Despite Lou’s Promise, no traffic light

Last year this website mentioned the fiasco about there being only one “shovel ready” project in all of Cumberland County due to the negligence of the Cumberland County freeholder board.  That sole project was a more than 12-year old study for improvements at the east end of Millville.

Over a decade ago the idea was to widen exits from Route 55 and widen route 49 for the sole purpose of funneling more shore traffic off of state highway 55 and onto back roads. This would serve only the people from Pennsylvania, and not benefit Millville in any way shape or form.

Lou Magazzu arranged for this project without asking the residents of Millville for their opinion, as this would be a way to provide union jobs. Of course, these jobs would go to people in Camden, as Lou and Nelson Thomspon agreed at the Millville City Commission meeting when this travesty was first proposed.

Several concerns were brought up at that meeting as well as subsequently. One was the difficulty of local residents in safely exiting their neighborhoods when summer traffic flow makes it nearly impossible. The high number of traffic accidents was cited. Lou and his friends from the state DOT (yes, he made sure they came to the initial meeting) promised a traffic light.

Now we learn that Lou lied, and that every official from the state DOT that promised that light lied. There will be no traffic signal. At least not until several people die due to the gross negligence of the powers that be. Thankfully Mayor Tim Shannon has promised not to shut up until he gets action. And I am sure this is the last that we will hear from Lou on this one, he got what he wanted which is jobs for his Camden Union bosses that financed his and Nelson’s campaign.

It will be interesting to see if any local residents are hired for this project. If it is like any prior projects, the jobs will go mostly to Camden, and even Philadelphia union members. As it should be, after all they financed Lou and helped reelect him.


2 Responses to Despite Lou’s Promise, no traffic light

  1. jamesrsauro says:

    1 – Why can’t the light be installed and used only in the summer and be a blinking light off season?
    2 – Really this money should have been saved to do the work a 55 and 47.
    3 – This job should have been put out to bid giving the contractors in this area a chance to get the job. Someone should check to see if it did go out to bid and who got the job and for what price. Most of the time this isn’t done.
    4 – If you think I’m surprised that this happened I’m not.

  2. oinkforfreedom says:

    After what I heard going on in Millville with BIG LOU either am I..

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