Magazzu refuses to consider cutting benefits for part-timers

Dan Walsh writes about the county budget shortfall that incompetent Freeholder Lou Magazzu failed to see (or maybe he saw and failed to disclose) prior to the election last month. The shortfall is $8 million. This is political ineptness of the greatest magnitude.

Over a year ago Republican candidates suggested using the county surplus of millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars be used to reduce taxes. Lou bristled at the idea, calling it “irresponsible.” Then, lo and behold, Lou tapped that surplus this year, but still continued spending at an insane pace. And now he is considering tapping that surplus yet again, even though when Jim Swift suggested it, it was “irresponsible.”

Dan contacted me in response to my email to him earlier today and asked to use it in his article. I agreed.

Millville activist and blogger Carl Johnson, a critic of Magazzu, and others have advocated cutting health benefits to part-time county employees, such as board members of the Cumberland County Utilities Authority.

“That would equate into potential $180,000 savings by eliminating this costly and entirely political perk,” Johnson wrote in an email Thursday. “There are seven freeholders — that is another $140,000 savings. After all they were elected to serve the community, not to personally profit off of our backs.”

Now those were only two possibilities. I don;t know how many other part-time positions there are in the county, and Lou is not volunteering the information. Instead, he comes back with an inane answer crying about how low paid he is. Boo-hoo.

Magazzu said that would be only a nominal cut compared to the cuts needed, and he noted that county freeholders are the state’s lowest-paid.

Lou – Freeholders are PART TIME public servants. You have kept Cumberland County the poorest county in the state through your superb leadership. You had all the numbers at your fingertips, but were too busy last year traveling around the country for your failed NACo bid to be concerned with running the county. We now have an $8 million shortfall due to your incompetence. Maybe there is good reason you are the lowest paid!


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