Lou appoints a time traveler as solicitor

doctor-who2Time traveler Brendan Kavanaugh has been appointed to the position of county solicitor.

Cumberland County freeholders voted late Thursday to appoint Brendan Kavanagh as the new county solicitor.

Kavanagh will replace Gary Wodlinger, who vacated the seat earlier this year to take a position as a Superior Court judge. Since then, Wodlinger’s longtime law partners – notably Robert Malestein – had been filling the role.

Kavanagh is a Millville attorney who has done legal work for the county government for several years.

He also is Millville’s Democratic chairman, and he managed the successful election campaigns of Freeholders Lou Magazzu and Nelson Thompson, who were among the six Democratic freeholders who confirmed Kavanagh’s three-year appointment on Thursday night.

time-travelIt is interesting to note that all three attorneys that were considered contributed to Magazzu’s NACo slush fund. It is also interesting to note that Kavanaugh apparently traveled in time by approving a questionable $10,000 personal loan to Magazzu as campaign manager, more than a month before he was appointed to that position.


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