Aronoff leaving post – it’s official

The News of Cumberland County today announced Ethan Aronoff’s resignation as Director of County Human Services. He had actually tendered his resignation a few days ago, effective the end of this year. I find it interesting that even the news media is questioning whether or not Lou Magazzu’s abusive behavior culminating in a public excoriation by Lou and a handful of Freeholders last December had anything to do with Aranoff’s decision.

It’s unknown whether the difficulty of the job or a dispute with members of the county freeholder board had anything to do with Aronoff’s resignation.

Aronoff and Viventi were put on the spot at a December 2008 freeholder board meeting, interrogated over unspent juvenile justice funds that the state was threatening to reclaim if they were not used.

After the meeting, Viventi considered taking legal action against the county through her union, claiming she and Aronoff were asked to attend the meeting under false pretenses and members of the freeholder board used the meeting to embarrass them.

I will leave that up to Ethan to talk about if he so wishes. Otherwise, I wish him a happy retirement. Hopefully Lou will hold Ethan’s successor to thee same standards he held Ethan to. I know Magazzu Watch will pay special attention to the successor and ensure that he is held to the highest possible standards of job performance.


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