R.D. Owens speaks out about pay-to-play

RD Owens brings up a few points in his blog concerning the appointment for Cumberland County Counsel.

  • Robert Malestein gave Magazzu $500 for the failed run at NaCo.
  • Brendan Kavanagh gave Magazzu $1000 for that same NaCo trip.
  • Arnold Robinson kicked in $1000 to Magazzu for NaCo.

Cumberland County taxpayers will not get legal representation at the freeholder board unless the lawyer donated to Lou Magazzu.

    He echoes a suspicion that I myself have voiced.  In fact, no Republican can get any sort of representation in Cumberland county under Magazzu.We managed to squeak in one lone Republican, outnumbered six to one. While Tom Sheppard will prove to be a good watchdog, alerting the public to the behind the scenes partisan machinations of Magazzu’s faithful and unquestioning followers (the vote to install Kavanaugh was uncontested, as usual in Magazzu’s 7-0 menagerie) his lone voice is not enough to have any impact on county policy.

    Owens Continues:

    Who is being served by selecting one of these lawyers?

    I am sure each is qualified. I am sure, however, there are other lawyers who did not donate to Lou Magazzu’s that are equally qualified. None of them stand a chance because they did not give Magazzu any money.

    This dear reader, is not good government.


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