You heard it here first – Wymbs is history

Does this website dictate what news stories are released? Does Lou Magazzu change course after we print add our two cents? Last week I wrote about the state DOT saying Millville would not get the traffic signal that Lou virtually promised at the Rt’s 49 and 55 interchange in east Millville. The very next day Lou made several public statements saying he no longer supported the project if a signal was not included.

Yesterday I posted a piece about Steve Wymbs. Today – surprise, surprise, surprise – the News of Cumberland County carried the story.

Steve Wymbs future as head of the Cumberland County Improvement Authority could be decided at this afternoon’s CCIA board meeting, according to sources.

The improvement authority will meet in closed session today to discuss his future as head of the quasi-governmental agency and – although CCIA officials are keeping a tight lid on the nature of the talks – persistent rumors are that ongoing contract negotiations between Wymbs and the CCIA have reached an impasse.

What the article doesn’t tell you is that Steve has cleared out his office. Whatever dog and pony show occurs at tonight’s Freeholder Meeting, let this be clear. The decision is not going to happen today, it was written in stone last Friday.

Let this also be clear, Don Rainear will be the next Director of the CCIA – that was written in stone a long time ago. Promises were made; that is how Lou attains loyalty – he buys it.

Al Kelly is trying to distance himself from the charade.

“There has been discussion about changing leadership,” Kelly said. “There’s always been discussion about changing leadership over the years. Not because of any dissatisfaction with the job (Wymbs) is doing but just talk about him moving on.”

I have to ask just what was Kelly discussing with Don Rainear over lunch at least two times at the Coach Room the past month? For the record, Al Kelly is the Chair of the CCIA.


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