Magazzu and Sheppard win

The Democrats outspent Republicans almost 3 to 1, and still failed to unseat Gloria Noto, or to hold on to one of their Freeholder seats.

In fact, violating election laws in Fairfield Township (a lawyer had to intervene, and the authorities had to be called) failed to bring in the number of votes that Magazzu was counting on for a sweep.

Tom Sheppard came in second to Lou Magazzu in a hotly contested race. Magazzu has historically beat his opponents by landslides. This year, that was not the case.

Republicans are already working on next year’s campaign to obtain the two Freeholder seats that will be opening. Magazzu will not have Governor Jon Corzine’s wallet to pick, to help finance his campaigns. We hear that Steve Sweeney was shedding tears, he banked on the wrong candidate.

Tonight, Carl Johnson accepted credit for being one of the masterminds behind MagazzuWatch.  Andrew Van Hook was not amused. Carl told us to keep an eye open for BobAustinoWatch in two years. He will be taking over administration of this website from this point forward.

So, congratulations to Tom Sheppard, you will make a fine Freeholder. Thanks to the Republican candidates Sam Fiocchi and Rick Tonetta, Independent Democrat candidates Jane Christy, Jennifer Swift and Bruce Peterson, and Independent candidate Sheena Santiago for running a clean, ethical contest. You all stuck to the issues, and ran on your merits.

And we will congratulate Nelson Thompson for refusing to buy into Lou’s negative campaigning. Congratulations. Hopefully you will be able to work with a bipartisan board better than Lou is able to.


2 Responses to Magazzu and Sheppard win

  1. oinkforfreedom says:

    Andrew VAN HOOK!! Running this site. Thats a good one..HaHa

  2. I see the confusion, I went from one thought to another, without clarifying – AVH will not be taking over administration of this site – he doesn’t have the intelligence.

    Carl Johnson will be taking over as administrator and contact. Expect some words from him very soon.


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