Some interesting statistics

Here are some interesting statistics about this website:

We went live December 31, 2008.

We have had 222,518 total unique page views.

Our busiest month was October with 54,564 total unique page views.

Our busiest day was Monday October 26, with 2713 unique page views.

We have had 574 posts, with 4,670 comments.


8 Responses to Some interesting statistics

  1. biggassbass says:

    Pretty good I’d say. Let hope these views are VOTERS!!!

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Miles & Lou & ur Crue:
    Here is another Tune/Song for ur crue to Listen to over at HQ Tonight:
    The Band is Shinedown & the Tune/Song is Sound of Madness.

    Hope everyone is/has Enjoyed the Playlist of Tunes.

    Just remember to cue Up This Band Lou;
    The Verbe & the Tune/Song Bitter Sweet Symphony At HQ on Nov 3
    Mabee the Vans from C A M D E N could have Sing-A-Longs on the VOTERS-EXPRESS on their way to VOTE; It would PASS the TIME away & give the VOTERS a chance to Think FREELY before they VOTE for their CHOICE for a Candidate in a Said Elected Office!

    Your VOTE Their VOTE Her VOTE His VOTE My VOTE
    Get the WORD out Today to VOTE on Tuesday Nov 3.

    Remind any Family Friends Co-Workers Neighbors Acquaintances or Anyone Else you Think might have Forgotten the Election is Tomorrow Nov 3 to VOTE.

    Fresh Faces-New Ideas-Innovative Thinking = Positives in CC,NJ

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  3. DuMP the Maggot says:


  4. DuMP the Maggot says:

    it hurts to laugh so hard at you lou – you are indeed on something i hear you have developed nerve problems GOOD

  5. meagain says:

    MAGAZZU wins!!! He wins because he gets the job done for Cumberland County!! This crap, nasty, ugly, viscious, website needs to disappear and let;s hope it does after Magazzu’s win!! Magazzu wins re-election and is top vote getter becasue the voters of Cumberland County apprecaite his hard work in moving our County forward!! Re-elect Magazzu and Co., they have earned your support!!!

  6. Lou, this website is going to disappear when YOU disappear from the public scene. if you manage to bus enough people in that are willing to sell their vote for $5, or a pack of cigarettes, or juice and cookies, then we have a duty to track your every move.

    We aren’t going anywhere.

  7. DuMP the Maggot says:

    GLAD TO HEAR IT EYES – sorry about the caps – just excited.

  8. Independent Leader says:

    To all of our friends who support independent leadership (Eyes Everywhere – I hope you are OK with this post):

    Once the election is over and done, we could use your help in removing our campaign signs. If you see one near or on your property, please remove it and put it in the trash. They are not re-usable, because even though we expect to win, the 3 of us will not be running as a team again – Jane and Jennifer are running for the 2 full 3 year terms and Bruce is running for an unexpired term. So the next election will not be one in which we all run together.

    Your help is greatly appreciated! We do not have the luxury of having people who are owned by Lou Magazzu working for us and we can use your help in cleaning up Cumberland County. Please leave the democrat signs and the MagazzuWatch signs in place.

    Independent Leader

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