CCIA Money Grab

It has happened. This site predicted this would happen last September. Lou Magazzu has had Steve Wymbs ousted from the CCIA. Doug Rainear’s brother Don is to take his place.

I responded to the initial rumor last September by pointing out the old shell game:

Don Rainear was dismissed from the DRBA deputy director position about the same time Gary Simmerman was not reappointed. Don Rainear was given the job at the Bridgeton DMV where he is right now as he waits for a higher paying job (CCIA?). What happened to Doug Van Sant who was at the Bridgeton DMV? He was shuffled to the Vineland DMV (who knows where Forcinito went?) And Van Sant was appointed to Simmerman’s DRBA position.

Why? Now there are no obstacles to Lou getting his grubby hands on the CCIA money, and siphoning it off to his Camden County and Gloucester County cronies.

I don’t think I could be considered a friend of Wymbs. I may have exchanged maybe 30 words with him if that many. However, he demands respect. Wymbs  took over the beleaguered CCIA, and while charging the lowest tipping rates possible he has created a surplus that the CCIA board then uses for grants and loans for CCIA board-approved projects.

Now he has money at his disposal with which to reward political allies bypassing the bid process, and largely avoiding public scrutiny. Lou will now be free to funnel money to his pet projects, enriching his friends and doling out political favors. I would also not be surprised, after Lou dries up that well-spring, to see CCIA tipping rates increase, placing even more of a tax burden on local municipalities. You can be assured I will keep my eye on things.


2 Responses to CCIA Money Grab

  1. oinkforfreedom says:

    There is rumer afoot that the king is muscling in on Millville politics and really shaking up things. Its the old divide and concquer move and from what I hear, its working. Man this post election stuff sucks

  2. jamesrsauro says:

    My prediction, you haven’t seen anything yet. This site is going to be more important after the election than before it. If the people involved don’t show some courage and not be afraid to stand up to the dictator than it will only get worse.

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