Lou, Get a Clue

Looks as if Magazzu didn’t get all he wanted in the election.  Most revealing was his victory speech to his supporters last night.  It focused primarily on his anger at the Independent Leaders; he holds them responsible for Sjogen’s defeat (also for Van Embden’s defeat, even though they did not run anyone against her).

He and Thompson both went on about the “renegades” and their motivation, “hate”.  I’ve been thinking about “hate”.  It’s a powerful tag to put on those who oppose you.  It implies irrationality, lack of reason.  Thing is, Lou’s opponents’ strong aversion (better than the emotionally laden word “hate”) is solidly grounded in rationality.  Just before the election, I listed 81 reasons to vote Lou out of office.  These “Lou Chronicles” together are a compelling reason to dislike Lou, as a public official and as a person.

But Lou will never, ever see this.  Convinced of his own rightness, the only motivation he can ascribe to his opponents is “hate”.  He can’t conceive that he is responsible for his own grief.  Seven of eight former freeholders who worked with him either ran against him or did not support him.  Get a clue, Lou.  Maybe you are not as “right” and virtuous as you think.  But those who know Lou say he will never, ever, see himself as less than perfect.


2 Responses to Lou, Get a Clue

  1. jamesrsauro says:

    What is interesting is in 1776 the king of England considered George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the likes renegades and traitors. I’m happy we had them. Sometimes we can learn from those who oppose us and have a different point of view or opinion. Maybe the Democrats should look at the situation and reassess. The renegades just might have some good points.

  2. oinkforfreedom says:

    Agreed. Problem is that Lou wants to take credit for EVERYTHING. Lets see if Sheppard keeps an eye out. He is now getting paid to do so!!

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