Travis Horne

On Lou’s NACo expenditures accounting is a $200 expense to Travis Horne.  Travis was paid on 11/19/07.

If you go to YouTube and search for Doug Rainear, you will scroll and find a video that Travis Horne (aka T Bob McCoy)  made for Rainear and Pepitone for Freeholder in 07.

I’m wondering if the $200 paid to Travis Horne was really for the Rainear/Pepitone campaign rather than for NACo.

Did Lou need to show expenditures totaling $80,000 and pull this out of a hat?

Another strange thing is Lou’s name is listed at the end of the video as campaign treasurer at the same time he was county chair. This might be an item for the attorney general to look into.


3 Responses to Travis Horne

  1. pilambro says:

    Unfortunately, one can be treasurer of a campaign while holding office. However, the best part about Campaign Finance is that money is, sadly, easy to hide. I, personally, would not doubt the doce himself would decide to hide expeditures in such a manner. While I recognize this is a blog, do none of you posters (and blogger himself) have the will to actually follow the money? It’s very easy. A few reports, so corportate searches, and opposition research comes together. If you see the tyranny of Lou as clearly as you say you do, why aren’t doing anything meaningful??

  2. salarysam says:

    It would also have resulted in improper accounting in the Rainear / Pepitone campaign.

  3. WuLi says:

    pilambro – you asy “to a penalty of not more than $ 6,000 for the first offense and not more than $ 12,000 for the second and each subsequent offense.”

    You are only partially correct. As Freeholder Director, Lou can be treasurer of a campaign. However, as Chair of a political organization such as the CCDO, Lou is NOT allowed by law to act as treasurer in another campaign.

    As is usual, it appears that Lou ignores any law he finds inconvenient.

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