Lou Ignores the Law

rainear pepitone ad I recently alluded to the Rainear-Pepitone campaign from 2007, and Lou’s ignoring the law.

The image to the left is a screen capture of the campaign video posted on YouTube by Travis (Horne).

As you can see, the treasurer of the EPO Rainear/Pepitone was none other than Lou Magazzu, who was also Chair of the Cumberland County Democratic organization.

This is just one more instance of Lou Magazzu ignoring the law, pretending that it was intended for everybody else other than himself.

N.J. Stat. § 19:44A-9

§ 19:44A-9. Candidate, joint candidates committees; reports; requirements

…b. (1) The candidate or candidates, as the case may be, shall file with the Election Law Enforcement Commission a certificate of organization on a form prescribed by the commission. The certificate shall identify the name of the committee, which shall be the sole name under which the committee receives contributions, makes expenditures and otherwise does business…

No person serving as the chairman of a political party committee or a legislative leadership committee shall be eligible to be appointed or to serve as the treasurer of a candidate committee or joint candidates committee, other than a candidate committee or joint candidates committee established to further the nomination for election or the election of that person as a candidate for public office.

The emphasis is mine. What this statute makes quite clear is that Lou Magazzu violated N.J. Stat. § 19:44A-9 by acting as treasurer of the Rainear-Pepitone campaign. The penalty for ignoring this law is fairly steep… “not more than $ 6,000 for the first offense and not more than $ 12,000 for the second and each subsequent offense.”

I am personally hoping that I can find other offenses to increase the penalty. Anne Milgram announced she will not serve as State Attorney General under Christie, so maybe we will have an AG that doesn’t look the other way at corruption in the state.



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