Lou’s patronage continues

Ethan Aronoff resigned yesterday as director of Human Services in Cumberland County. This was a direct result of continual harassment by Lou Magazzu, including a public excoriation in violation of the Rice Act last December.

Ethan’s big mistake was to publicly go against Lou probably ten years ago. Lou wanted to pump public money into a Vineland non-profit. Ethan said no, the non-profit was not on the up and up. Ethan was correct, and high ranking employees were indicted for siphoning money out of the organization.

That did not matter to Lou. he does not care about being right or wrong, he only cares about power and his own ego. He waited until such time as he could use his influence to get even. That is how he works – even his closest allies say he is petty.

My prediction is that Jim Quinn will slip into this lucrative slot, complete with full health benefits. Never mind that his expertise is public speaking and running small town media. He has no qualifications in the Human Services field. But as we watch the Lou Magazzu machine run we realize more and more that qualifications play no part. All it takes is a willingness to do as Lou says.


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