Some Victories, Some Defeats

After working behind the scenes in creating this website since December 2008, helping to moderate, collecting stories from various sources and even posting under my own moniker often, the keys have been handed over to me to be the public face of Magazzu Watch.

I am proud to say that I believe that we did influence this election. Lou did not win by the landslide that he would have had we not existed. I heard reports that Lou was going apoplectic last night, riding that roller coaster ride, waiting for the final results.  He had to campaign hard, he had to stick to issues and lay off the negative mudslinging that has been his trademark. MW acted as the bad guy, bringing out facts and information, forcing Lou to run a kinder, gentler campaign.

I believe that MW can take some credit for the excellent choice of  Tom Sheppard sliding in and breaking the 7-0 hold. My friend Rick Tonetta easily beat Wade Sjogren.  Sam gave Nelson a run for his money. Hopefully Nelson will work less for his Camden unions and more for the unemployed workers in Cumberland County. I am still waiting for an answer to the question of the union worker that asked why our jobs are going to Camden and Philly residents? “That’s the way it is done” does not cut it. Our residents deserve support and advocacy from Nelson, whether or not they are union members.

I find it especially amusing that Lauren Van Embden got more votes than Lou. She did quite well for a novice in her first campaign. Hopefully this election will not have soured her in pursuing a career in public service. Maybe she will run as Freeholder, but not with a Louser as a running mate. Come’on Lauren, come over to the dark side. Become a Republican! ‘-)

The question was raised that if Lou lost, what would happen to the Watch? There are plenty of politicians to watch, regardless of the outcome. I would like to think that the watch had quite a bit to do with last evening’s numbers. Lou won, as all of us behind the scenes suspected would happen. The one thing you cannot combat is name recognition. As a friend once told me, “Magazzu is the politician people love to hate.”

The name of our website I am sure helped him get as many votes as it hurt. As they say, there is no such thing as “bad publicity”, unless you are a terrorist or sexual predator. Lou is neither. Lou is merely a vindictive, self-serving person. The county benefits from his action solely as a by-product of his wheeling and dealing and buying and selling political favors.  The fact is, Lou is the epitome of a political boss, and he does that well. The problem with this sort of governing is that there is a large portion of the public that gets disenfranchised because they are not part of the political machine.

So, MW is not going anywhere. I hope to make it more civil. To start, the first course of action was to lock down the comments protocol. Lou under his pen name refused to abide by the rules. Many other posters did tread onto territory that we would rather have been avoided. So for the time being, there is a registration process required.

This is a registration with, and not this site.  I do not see your personal information when you create an account. However, you will need to have a valid email account to complete registration. I will continue to be able to see your IP address, and your email if you decide to post.

Magazzu Watch will continue to follow Lou’s actions. I still want answers as to who paid for Lou’s 2008 NACo campaign. There are thousands of dollars unaccounted for. Tom Sheppard will help me get to the bottom of those old debts, and hopefully we can force Lou to repay the county.

There is also a question about money paid to Travis Horne in 2007. Are Lou’s books in order? The $81,000 in ‘gifts’ to Lou’s personal bank account will not go away. The question of the personal loan from the CCDO will linger. We now have friends in state government that will not impede investigations and protect their own. As New Jersey gets a new attorney General, perhaps we will see an increased interest in the dubious shenanigans in the county.

I will continue to follow the Democrat Freeholders that are working with Lou. I will continue to follow the money trails. I trust that my cohorts behind the scenes will continue to contribute periodically. You will not be seeing daily updates, but only important news and coverage of Freeholder meetings.

I want to personally thank everyone that got out and voted yesterday, and all of those too numerous to name that assisted with this site for helping to make Lou’s election day a tortuous and stressful event.

Carl B. Johnson


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