken with Mr. Magazzu. Most of your information, including the one about Lou having a family thrown out of a house because someone in that household disagreed with Lou is a total fabrication. Louis far from perfect, but you have obsessed on him in a way that says something more about your honesty, integrity and metal stability that it does about Louis Magazzu or any of his supporters.

    You allowed one alleged supporter of Magazzu, try again 0, 1 and 2, to ramble on and on and tried to pin his/her ramblings on various people, including myself.

    You promised those who posted on here that you would release email addresses, which you did. To me. An address no currently in use, but one that still could have been used from its currently state of collecting spam. You did nothing to the person who violated your own rules by revealing it.

    You posted the chilling message that people doing nothing but exercising their right to vote will be video taped. I believe it to be a bluff. (Why would you reveal something like this unless you were hoping to catch someone off guard?)But the effect on those who now think that cameras will follow them into the polls is more Orwell than it is Ryan. Or maybe both. Either way, it is unprecedented inmy lifetime as a voter.

    I could go on, but what the use.

    In the years I attended Freeholder Meetings, I saw no group doing the difficult task of sending several monitors to watch and, when needed, comment. That is what citizens interested in improving government do. They don’t use fake names to disseminate false and misleading information to defame some people and scare the heck out of others.

    Have a happy election. Hope you can find your way to bringing a true citizen watchdog group to CC. but your start has been rather twisted.

  5. Byelou says:

    I have observed Lou Magazzu in his official capacity and as a candidate for a NACo position. I have seen him mis-use his position as an elected official to line his pockets with crooked money, and you have stood by him during this campaign. Several people have commented that you once were a good reporter with a conscience, who saw Lou for what he is, a crooked politician on the take, who answers to outside influence at the expense of good people. He sold out the voters to gain power. How much did it cost to buy your words? You should be ashamed.

  6. meagain says:

    NO it is this horrible, horrible, ugly, nasty, mean, vicious website and its’ crators, Eyes Everywhere, Mango and others that should be TOTALLY ashamed!! You and your little group of merrymen and women have LIED, used rumors and innuendos, and whatever it took in your obsessive and twisted purpose of defeating Magazzu. You have attempted to do this but have failed miserably because 1) The voters of Cumberland are smarter than to fall for your constant CRAP!! 2) Magazzu works hard for all the people of Cumberland County and has done more to move our County forward then any other elected official!! Magazzu wins and is top vote getter!!! He gets the job done for Cumberland!! Re-elect Magazzu and Co.!! Reject the haters and naysayers!! Say YES to progress!! RE-ELECT Magazzu and CO!!!

  7. DuMP the Maggot says:

    “horrible, horrible, ugly, nasty, mean, vicious” = perfect description of magazzu’s approach to government….

    Lou – you get what you sew. Suck it up and take it – you have handed it out for years.

  8. Guess-Who says:

    Why have Lou Magazzu & the rest of the FREEHOLDERS of Cumberland County Failed to Advance the Technology & have Their Meetings LIVE Online & Live on the Local Cable Channels throughout CC,NJ?

    You know So ALL of the Citizens can View what in the _ _ _ _ is going on Here in Our Communities as a Whole; besides having Access to their ELECTED OFFICIALS!

    They are to CHICKEN _ _ _ _ to Do IT in my Opinion as the Tax-Payers would become more Aware of the Money being WASTED & Tax-Dollars NOT going to the things to support the INFRASTRUCTURE of Cumberland County!

    Believe me there is alot of Ideas yet to be Put Forth by Average Citizens throughout Our Communities!
    It is Time for Cumberland County Residents to have a VOICE/INPUT.
    Plus the Parking situation makes this Issue a No-Brain-R!

    Did you get the Tune/Song playlist for HQ?
    Hope Lou is Enjoying the MUSIC!

    The Public has Questions & EXPECTED Lou Magazzu to Answer them before the Election.
    Why did Lou choose NOT to take Questions about CC,NJ & the County’s Future?

    It has been FUN to exchange DIALOGUE with U at Times even though some of ur posts turned into Short Stories.(Like this 1 of mine)

    Do you know that I believe that 4 terms is more than ENOUGH for any Elected/Public Servant to stay in a Said Public Elected Office, These Facts are Stubborn Things.
    Others in Our Communities should have the OPPORTUNITY to Advance the County.
    12yrs is Long Enough for Anyone in the Same Elected Public Position.
    I just Think you should re-consider your Policy on how long an Individual should HOLD onto the Same Elected Office. At least L{.}{.}K at IT from a Different Point of View,will U…

    Make sure to VOTE on Nov 3,2009
    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  9. meagain says:

    These facts are a stubborn thing!! Fact is Magazzu has done more than any elected official to move our County forward! He deserves our support for his hard work! Some may not like his personality but none can deny his hard work!! Re-elect Magazzu and Co.!!

  10. DuMP the Maggot says:

    magazzu has CLAIMED to have done more …… the TRUTH is that he has factionalized and destroyed way more than the freeholder board could ever hope to accomplish in a positive way.

    there has NEVER been a need for a forum like this until lou came along.

    lou has split the democrat party and in my humble opinion, tomorrow’s election will prove this to be true.

    Bye Bye Lou

  11. Miles – you are a liar – most of your claims are patently false. We never said we would videotape people voting – you should bve ashamed. We are advocating the videotaping of illegal acts perpetrated by Lou and his minions, such as occurred at the county Clerk’s office, of coercion, of forcing someone to vote for a party they do not want to vote for. You may approve, but we do not.

    It was Carl Johnson, and not the site that released your email after you repeated lied about your identity, and accused US of posting in your name. That was just another example of the underhanded tactics of Lou Magazzu’s campaign workers and minions. I hope Lou paid you well for your soul. I would be ashamed to have been bought so cheaply.

    The name calling, if you read the posts, was mostly by your friend and cohort tryagain, aka Lou Magazzu.

    The fact remains, we can stand tall in the morning, and look in the mirror and be proud.

  12. Miles – you are an idiot – you say “You allowed lies, fabrications and innuendo to be touted as fact-example-the Federal Reserve released numbers yesterday that showed Cumberland County, New Jersey as one of three areas with positive job growth in the third quarter of 2009. Your posters repeatedly pointed to a downward spiral in jobs.”

    If the numbers were posted YESTERDAY (you failed to provide a link or any proof) – and we used numbers that were valid, with links and proof – then we did not lie, even if what you say is true. your track record on the truth is shoddy, you lie more often than you speak truthfully, so we will leave that one open until we see the actual data.

    Also, federal numbers for jobs created by the stimulus were recently discovered to be overinflated, this was in the AC Press the other day – so which numbers, are they PR numbers or valid data? With Obama desperate to reelect Corzine, I would not trust any figures released a day prior to the election.

  13. meagain says:

    Oh here we go again with the Blind One and his double standards!! One second he says he didn’t use name calling and then 2 sentences later he calls Miles an idiot!! What a LIAR!! This is typical of what this entire politically partisan Republican website has been about since its’ inception!! It has attempted to destroy Magazzu BUT the voters of Cumberland have seen through this clearly viscious and divisive site!! Today MAGAZZU wins!! He wins because he ahs worked extremely hard for Cumberland County and most people realize that! He wins because in spite of those who he may have rubbed the wrong way he GETS the JOB done!! Re- elect Magazzu and Co. They have earned our support the old fashioned way, they worked for it!! Say good bye to this viscious website and the haters and naysayers! Vote yes for progress with Magazzu and Co.!! Keping Cumberland moving forward!!

  14. Byelou says:

    The only direction Cumberland County has moved under Lou Magazzu’s control is backwards at full speed. If you are in better circumstances today than you were four years ago, vote for Lou. If not, vote for the person who you feel will turn Lou’s fiasco around.

  15. The method in which you address others on this forum, calling EVERYONE names gives you absolutely no room to criticize. It does prove however, that you ARE Lou, believing that there is a separate set of rules for you, and that the world owes you a living.

  16. Locutus of Borg says:

    I saw Lou chasing a TV 40 van down the street waving his arms in Vineland.

  17. biggassbass says:

    Yes, this site has gone where no local paper DARED to go. Hell, Lou would have won in a LANDSLIDE if this site did not exist. Lets keep it going. Lets hope he loses so we can catch a break

  18. Independent Leader says:

    To all of our friends who support independent leadership (Eyes Everywhere – I hope you are OK with this post):

    Once the election is over and done, we could use your help in removing our campaign signs. If you see one near or on your property, please remove it and put it in the trash. They are not re-usable, because even though we expect to win, the 3 of us will not be running as a team again – Jane and Jennifer are running for the 2 full 3 year terms and Bruce is running for an unexpired term. So the next election will not be one in which we all run together.

    Your help is greatly appreciated! We do not have the luxury of having people who are owned by Lou Magazzu working for us and we can use your help in cleaning up Cumberland County. Please leave the democrat signs and the MagazzuWatch signs in place.

    Independent Leader

  19. Independent Leader – tomorrow I will post an entry asking our followers to collect Independent Leaders and MagazzuWatch signs. I will find out tonight if the Republican candidates would ask you to do the same.

    The MW signs might be collectors’ items soon – we only printed 100 of them! So collect them and save them!

  20. Independent Leader says:

    Thanks EE You are the best

  21. […] Watch is a site that popped up to highlight Magazzu’s flaws or as they state it: We just wanted to share our concerns about all we felt was wrong with Lou’s county […]

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