Camden Prisoners Move to Cumberland — A Camden Gift to Lou, or Vice Versa?

One of our readers reports that despite Lou’s vow that Cumberland would not accept prisoners from Camden’s closed Riverfront prison, they have indeed arrived.  The report from inside the corrections system is that all three prisons in the county — South Woods, Bayside, and Southern State, have received Camden prisoners and officers.  In addition, there has been some prisoner juggling.  South Woods prison in Bridgeton had to move out part of a federally funded behavioral modification program (it moved to Southern State) in order to receive more Camden prisoners at South Woods.  The reporter says:

Along with shuffling inmates around inside the system they also began an aggressive campaign to move inmates to half way houses around the state along with granting parole to inmates to make room.
So what happened to Lou’s promise that the county would not receive new prisoners?  Why haven’t our local papers been on this story?  Riverfront was scheduled to close in July.  Hasn’t anyone been curious about where the prisoners have gone?    Has this story been hushed up so it wouldn’t be an election issue?  Just wondering.  If anyone has more info, chime in.

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